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Star Wars Chibi Line-Up

This was made using and with full permission of another deviant art member joewright . Here is a link to his gallery:


Please check out his other Amazing artwork.

Also Amazing is this (and it's variants) where maid only using the paint program that comes with Windows (can't afford decient art software program. Anyone have a good recomendation ?)

Enjoy and please check out my other works made using joewright art (again, with his awesomeness permission)
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Hi can you let me know how to reach Joe? really want to use some of his art but want permission first. my email is
Many thanks
can you advise me how to reach Joe Wright? I want to use some of his work if he will allow me. my email is
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Send him a note on Deviant art, that's the best I can suggest.
no worries. I dropped him a note last night to be honest, but did know if you knew his email or contact details as he has not been on here for a while by the looks of it.
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again, great work!
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thanks, pass this art around
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I love the detail on these guys... and i didn't think that it was possible for R2D2 to be more chibi that he already was!
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So True. Proof of the artest's talent. Personally I'm waiting for him to make a Chibi-TIE Pilot.
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I've been waiting for that !
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Phenomenal work...
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Tell the Artist, I just combine his lovely work. (Tell him to make MORE ! Heh...)
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say me:

why do you put Boba Fett in the dark side!
You need to put in between.
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Come on...... EVERYONE love the Bad Boy Boba !
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I never thought I'd say this but Tarkin is adorable in this picture.
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Same could be said for Zuckuss or the Ugnaught
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I do think it's rather cool...
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