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artwork for AEG's TCG Legend of Five Rings
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Nice expressive eyes! Although she needs to focus on the fight, she seems to be sad, or maybe annoyed by the war. Also, I like the contrast between her women-like position and the mask she's wearing. All that makes her mysterious.
A gorgeous picture.
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Sigh, you are a damn good artist, but why, oh why, she is holding  the polearm with the edged side pointing towards herself?
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Because it looks badass.
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Until you think it makes no sense. Maybe I'm a purist but things like this annoy me. It's not so difficult to make things logic and cool too.
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it bothers me more that her lower body and her upper body look like they want to run in different directions, to be honest
actually that is not something hard to do or fight with... when I play with "swords, etc.." i can do that and then quickly whirl it around so I can stab right.. Oh wait no I don't play with fake swords... definently not..
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UWAAAAAAA keren bang
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Awesome bang bro..., blendingnya muantab bgt dah...:love:
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ni pencilingnya elu jg pian?
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wuidiih.. cakep bener nih.
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wow render jari tanganya akurat sekali
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haha biasaa..
ref foto..
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gokil.. keren bgt!!!
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I love it! Especially the movement, I can almost feel the stuff flying around ME when I look at her :-)
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