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Tie-kun Gives Hat-chan Roses
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So... I was doodling in the library one day when my friend wrote upside down "Draw Happy Things", with a cat face at the end.

I drew a doughboy-esque thing giving a doughgirl a flower, and my friend said "Kyoooooot!"

I then drew the flower eating the girl's head off, at which the apathetic-looking boy finally smiles.

My friend was not pleased.

So to placate her, I drew an alternate ending, where the girl glomps the boy. I was thinking of adding a cliff behind the boy so that the two of them fall to their deaths.... But I was on thin ice already.

I redrew the comic (with the alternate ending) to make a shirt for my friend. (Christmas present). I'm still not done with the t-shirt making, cuz I have to colorize the roses and stuff...

It was my first drawing on a drawing pad, and I inked it with an "archival pen" called Le Plume, which I guess is for writing on photos.
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