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Ground Spitter



Hey everyone~

I really wanted to make a HTTYD fan species once I got into the HTTYD Amino. So here it is! A very weak lindwyrm. xD

Excerpt from My Amino Post:
”While the burrowing Ground Spitters are unknown to Berk, they are infamous of being a bother to the residents of The Isle of the Scorched, which is known for their vast deserts and blistering heat.

”Despite being a medium-sized dragon, these wyrms fall prey to the majority of the other dragons of the island. This might be due to their lack of natural armor.

In spite of this, Ground Spitters possess their three prominent features: burrowing, spiked tails for combat, and their corrosive, acid-like saliva that can break apart nearly any material in the ground."

Art and Ground Spitter species © MasterDaye
HTTYD © Dreamworks

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Used: Clip Studio Paint EX
Simple Rule of Thumb: You're not allowed to re-upload, edit, re-sell, claim, or record my art without my consent.
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Not my kinda style but I can appreciate the well done consistent and nicely detailed dragon, as well as the old paper look, the old paper look is quite pleasing to the eye, maybe you should use it in a few more pieces, see ya ^-^

Keep improving, peace.