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pharmacist elf

By masterbimo
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dimension-ZERO [link]
trading card game character :3

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Daily Deviation thank you!
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i have one word to say...AMAZING!!!!! the amount of detail in this artwork is very well done. love how you use the colors and love the greens you used around the picture. you got very good shape and clean lines. I just love the background so very much and love how you draw the elf male. this pose is very good love his hair. everything is put very well love how you shades and i love how the little potion bottle you made. So in all you did a very well work and keep it up the good works. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=D" title="=D (Big Grin)"/>
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I really love this work, it makes you feel like
you are having a glimpse of what fantasy is and
the details are well created. It also gives you the feeling
that he really exist in a story or in a movie.
The body of the character is proportioned and the colors he
used really complements each other and gives this mysterious
feeling. I really like the trees, it's so magical.
you really need skills to work on something like this,
masterbimo nice work! you are truly amazing.
I like your style. I hope to see
your new works soon <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Magic In The Air, Magic Inside Him... Any Moment The Pharmacist Mix The Recipes Is Working With The Essence Of Antique Forces.

Potions Brew Including Dust, Liquids And Another Unknown Substances... The Glowing And The Shades Arround The Elf Allow Me Make Distinction Of The Place Arround Him And The Light Producing Shade In The Outfit, And The Glowing From The Pot Looks With Nice Effect.

The Plants Gives A Charming Touch For Create A Complex Atmosphere Complemanting The Place And The Intrincated Outfit Of The Young Elf... Includes The Little Bottles And Flusks Can Look Really Fine By The Ilumination And Their Position Arround Him For Can Work.

Almost Can Feel The Aethereal And Slow Movement At His Hands, Likes He Really Be Plenty Of Life And Sudenly Meanwhile I Behold The Whole Image Anything Else Is Interactive Or Any Sound Can Be Heared In That Place, Likes It Can Be A Real Place Or The Previous Moment Before Something More Happens.

Adorable And Beautyfull By Any Single Detail Of That Neat And Incredible Beign... Elfs Are Refinated And Charm Likes Anything I Can Seen In Any Other Posible Place Except My Dreams, Is Something What Became Posible Thanks At Your Imagination And Of Course At Your Efforts This Image Now Is Shared With Others Included Me...

Congratulations! And Sorry For My Terrible English, Because I´m Still Learning... But My Porpuse Is Be Absolutly Honest When I Tell You I Really Likes It! Have A Better Day Than Me After Check And Sern Once And Again This Adorable Piece Of Magic And Sofisticated Art... Trought Deviant Art With The Help Of Internet Leaping At Our Eyes And MMaking Beat Our Hearts And Warming Our Souls!
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At first glance you're blown away by this image! It's stunning! It really makes you feel he's an alchemist of some sort and that he deals with many potions and herbs to make his medicine or magic.

The foreground is amazing but a bit too slanted. Try to arch the part of the tree holding the bottles at the left up a bit so it doesn't look like the bottles are going to slide off.

The tree and the organic of this image has been drawn and coloured very well, and makes you really think of a tree.

The character himself is very proportional and his outfit design matches the scene quite nicely so as he doesn't look like he doesn't fit. His hair is coloured very nice and i like how it droops past his ear. The only suggestion i can make on the character is the head feels a little big but it could be just the way the hair flows.

The only thing i could really suggest improvement on, is the background. It's a bit 'busy' for the rest of the image and kinda pulls your eye away. Especially the top right. Maybe blur it a bit more might help.

all and all this is an amazing piece! Something about his belt buckles on his arm really just make his outfit <img src="…" width="15" height="13" alt=":heart:" title="Heart" />

very well done! Definitely deserving of the DD!
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This is BEAUTIFUL , who would of thought that an Elf would be MEGA adorable ( well besides Link )

The colors are so amazing , just gives it that mystical look to it , like you are really living in a magical world full of wonder and elfs and many other things

The amour , WOW , looks so amazingly beautiful , i would love to see someone make it and wear it as like some kind of costume for Halloween would also be cool , and the gloves too are really amazing too

All in all this is wonderful and you do deserve a Daily Deviation , everything is just perfect , Great Job!
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I love the detail you put into this piece, with the clothes, bottles, and scenery. You really get the enchanting elvish feel.

The clothing design is very well done, with the intricate patterns, the many buckles, and the armored gloves finish the outfit with a very nice touch.

I like the bottles since they are very unique and each one has a different color or shape. It adds diversity to the piece which always makes a piece better.

And the scenery, the scenery is gorgeous, very elvish. Looks like you took your time on that.

Lastly I like the elf's hair and hair piece. It gives the elf personality. I think you did a great job on this piece!! Great job!
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sooo beautiful *-*
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That looks superb!! :love::love::love:
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He's Gorgeous <3
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Hello, dear artist!
I've sent you a note, but not sure how visible are they, so copying it here too just in case :)

My friend and I have stumbled upon your fantastic art of pharmacist elf - we were literally stunned by great details and overall harmony of the picture ** We are cosplayers with several years of experience, and were so inspired by your fantastic art, that have come up with a story and idea for cosplay right away.

We would really like to create cosplay using your art as a reference, if you don't mind, and show it on a cosplay convent. We thought of a story featuring pharmacist elf, who is very kind and loved by people, but is in love with an ethereal elf princess he sees in his dreams... so much in love, that once he decides to learn an ancient magic spell to bring her to reality, but things don't always go as expected (so we are drawing this princess on another art to visualize her to spectators).

A bit of our previous works:……
We are fond of characters we create, and we are putting as much effort as we can to make them come alive.
We will definitely show you pictures of completed work once we have some! **
Thank you for your great work!
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First festival photo with our cosplay based on this artwork:…
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This is absolutely stunning!!
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wow really beautiful :happybounce: Heart la-lentine 
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You have an amazing eye for detail, my god I can guarantee that every time I come back to this, something new will be found. Love your work!!
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this is really beautiful *.*
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Wow this elf is so sexy ♡///♡
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i love this elf 
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This is just too perfect~ :iconheartrollplz:
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Incredible! I haven't words to describe your draw
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Wow, Very beautiful picture. I've always loved elves, now I have another reason to love them even more.
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Wow. Can I be any more in love?
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Nice dude, beautiful proportions
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