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1. No god modding.

There shall be no unbeatable characters who can do anything! They must have a way to be beaten.

2. Submit an Reference to get your Audition Prompt.

A Written entry containing info on your character is needed for a reference sheet. If you add a drawing, that covers appearance, but written entries need to have a detail description of appearance.

Include things like Age, Name, Height, Gender, Bio, Strengths, Weaknesses, Skills, Powers, Fears, etc. So people can get a feel of your OC.

3. Tell your friends.

Optional, but this will get more competitors.

4. If Mature, mark it as such

There are those who detest mature content. Give them fair warning.

5. Make your fights believable.

No fights should end in under 5 minutes.

6. Have fun.

That rule is self explanatory.

7. Feel free to check out our chat room.…

8. Please submit your things to the proper folders. I will be regularly checking to make sure they're in the proper place.
Yo Peeps, some more news. I have as of yet to get more people to help out, still waiting. So, apologies on that front. Also, I have College starting in the next few days, so I truly will be busy in the coming months and even the next two years. I do apologize for my lack of activity on this site, but I have been trying to accomplish my own dreams and have been working on progressing my skills as an author.

While I don't want to end this tournament and what it could be, I can't really continue it at the current time, so it will be going dormant until further notice. If you need to get a hold of me, send me a note on my profile and I will make it a point to try and check the site once a month if I can.

Once again, sorry for what must have been a huge waste of time and effort for a lot of you.

Till next we speak, GMG OUT!
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OC tournament for any deviant who wished to join. No god mods.
Founded 5 Years ago
Jul 6, 2013

North America

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34 Members
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Nothing has changed, and thus, we must part ways.
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