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First of all, two journals in one year? You guys are lucky!

Second of all, I saw this article on Digg, and it got me thinking. Where do we draw the line on what is art and what isn't? Having someone die in public isn't art in my opinion, even if the person volunteers. I know the article states that artists are trying to demystify death, but is that necessary? I know death is a part of life and we will all die, but do we really need to portray it in such a way as this? The dying process shouldn't have a spectacle made out of. I guess the line that worried me the most was the line that said this:

"The enfant terrible of the German cultural scene is looking for someone whose dying hours will be spent in an art gallery with the public admiring the way the light plays on the flesh of a person gasping for the last breath."

Hold on. You want me to go see a person die, and admire the light on them during their last breaths? Not even consider that a fellow human being is being drained of life before my eyes? That, in my humble opinion, is severely disrespectful. It takes some serious nerve to have a person die in front of you, and ask people how good your lighting is.

Why can't art just be what it used to be? Why does it have to be so borderline inhumane?

Thanks for reading.
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i think that link is just about the ost disturbing thing ive read all month...isnt it bad enough i have to see pics ive uploaded of my son pop up in the "latest" next to a flacid penis, kiddie porn(yes,sadly,3 or 4 pages, and the sicko probably just remade them. what was even more disturbing than the page itself was that the pics had 60, 80, 100 views.....and yet were still up; outta that mant people not even THREE found something wrong with a 6 yr old in only paties with her leg hiked up above her head. the page hadnt been reported after all those views..)or borderline smut??? if things relating to that link start popping up on here too, ill just flat out leave DA.i understand that different people have different takes on art, but what decent human being wants to watch light dance and dim over a a dying person's flesh, 'admiring it...?!
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I guess people these days have a higher tolerance of morbid, or in your case, inappropriate pictures and scenarios. I really don't understand this, since it is wrong and shouldn't be happening. Like you said, what decent human being wants to watch another living soul die in the name of "art"? It disgusts me. :(
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ditto...and then people wonder whats so wrong with our contry, with our kids...why this interest in the macabre; nothing is shocking anymore, theres almost no line drawn or anywhere to draw it. you cant desensitize someone and then expect them to not kill, not rape, not torture. 'to understand the value of human life; especially if someones last suffering moments are considered art. plz keep in mind im not one of those uppity moms against movies and video games and shit....but there comes a certain point where you have to look back and be like, wow...what happened to childhood? at 12 i was climbing trees and making tmnt forts and reading books. now 12 yr olds are making myspace pages with provocative pics, wearing makeup, not fazed in the slightest if they see someone die/dying, and screaming in walmart bc mommy wont get them the new ipod. its disturbing.
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I think I agree (probably like most). It seems a bit pun intended
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Wow... just wow.