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The Fated 5: Part 7

Marlene: "Let... go.. of me!"
Abi: "We're just trying to help you..."
Kimmie: "Yeah! We want you to feel as happy like us!"
Marlene: "I don't want to be helped! Just let me go!"
Me: "You should have just given up, Marlene.." 

Me: "Keep her locked down, Abi!"
Abi: "Okies!"
Marlene: "W-What are you doing to me? Let go of me, you bimbo! Stop pushing so hard and stop pushing your tits into my back."
Kimmie: "Oh my...! Don't be so mean to Marly!"
Marlene: "Don't call me that! It feels like I am about to burst!

"Oh god!! That's why you pushed so hard! I look ridiculous!"
Kimmie: "Your titties are so big! I am sooo jealous and stuff!"
Abi: "*giggle* You look so hot already! You'll be a great hooker!"
Marlene: "Hooker?! No! I told you I wanted out!"
Me: "I gav
:iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 90 75
The Fated 5: Part 6

Kimmie: "Omigawd, master TF. We feel so good right now! Thanks for doing this to us!"
Me: "It's okay Kimmie, it was my pleasure."
Abi: "Can we like, have more friends? It's so lame to only share our joy with each other!" 
Me: "Hm... perhaps another one of the Fated then... any preference?"
Kimmie: "Nuh-uh! She'll be a hottie anyways!"
Abi: "Yeah! Like totally!" 

???: "Eeeekk! What's happening?!"
Kimmie: "Yaaay!! Finally another friend!"
Abi: "I hope she will make for a cute bimbo!"
Kimmie: "She totes will! We will make like sure of that!"

Marlene: "W-Where am I? Wasn't I just in my cell? And who the hell are you two?"
Kimmie: "Hm.. she's so yummy, cute and innocent, Abi"
Abi: "Oh... she's so boring looking as well... but we can change all of that, Kimmie!"
Marlene: "Abi?
:iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 70 86
Mature content
The Fated 5: Part 5 :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 85 46
The Fated 5: Part 4

Kim: "S-So... what are we going to do now? I am not sure when the changes come back..."
Abby: "There we go... finally got my jacket closed again.. Well... we need to find a way out... or at least a way to change the 2 of us back."
Kim: "Is there even a way to turn back?"
Abby: "There always is a cure for things like this. It's way too dangerous not to have a cure when things go wrong."

Abby: "I think I saw the door over there. Perhaps we can try and pry it open with something?" 
Kim: "Oh god.. oh god... her breasts... will that happen to me as well?!"
Abby: "A-Are you okay, Kim? You look like you've seen a ghost.. A very scary ghost at that.."
Kim: "N-no, I am not okay!! We're still changing!!"
Abby: "We're still changing?! What do you mean? Didn't I just close my jacket...."

Abby: "Aaaaaah!!! Wh
:iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 56 77
The Fated 5: Part 3

Abby: "So I take it you chose to release me as my clothes haven't changed and my changes stopped?"
Me: "Hm... oh no poor Abby, you'll be helping me infect another one of the fated."
Abby: "W-What does that mean? Like I would ever help you!"
Me: "You're already infected. You'll be contagious."

Kim: "Huh? What happened?"
Abby: "S-Shit... stay away from me before you'll change too!"
Kim: "W-What do you mean? I.. I just appeared here from my room.." 
Abby: "I mean that I am cursed in some way and that you'll be infected if you stay too close!"

Me: "Too late girls. And Abby, I think you could use another upgrade as well." 
Abby: "My breasts!! You jerk!"
Kim: "W-What's going on? Wh-Why am I glowing?!" 
Me: "That means that Abby has already infected you, dear. I am sorry."
:iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 48 55
The Fated 5: Part 2

Me: "I am sorry Abby, it seems we can't have any children on this show."
Abby: "What do you mean? Does that mean I am already out and free to go?"
Me: "Oh dearie, you really think you can get out of this that easily? The people have voted, Abby. You can't deny the people..."
Abby: "The people have voted? Which people? What are you even talking about?"

Abby: "Wait... I still have my staff... this guy isn't very smart to let me keep my staff... I'll make him pay for capturing the 5 of us!"
Me: "Oh yeah, one more thing. To make sure you won't cheat and run off we'll have to take all magical objects and powers from you."
Abby: "I beg you pardon?! This is the staff I inhereted from my teacher! You're not just stealing this away from me like that!"


Abby: "W-What the?!"
Me: "I can just ma
:iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 54 42
The Fated 5: Part 1

"Huh, what the hell? Wasn't I just back home several minutes ago? Where am I?" Abby asked as she looked around the place.
"I see my first fated has woken up. Welcome to this new little game." I say over the speaker. 
"TF? Really?" Abby said and sighed.

*Over in a another room*
"Welcome Marlene, sorry it had to be this way, but you were chosen." I say to Marlene as she hears me over the speaker.
"C-Chosen? Chosen for what?" Marlene asked as she stared at the ground.
"You'll see. Just relax in your ce-... room for now. We will get to you when we need you." I say.

"This... this place doesn't seem to look familiair to me at all..." Kim said as she looked around and at the ceiling. 
"Welcome Kim, I hope you will enjoy your stay at my luxury hotel." I say and chuckle for a bit as Kim hears me.
"Luxury hotel? This place doesn't even remotely look like a hotel." Kim said.
:iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 54 45
Mature content
Cabin in the Woods - Chapter 2 :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 20 5
Cabin in the Woods - Chapter 1
It was a nice spring afternoon, the 2 friends Demi and Eileen had decided to go on a trip through the woods... but they would soon notice they were walking through a part of the forest that neither of them had ever seen. 
Demi was a curvy and normal sized girl at 1.70m , she was sporting large D-cups and her large hips accentuated her ass very well. Her ebony hair was wavy and reached just past her shoulders, her chestnut-colored eyes didn't stand out much, being her only Italian feature she had, with her grandma being from Italy. She was wearing her dark jeans and her white blouse patterned with black butterflies all over it. She soon adjusted her red glasses and looked over at her slim friend. 
Eileen was a tall and slender girl, which was even more noticable with her 1.75m in length. Her dark brown hair was slightly longer than Demi's and her brown eyes fit perfectly with it. Not wearing make-up, her freckles always showed very nicely, her pearly white smile was the pretti
:iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 26 1
Mature content
The Night of Neverending Changes :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 139 3
Mature content
Prison Escape - 3 :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 52 70
Mature content
Prison Escape - 2 :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 71 64
Prison Escape - 1 by Master-TF Prison Escape - 1 :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 53 58 You're a cow - Colored by Master-TF You're a cow - Colored :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 56 3 Looks like you need a tan. by Master-TF Looks like you need a tan. :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 313 4 Laura Expansion Pack Colored by Master-TF Laura Expansion Pack Colored :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 238 6

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Some of my favorite works from other dA peoples



Was wondering if anyone was interested in doing an Animal TF RP? Or (pregnant) basic bitch TF ;P
I am in need of some money, so I am opening coloring commissions.
Send me a note or message.
Sorry that part 8 is taking a while. School is busy, so expect the next part to be near the beginning of April!
So, I stumbled upon a rude message that was left on my front page, linking me to a journal accusing me of being a pedophile.
I am sure most of my watchers know that I am not like this at all. Every RP I have been in, I have asked people if they were comfortable with things and if they weren't, then they could tell me.

I really find it weird that people block me and then go make journal about me to not follow me. This gives me no real way to tell people my side of the story and just lets their watchers give them a different view of me than most people know. I definitely am not a pedophile, I want to make that clear. I didn't make Abby into an adult for nothing, I don't feel comfortable turning a small girl into a bimbo so I wanted to make sure she turned into an adult first. Most people know the idea of AP (Age Progression) and that's what I did. I have done several works along the lines that did the exact same thing, so I find it weird that it's giving me so much hate now.

I hope people understand that journals like these hurt, people that rarely know you, call you a pedophile, a monster and a freak. If people that are still not sure about his have any questions for me, feel free to ask.
I know the people that know me better personally, know that I am not a pedophile and that I do respect everyone's opinion and saying in the matter. 

If you're still convinced I am a pedophile, well then there's the door.


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If you have a nice idea for a story feel free to send me one!
Hope you enjoy the page!


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