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Meet Charles Bronson, originally Michael Gordon Peterson. In this picture he's portrayed by actor Tom Hardy.

Bronson named himself after the hollywood actor of the same name during his time as a bare knuckle boxer.

Having spent thirty five years in jail, Bronson has ended up costing the British penal system over ten million pounds in damages, not to mention multiple hostage takings and inciting riots.

Today he's about sixty seven and he's got his own prison ward specially designed for him. [link]

And to think that the crime that originally put him in jail was robbing a post office.

See this movie if you want to have your mind blown ;) [link]
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He's not really a wacko, he just seems like a lost soul who just wants to be famous for something he loves doing, which is fighting

From what I've read about Charlie Bronson, he's pretty interesting and fascinating. First thing is, he's never killed anyone. The only person he had tried to kill was a nutcase inmate in the funny farm that molested and killed children. And the only thing he's ever killed was a rottweiler during his underground fighting days, which he claims to be the only thing he's not proud of because he loves animals, if you can believe that

So, to sum it up, yes I wouldn't mind being in the same room with this guy seeing as how he's still a man with principles