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Star Wars Wallpaper A to Z

This was made using and with full permission of another deviant art member joewright . Here is a link to his gallery:


Please check out his other Amazing artwork.

Also Amazing is this (and it's variants) where maid only using the paint program that comes with Windows (can't afford decient art software program. Anyone have a good recomendation ?)

Enjoy and please check out my other works made using joewright art (again, with his awesomeness permission)
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I'm creating a starwars video game RPG using those pictures and modifications of it.
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Be sure to tell the original artist. I just put his stuff together, he's the one that MADE it.
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Great work. Do you work making those drawings for paid?
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It's not my work. The link on the art goes to the actual artist, and he does accept commissions.
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Uhm, great!

Do you have any of his other contacts (Facebook, Whatsapp number, email)?

I don't receive any answer from him...
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I do not... sorry...
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Awesome! Nice Work!
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It is nice, it's just not mine.... fyi...
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I like this caricatures i think this saga need RPG games like Final fatanasy style combat hahhahaha (FFI-X)
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I'd just like to see Final Fantasy style art that's GOOD. Too much I see is edging on porn, or just silly looking.
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good job. :D
look at this animation I created with your work [link]
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Um.... this is not MY artwork. I used this with the permission of the artist who made it and turned it into a wallpaper, you have to ask him if you can use his art. The link is in the description.
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Just like the person below me said, someone may have stolen this piece of art. I don't know if you actually gave permission to these people who are making a profit of it, so I'm just going to give you the direct [link] to where they're selling it at and leave it to you.
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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your artwork might have been stolen.
[link] posted by :iconyuumei:

You should take a look. They were being sold at a con, and have a website where they sell these mats as well.

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Thanks ! 's my most faved post.
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This is too adorable for words! Excellent work.
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Tell the artest, not me, I just put his stuff togeather. But it is cool !
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I always like to see Star Wars stuff like this.
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I think we all do ! It warm's that little part in our hearts. If you have hearts that is .... !
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I would say an awesome replacement to C(Three) -PO, I would love to see a Chibi Taun-Taun!
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Tell the artist ! I've been bugging him for more, but he's a busy guy. I'm glad he's busy, he's talented enough he deserves to be recignised (can't spell today) for it.
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