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Neo HK UMP-405

The UMP-405 is a Blowback operated, magazine-fed submachine gun that fires the popular 10mm polymer case telescoped cartridge designed by Neo HK to compete with the Decimal Arms S-19 as the next generation SMG of the Inter-planetary Defense Force. Although the UMP-405 didn’t top the S-19 during military trials, it’s still being adopted by various agencies such as the Earth-moon System Customs and Border Protection.
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When it comes to SMGs, the UMP-45 have always been my favorite.

Would you ever put this on a poster to sell?

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Maybe its my inner HK fanboy speaking here, but hell thats a beautiful gun.
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Is it safe to fire in a spaceship? 
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To me it looks like a cyberpunk UMP 45
Interesting Weapon
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Looks better with the magazine removed.
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I like the design of this weapon, it's very cool.
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Ugh, the thumb hold stock...

Everything else looks great
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This is beautiful!! :D

Amazing work! I love the sights.
very cool stuff
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