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Padawan Tarren meditating on Tython



Name: Weilar Tarren
Faction: The Jedi Order
Rank: Padawan
Species: Ithorian
Age: 23
Home planet: Tython
Gender: Male
Height: 6,4
Weight: 165 pounds
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Skin: Shades of dark brown and light brown
Force sensitive: yes

Appearance: (The picture is cusotm made as a commission so it's exactly as pictured above)

Biography: Weilar Tarren was born on Tython 1000 years prior to the days of the Old Republic as a result of an illegal relationship between his mother, jedi master Quinn dahla, and her lover Grawdel Tarren who served the republic as a translater like the protocol droids. When the jedi council first discovered the young ithorian child they were devastated to see a member of the order breaking such a sacred rule. Quinn dahla was immediately suspended from the order do to her unforgivable actions. His father Grawdels lost his good reputation at the republic, nobody really wanted to be associated with him anymore. Lost in despair she begged the jedi council to at least train her one and only son to become a jedi knight, and cleanse the family name. Even though the council didn't appreciate her violating the order's rule of never getting emotionally attached to someone, they decided to train the boy. Quinn was overfilled with joy when she heard their decision, but unfortunately for her she wasn't allowed to have any sort of contact to the child. Therefore she left a necklace made out of wood for Weilar so he would always remember her, the necklace included a thick blue kyber crystal dangling in the middle. She cuddled her son one last time before it was time to say goodbye, and leave Tython to never return again. Weilar had a little growing up to do before he could truly start his jedi training, but they faced one minor problem that they had to take care of in the meantime, which involved babysitting. Someone had to take care of the kid until he was ready to pursue his destiny, and become a powerful jedi master. Years past, and the ithorian finally turned 4, which was the planned age for his training to begin. Weilar together with a bunch of younglings all practiced the basic stuff for hours day in and day out. Do to his species having two mouth openings on each side of the head, he experienced difficulties when trying to communicate with the other younglings. It also effected his training since he wouldn't always be able to understand the tasks they were given. He got offered private lessons by a consular to help him speak their language more correctly, It was highly necessary if he wanted to fully understand his studies. After a while he started to improve, which boosted his training a lot since he now would be able to complete the tasks by himself without any sort of help. Weilar quickly became very skilled with a lightsaber, while his understanding of the force is truly remarkable, his true strength lies in the ancient lightsaber techniques he were taught. His fighting style is usually extremely defensive, he'll most likely focus on reflecting, and blocking his opponent's attacks. Then when the time's right he'll strike with a final blow to neutralize the enemy if there's no other way out. Weilar doesn't believe violence is required to solve a problem, but it's important that he is able to protect the weak. Only a talented lightsaber duelist can defeat him in close combat without use of the force. He's spending a lot of his free time in the woods of Tython meditating. When he finally got the honor to craft his own lightsaber, he decided to both use the kyber crystal his mom left for him, but he also used parts of the wood necklace for some components for his magnificent weapon. The wood component makes the saber very vulnerable, and easy to cut in half.

Personality: He's a very calm person who takes things very serious. He does pretty much everything by the book. He's very humble, and doesn't like to brag about things no matter how impressive they may be. He always follows a direct order unless it goes against the jedi codex. He prefers to travel alone or with a very small handful of people.

Strengths: He's very skilled with a lightsaber, and he never loses focus. Only a good sharp shooter or a well trained jedi can outsmart his lightsaber techniques. He has studied force healing, and can heal wounds if they're not too severe like a lost limb or broken bones.

Weaknesses: Some components of his lightsaber is made out of wood which makes it an easy target to cut in half. He tends to be very vulnerable when it comes to mind tricks and such. Out of close combat he's not very fast at all, so escaping from him would be an easy task.

Ship: He owns a small ship that's mainly used as a transport vessel

Kills: He has never killed anyone

Previous role plays:…

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