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I will B back P1 by MasterCoolCraft I will B back P1 by MasterCoolCraft

I will B back P1 by MasterCoolCraft

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Cardi B was a huge rap artist until another bigger rapper came along. Her name was Nicki Manaj. She soon stole away all of Cardi’s fans and soon, she was living in poverty. She didn’t have any money to get plastic surgery to try to get bigger than Manaj either. And then she heard some news about the bitch who seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every day on the TV. “Last night major pop artist Nicki Manaj seemed to have exploded at the biggest concert in history. The explosion seemed to be caused by technology called, and inflation chamber which would explain why she kept getting bigger and bigger. But now the question is: who will take her place as number one on the charts?” Soon the inflation chamber was destroyed and Manaj‘ sold manager who encouraged her to get bigger and bigger was fired and needed a new artist before he went completely poor as well. Then, one afternoon she walked into the same coffee shop and she saw him. He ordered a coffee and sat down and then he saw her. The next Nicki Manaj. She was pretty flat and couldn’t compete with any of the big butt, big Titts, and big lips artists yet, but he had an idea. Before he had lost all his work and and been fired he had created a material that would make your breasts, butt, and lips bigger and make your voice sound better. It would have to be mixed with milk to make it work and it was called: bigger milk. So, he walked over to Cardi and introduced himself, then told her that he could make her that there was a way for her to be able to compete with the other pop/ rap stars. He pitched the idea to her and made sure this time that nothing would go wrong. She thought it over and then agreed to do it because she was so desperate to be popular again.

The next day she went over to his house and she was presented with bigger milk. She drank the whole bottle and nothing really happened. “ you have to drink about 12 bottles to actually get bigger unfortunately.” He said. So she did and after 12 bottles she looked in the mirror. Not only had her lips, ass, and breasts gotten SLIGHTLY bigger by just a small amount, but also her hair had gotten a little longer. “I love it!” She yelled and so when she went home, she took hundreds of bottles with her so that she could work on her body at home. She drank a bunch and squeezed her butt that was just a little bit bigger. “Get ready world. You’re not ready for the new Cardi B.”
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