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A stamp that states what is clearly true. I was originally going to go on a rant about this, but I figured I'll save that for a hand-drawn deviation. So in short, boots are usually, commonly, and stereotypically associated with girls, but this is very much untrue. Boots can be for either boys or girls. OK I'm done now. See, short?

Silver (c) SEGA, Sonic Team
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Can you do a version of this with Megaman? MegaYay

It doesn't have to be any particular version of him.

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This reminds me of a comment I made while watching The Great Mouse Detective: I said "That's how real men fight: They don't throw punches, they slap each other." XD
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Real men can eat a chili dog with chili sauce on a 40 degree day
whilst sitting in a hot spa.

...Implying that real men can do anything.
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Never said boots wear gay.My main OCs wear black/green boots all the time.
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Slow down boots....
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i think silver lokks good in boots

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inded they do, and also real men knit and wear frilly pink aprons! As well.
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or.....the awesome hedgehogs wears boots(silver) or jet shoes(shadow) 
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except silver isnt a man he is a weird hedgehog thing
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Silver is one of my favorite characters! :D So legit, the main reason why one of my main OCs wear boots. XD
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I always wondrred that and I love silver he is my favorite character and I wear boots all the time ever since I saw this stamp.....even in the summer.............dont judge me ★
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You know, I never thought about that because about the people in the I litany wear boots and the firefighters and stuff
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Link wear`s boot`s!! From the legend of Zelda :D Anyone know what i mean?
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"You bet you're sweet booties they do!"
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I NEW SILVER HAD BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can someone make silver sing "these boots were made for walking" on youtube already?!!
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I will support......XD
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