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Character Sheet Elektra

Name: Elektra
Race: Protem Gorgon
Gender: Female
Orientation: Lesbian
Age: 104
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: N/A
Height: 5'6" (standing height), 14'3" (total length)
Cup Size: C-cup
Relatives: Unknown
Powers: Stone vision, omni-directional vision
Occupation: Slave, guard
Description: Elektra was a simple gorgon living in some small mountains not far from the deserts of her birth. She lived inside a cave, attacking those who would wander into her forest. As luck would have it, there was a lesser-used trading route nearby and she would snatch up travelers when she felt she needed to fill an empty spot. Because her stone gaze wasn't permanent, she had to be careful not to let it wear off, pumping her magic into her victims to renew its effects.
She lived like that for half a century. Then, one day, she captured a pair of slaves with collars she couldn't remove when they were traveling and took them back to her cave. Unfortunately, these slaves belonged
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Character Sheet Kristal

Name: Kristal
Race: Human/Elf
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Age: 58
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'6"
Cup Size: B-cup
Relatives: TBD
Powers: magical arts, enchanting
Occupation: treasure hunter, enchanter
Description: Kristal seeks to develop her skills as an enchanter and revive lost magical devices, as well as develop new ones. To accomplish this, she has joined the Storm Foxes treasure hunter guild, both to fund her research and to search for lost enchantments. When they find rare or complex enchanted items, she would often want to keep them for studies, attempting to duplicate their magic. However, she has made no progress with items of purely divine origins.
She established an on-again off-again relationship with fellow guild member Dierk. Most of the time, their break-ups are amicable and they move onto other partners while still remaining on the same dime. However, they aren't above making jabs at each other's sex lives.
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With Mara's fate now set, what will Mal do? (Getting into Character) 

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Dorothy McDermont slowly opened her eyes as she woke up on the hard floor. She could feel the cool air across her skin. The room was dim, but she could see well enough once her eyes adjusted. She pushed her self up with her arms, which were bound together.

She soon looked up in shock to find Lilly Smith standing in front of her. She was wearing a red latex corset with black trim, red thigh-high boots, transparent stockings, and black shoulder-length gloves. She held a gold loop in one hand. "Hello there. You must be Dorothy." She smirked.

Dorothy then realized she was naked and tried to cover her exposed breasts with her bound arms. She was wearing shoulder length gloves and thigh-high stockings, both made of black latex. Around her wrists and ankles were steel shackles, the latter of which were chained to the floor. She also had a V-shaped chastity belt, with no visible key hole. "Ahhh! What's going on!?"

Lilly smiled. "Welcome. Did you sleep well? It seems you've been a bit naughty and snuck into someplace you shouldn't have."

Dorothy looked around to figure out where she was. She was in a rather small stone room, maybe 6 feet by 8. There was a straw mattress and what might have been a chamber pot. Behind Lilly were iron bars, and beyond them was some sort of wall of purple mist or clouds. "I want to talk to a lawyer,” Dorothy replied.

"137." Lilly smirked. "I'm afraid you'll be staying here for quite some time. Not just for that last stunt, but you've also been digging around where you shouldn't have."

"It would be rather problematic if people questioned where all that stuff is going." Another Lilly Smith walked into the cell holding a manila folder. This one wore the same business suit as when they first met. "We already know you've been sneaking a peek at our shipping records."

New Acquisition 2 by Dvega by Master-Geass

Dorothy blinked. "Lilly!?" She turned to look at the latex clad blonde. "Then who are you?"

She smiled. "I am Chancellor Lilly Smith, but you can call me Mistress."

"Yeah, I'm not going to do that." Dorothy looked the suited woman. "And you are?"

"I'm Lilly Smith... legally, and I am the CEO of Synth-Fusion Industries." She smiled. "I'm also the one you spent the night with... at least, until you took off. You didn't even say goodbye." She playfully pouted for a moment.

"Doesn't that get confusing?"

The latex-clad Lilly spoke next. "Less than you'd think. I am the owner, but I can't exactly run the day to day, I've got too much to do." The other Lilly snickered. Lilly shot her a quick look before continuing. "So I allow a few choice lieutenants to make deals in my name."

"Whatever." Dorothy rolled her eyes. "What are you going to do to me?" The shock was starting to wear off, anger taking its place.

"311." Lilly held out her hand for the folder. She opened it and flipped through the sheets. "Still, I'm glad you asked. I can think of over a dozen ironic punishments. Given your history, I would say the most fitting would be to break you up for parts, like so many companies you've gotten your hands on, and sell them off." She dropped the papers onto the floor, spreading across the floor.

Dorothy gulped. Each of the papers had the names of companies she had personally dismantled at the top, along with more detailed lists below.

"Still, that's far from my favorite and I feel it would be a waste of such a sexy body." Lilly's comment as she looked down made Dorothy blush, reminding her of her nudity. "I could do other things, such as giving you a golden finish and displaying you in my parlor. But maybe we can put that off if you were to just put on this collar and be my slave." She held out the golden loop in her hand. It was over a foot in diameter and over an inch tall. A D-ring was attached to one side.

Dorothy backed away. "I will not put that collar on!"

"187." Lilly opened the folder again and waved her other hand. The scattered papers all flew up and neatly placed themselves back inside. She closed it and handed it over the well-dressed Lilly. "I was expecting that to be honest. Not that many simply put on the collar, not without me giving them some incentive." She giggled sinisterly.

"You can't do this!" Dorothy struggled to her feet.


"I have rights! I'll sue your ass!"

"291, 187."

"What are you doing?" Dorothy glared at Lilly.

"Oh, don't mind me. Keep going." Lilly smiled. "You see, I hear so many of these Lilly rants in my lifetime, I make a little game of them. I keep track of whenever certain phrases come up."

"You're sick!"

"513, although mostly I hear that one just for being a lesbian."

Dorothy tugged on her chains. She wasn't in a position to fight or run. She could only stand here yelling at them until her voice went hoarse. "Please, just let me go. You can't keep me here. This has got to be illegal. Sooner or later, I'll get out."


The blue suited Lilly spoke next. "Oh honey, we're not in Kansas anymore." She smirked.

"What? You took me across state lines already?" Dorothy was shocked. She looked around, but her cell didn't have a window and she could see nothing of the hallway beyond the bars. "How long was I out?"

The red latex Lilly spoke next. Dorothy started thinking of her as Red Lilly. "Yes and no. It's rather complicated. The short of it is you're now in the sovereign nation of Blitzeiche. No one will find or even think to look for you here. Even if you could get out, you would have no way of getting home and no one could help you."

"Blitzeiche? Never heard of it." Dorothy scuffed.

"I'm not surprised. Few people in the U.S. have ever heard of it..." Red Lilly stroked Dorothy's chin. "And I plan to keep it that way."

Blue Lilly spoke next. "Unless you know exactly how to travel here, this place is very difficult to find. No one will look for you here."

"Fantastic. I'm still not putting that thing on." Dorothy glared at the twin women.

"That's okay, we can still have fun. I enjoy playing with willful girls." Red Lilly giggled. "Lola, punish."

A familiar voice came from Dorothy's crotch. "Has the slut been naughty?"

"What?" Dorothy asked in shock.


"Then let's give her a little zap." Dorothy felt a shock to her labia, causing her to cry out and jump.

"What the hell!?" Dorothy looked down at the chastity belt. There was a small blue light she didn't pay attention to before.

"Do you like it?" Red Lilly giggled again. "It's a little something I've been working on. I took parts from a Lola unit and put it in a chastity belt of my own design. With a little extra programming, I was able to rig it to an electrostimulator. Don't worry, it's not powerful enough to cause any real damage, but it has a special battery so it doesn't need to be recharged."

Dorothy gritted her teeth. "That is of little comfort…"

"A number of the subs here enjoy it. Especially Zeruiah." Blue Lilly giggled.

"A bit too much. She kept ordering herself to be shocked, Rose." Red Lilly rolled her eyes. "It largely defeated the point."

Red Lilly twirled the collar around her finger. "Moving on, this little toy has four modes. The first is simple voice command. All someone has to say is Lola, punish and..."

"Has the slut been naughty?"

Blue Lilly replied "Yes."

"Then let's give her a little zap." This was followed by another shock to her privates.

"... And it will shock you. The second is random mode." Lilly set the collar down on what seemed to be thin air. She then pressed something on the gold bracer on her left arm. A screen appeared and she pressed a few more things. "It would defeat the point if I could switch it on and off with a voice command. Now it will shock you at random intervals for the next hour." She wore a wicked smile.

"Wait, no! Don't... Ahhh!" Dorothy screamed as she got another shock.

Red Lilly held out three fingers. "Now you have three choices; put on the collar, stay here with the shocks, or do some cleaning and I switch you to mode three. If the latter, I will naturally let you out of this cell, but not out of the dungeon without a collar."

"Cleaning is for the help." Dorothy spit on the stone floor. She then yelped at another shock. She looked down at her cuffs and tugged the chain. She eyed the collar hovering in the air. She briefly wondered what trick was keeping it up there.

"Well I can't say I'm surprised. This will take time." Blue Lilly clapped her hands. "A word of advice: put on the collar. I was once in your shoes and trust me, it will be easier for everyone if you just give in and put on the collar." She then starts muttering to herself. "Was it this cell? No, I think it was two over. Whatever, doesn't matter."

Dorothy raised an eyebrow. "You were? Then why are you working for her? And why like… why like this?"

"Well for one thing, she surprisingly isn't the worst boss I've ever had." Red Lilly shot Blue a look as she spoke. "The job also comes with a fat paycheck and has some rather great benefits." She struck a pose. "Plus I look pretty good for mid-fifties."

"What? I though you were in your late thirties!" Dorothy already thought she looked good for her age, but it wasn't too odd. "Eep!" She jumped at a shock.

"On paper, anyway. There was some time travel shenanigans. At least no one noticed I was gone and I was able to quit my job and move to Kansas."

Dorothy slanted her eyes. "You have a time machine?"

"Nope," Red Lilly replied.

"Ahhh! Dammit! Turn this thing off if you're going to have a conversation with me." Dorothy struck the belt with her hand. She then grunted. "Even if they can't find me here, they can still find you. I'm sure people saw me leave with you."

"Except your card is on file for a taxi back to the hotel well after we left, you appeared on the hotel's cameras entering and leaving the building alone, and another taxi." Blue Lilly smiled. "I got your card number, checked your transactions, and got a copy of the security tapes. Besides, I will deal with the loose ends before anyone can be bothered to care." She pulled out a pocket watch and looked at it. "Speaking of which, I'm running out of time and must be going."

"Got a flight to catch?"

"Something like that. So long, Dorothy. It's unlikely we will meet again, I don't come by the tower too often anymore. Still, live long enough and who knows." Blue Lilly headed out the door. She walked through the wall of purple fog, disappearing.

"Well I think it's time I leave you with alone with Lola... unless you wish to put on the collar now." Red Lilly smiled.

"Not on your life!" Dorothy cried out as she was shocked again.

"333." Lilly chuckled. She turned and headed out the door, sliding it close. There was an audible click as it locked.

"Get back here!!" Dorothy sat down and huffed. After the next shock, she grabbed the belt, attempting in vain to remove it.

In time, her attention shifted to the collar still floating in the air. Having nothing better to do other than wait to be tortured, she touched it, causing it to move over slightly. It hovered there. She grabbed it next and it came loose without resistance. However, she wasn't able to put it back into its resting spot. Once again, it was bound by gravity, which became very much apparent when she dropped it following another shock.

The next hour was a nightmare. She didn't know when the shocks would come. For a while, she thought they had stopped after a long pause, only for them to strike again a few minutes later. She tried to distract herself by trying to figure out the trick with the collar - magnets maybe - but that wouldn't explain the papers.

Dorothy could only guess a hour had passed when Red Lilly emerged from purple fog. The door slid open and she walked in. Instead of her twin, she was accompanied by a Japanese woman with long and wavy light brown hair, dressed in purple latex with exposed breasts and crotch. She wore a gold collar, similar to the one on the floor, only this one had four rubies embedded in them. Like Dorothy, she wore a pair of shoulder length gloves and stockings, only she had on high heels. She also wore a corset and domino mask. She held a burlap bag in one hand.

"Ah, you must be our little troublemaker." The Japanese woman smiled with a soft chuckle.

"Since it looks like you will be staying with us for a while, I thought I should introduce to a few people. This is one of my head slaves, Akiko. Her duties include, among other things, management of the cleaning staff. Prisoners mainly fall under Dame Renna's purview, but she is busy with other duties right now. I'm sure you'll meet her later." Red Lilly smiled.

Dorothy grunted. "Did you kidnap her as well?"

"No, actually." Lilly looked at Akiko and nodded to her, giving her some sort of go-ahead.

Akiko nodded back. "I came to work for Mistress Lilly out of my own volition. I won’t bother you with all the particulars, so to put it simply, she enslaved both of my daughters, met me through them, and our first couple of encounters left enough of an impression on me that I went to work for her too. I’ve been her second head slave for internal domestics ever since."

Dorothy raised her eyebrow. "Really? That’s hard to believe."

"Hey, I was surprised too, I’ll admit," Akiko said with a shrug. "But you’d be surprised what willingness plus the right credentials gets you."

Red Lilly patted Akiko on the shoulder before turning back to Dorothy. "Anyways, I thought it's time you did some work around here. I want you to clean the floors of the dungeon. It will get you out of the cell and a hot meal tonight. Otherwise, I could just switch back to random shock mode."

Dorothy looked at the blonde woman in horror. "No, please don't!"

"Then let's move onto cleaning... unless you want to save us both some time and place the collar around your neck." Red Lilly glanced at the golden collar, now laying against the wall after Dorothy had thrown it in anger.

Dorothy only glared at her.

"Cleaning it is, then." Lilly snapped her fingers. The chains tethering Dorothy's wrists disappeared into smoke. Another snap and the shackles pulled her arms behind her back and the chains reappeared. "Akiko, if you would please..."

"Yes, Mistress." Akiko reached into the bag. She pulled out a wide, oddly-shaped brush with a leather strap hanging from the ends. "Hold still for me. It’ll make it easier on the both of us."

Dorothy still struggled as Akiko attached the brush to her chest, her breasts sliding into the grooves onto the back. It took over half a minute to get it strapped in place, only after Lilly ordered another shock.

"Well, let's get to work. But first, a rule change." Red Lilly tapped the buttons on her bracer again. "I'm setting the belt to interactive mode. It's kind of a mix of the first two. Now it will shock you on a random timer. You can reset the timer by saying 'Lola, punish.'"


"Has the slut been naughty?"

"She has."

"Good girl." Nothing happened.

Lilly counted. "When the yellow light on your belt starts blinking the timer is running down. You will need to say those two phrases to reset it. Otherwise, it will punish you." She giggled.

"You're an evil bitch!" Dorothy shouted.

"321." Lilly giggled again. "Now let's get you to work." She moved to unlock the chains from Dorothy's legs.

Dorothy let out a cry when she was shocked again. "Stop it, stop it, stop it!" She struggled as received repeated shocks. "Dammit! Lola, punish!"

"Has the slut been naughty?" Lola's voice was the same tone as always, but it seemed more sadistic then normal, somehow.

"She has."

"Good girl."

Dorothy breathed a sigh of relief. She then looked up at Lilly. "I will strangle you in your sleep."

"75." Lilly turned and headed out the door, into the purple mist.

"Now, now, that sort of attitude won’t earn you any favors here." Akiko grabbed Dorothy's arm, with a gentle yet firm grip, and walked her out the cell.

Dorothy was hesitant to step into the unknown. However, she had little choice as the older woman gripped her arm. As soon as she stepped through the door, she found herself in a hallway. The walls were largely made up of bars, cells holding women in chains and other restraints. There was no sign of the purple mist she had spent the last hour staring at.

She wasn't all that surprised that the other cells contained women. What shocked her was the appearance of the women. One cell had a number of green-skinned women with small tusks. Some had tribal tattoos.

The next cell was a mix of what looked to be humans, only their ears were pointy. One of their cellmates had red skin, horns, and a tail. Another had the ears and tail of a cat or something similar.

Sure, there were some normal looking people, but others looked more bizarre, having unnatural skin colors such as blue or purple, and some had more then two arms or looked like lizards. None of them seemed to pay them any attention, even when Dorothy let out a yelp following a shock. "Are they in costume and makeup? This can't be real…"

They then entered a larger room. It was much wider with stone pillars. It was decked out with instruments of torture such as wooden crosses, a pillory, and even an iron maiden. Also a gynecologist chair, for some reason. Hanging from walls were whips, paddles, crops, and other tools she didn't recognize.

After another shock, Dorothy turned pale as she laid eyes on the headless body of a woman chained to the walls. Some black stuff seeped from her neck. It was well-chained for a body. Hanging from a nearby chain was a bird cage housing a severed head with a ball gag in her mouth. "What the hell?"

Akiko glanced over and followed Dorothy's gaze. "Oh, don't mind her. She has something of attitude problem, so she's on a time out, you would say."

"Technically she is a type of fairy, but don't get too close. She has been known to cast curses at times." As Red Lilly spoke the headless body tugged at the chains that held up her arms, grunting.

"Fairies!? You have got to be kidding me. What's going on here?" Dorothy stomped her foot. "Lola, punish." She gave her reply after Lola responded.

"She's a dullahan. I'm afraid I don't have many in my collection. I have other fairies, though. I keep them on another floor. The mermaid tanks aren't far." Red Lilly smiled.

"Do you honestly expect me to believe this stuff?" Dorothy shouted, trying to hide her fear, especially from herself.

"173." An iron door opened up suddenly. Three large, purple tentacles jumped out of them. Lilly quickly ran over to it, shoving against the door. After it hit the tentacles, they retracted. She then closed the door, turning the lock. "Ignore that. Also, stay out of that room."

"I don’t intend to…" Dorothy replied as a little more fear came to the surface.

Red Lilly then walked back over and ran her left index finger down in the air, leaving a black line that spread out, becoming a dark hole in the air. She reached inside and pulled out a top. "Believe it or not, I am a sorceress... and an enchanter. I can cast spells with a thought and can instill magic into items like your belt and shackles. This top breaks the laws of thermodynamics. Once it starts spinning, it will never stop." She set it on the floor and spun it. After a moment she kicked, sending it flying across the room. It landed on its side but soon righted itself.

Dorothy wasn't even sure what the laws of thermodynamics even were. "What does that even accomplish?"

"Nothing, really. I mainly made it just to see if I could. The longest record is 10 years, which is when I first made one. They require no external energy source, as far as I can tell."

"Ahh! Lola, punish! Ahhh!" Dorothy jumped around.

"Has the slut been naughty?"

Dorothy tried out "She has!" She then gasped for breath. "Get this fucking thing off of me!"

"Maybe later. For now, I want you to clean the dungeon floor. Don't worry, you will just have to clean this room."

"You have got to be kidding me!" Dorothy tugged her chains. "How do you expect me to do anything with my hands behind my back?"

Akiko giggled. "Why do you think I strapped that brush to your breasts? Get down on your knees and scrub it with your chest, it’s that simple."

"You can't be serious!" Dorothy looked back at Lilly. "Can't you just use magic to clean everything? You're a sorcerer, right?"

"Sorceress," Akiko corrected.

"What, you expect me to bring brooms to life and have them haul up buckets of water from the well? Maybe have them sprout arms?" Lilly asked facetiously. Then her tone changed. "Well I could, but that's not the point. This is a punishment." She started to trail off. "Also, they are hard to manage..."

Dorothy cried out. "Lola, Punish."

"Has the slut been naughty?"

"She has."

"Good girl."

"The sooner you get to work, the sooner I will turn that off." Lilly folded her arms and stared down Dorothy.

Dorothy tried to hold her ground. She repeated the reset phrase a few times, but refused to move. Then, one of the other doors opened.

"I see you're up and about. How are you enjoying your new room?" In walked... Dorothy? The woman looked just like her, even wearing the black suit she was wearing the other day.

Dorothy's eyes widened. "Wha... what's going on?"

Red Lilly looked over. "What are you doing down here, Honey?"

"I just wanted to see her before I leave. Make sure I've got everything right." Dorothy's twin walked over to her. She grabbed her chin and looked at her dumbstruck face. Then she felt up her breasts. "You have a rather nice pair." She grabbed her own breast, lifting it up. "Or should I say we have a rather nice pair?"

"Unhand me!" Dorothy pulled away, her cheeks flushed. "Are you a clone or something?"

"A clone? That would have taken too long. No, I'm a type of shapeshifter." As she spoke her hair changed color, shifting from blonde to red to blue and back to black again. She slid a hand down Dorothy's belly. "I'm rather skilled at impressions. It won't take me long to learn the rest of your mannerisms. Thank you for booking such a long hotel stay."

Dorothy pulled away. "Why are you... Ahhh! Lola, punish! …She has. Why are you doing this?"

"Isn't it obvious?" The imposter raised an eyebrow. "Mistress can't have a rich girl like you up and disappear after visiting her company like that. Even if it's a long shot, there is the chance someone will come along asking questions. So I'm going to fly back in your place."

"People will know. Albert will call me and he’ll know you're a fake!"

Red Lilly giggled. "Albert will soon have problems of his own. He's cheating on his wife with at least two women. After he started getting too aggressive, my counterpart started looking into him. It won't be long before his wife and the tabloids find out about it. By the time that blows over, we will get something more permanent in place."

Dorothy looked back at her twin. "And what about you? Are you just going to wear my face forever? Lola, punish."

"No, not forever. For one thing, you have a sorter lifespan then I do. For another, I just have to play the part long enough that people forget what you were up to in Kansas, maybe a couple of months or a year. At some point, I'll move to some tropical island and convert your bank account into bearer bonds or something like that."

"Don't you dare! That's my money!" Dorothy started to turn red.

The twin patted Dorothy's head. "Don't worry, I'll add a few hundred... million to it first. There is a rather large lotto pot coming up soon."

"That's enough, Honey." Lilly crossed her arms.

"Sorry, Mistress. I was just having a bit of fun before I get into character for the next couple of months." The twin strutted off. "Goodbye, Mistress, Akiko... Dorothy." She waved before leaving the room.

Red Lilly looked back at Dorothy. "Don't worry, I won't have her kill you off, not even on paper. I'll write down how much you had before we add or remove anything. You are McDermont's heir, after all. There might come a time when I have to use your name again. Who knows, serve me well and I might just have you do it yourself. Just for putting on the collar, I'll extend your lifespan."

"Like I believe that." Dorothy held out a little while longer. However, she soon realized this was a futile struggle. She didn't know how long the batteries would last and she wasn't sure how much longer she could take it. She got down on her knees and lowered herself onto the floor.

Akiko took a wooden wash bin off a table and set it down on the floor. It was full of warm and soapy water. "Use this."

Dorothy crawled over to the bin. "Couldn't I just use my hands?"

Lilly shook her head. "Not this time."

"Lola, punish."

"Has the slut been naughty?"

"She has."

"Good girl."

Dorothy dipped the brush into the water, splashing some onto her exposed skin. She then pulled it out and rubbed it against the floor. Her progress was slow. "Ahh! Lola, punish."

"Could not find Polish Restaurants in your area."

"What!? Ahhh!" Dorothy cried out. "Lola, punish, punish!"

"Has the slut been naughty?"

"She has."

"Good girl."

Dorothy relaxed as the shocks stopped.

"Sorry about that. It's still something of a prototype and some issues with the Lola unit persist. Be sure to enunciate." Lilly didn't seem sorry.

Lilly enjoyed watching Dorothy squirm around on the ground for a while. Akiko would move the tub as she moved across the room. However, after a while, Lilly said her goodbyes and left the room, heading upstairs, but not before handing Akiko something that looked like a smart phone.

A couple of minutes later Dorothy stopped, following another round of shocks. She looked up at Akiko. "Please, make it stop. Just let me go."

Akiko shook her head. "Sorry, no can do. Even if I wanted to, you've left Mistress and the others with a number of loose ends to tie up. From the sound of things, they’ll have to do a lot of restructuring to deal with the waves you made too. I'm talking months of work."

"So that’s it? I have to put up with all this because your Mistress is too busy cleaning up some mess I supposedly made."

Akiko glanced off to the side. "Among other, more obvious reasons…"

"Wonderful," Dorothy sarcastically remarked. "Lola, punish."

"Has the slut been naughty?"

"She ha-."

"Yes," Akiko interjected.

"Good girl."

Dorothy sighed in relief as the shock failed to come, then looking up at Akiko. "What was that for?"

"Oh, nothing. Just wanted to see if it answered to any more commands than that formal ‘she has’ business in interactive mode. Glad to see that it does. I suggest using it, it’s a real time-saver."

Dorothy grumbled under her breath at Akiko’s sweet yet condescending tone. "Fine…"

It took hours, Dorothy didn't know how long, but she was able to finish the floor. Akiko used the smartphone-looking thing to disable the interactive mode of the belt. She then removed the brush and walked her back to back to the cell. She locked the chains to her ankle cuffs, then unlocked the one of the wristcuffs and locked it in front of her. "Welp, I’d better head back to Mistress. Take care, new girl~." She waved to Dorothy, and then left the cell, locking the door behind her.

Dorothy was left with her thoughts now that she wasn't in constant danger of being shocked. The headless women, all those strange women in the other cells. She shuttered to think of the tentacles she briefly saw. Worst of all was the woman wearing her face.

Her meal was delivered by someone dressed in a French maid uniform. Like Akiko, she wore a gold collar, but it lacked any gem stones. What scared Dorothy was that she was covered in short fur with a face that resembled a cheetah. She even had a tail sticking out from under her miniskirt.

Still, Dorothy was thankful for the meal. It was chicken soup. At least, it tasted like chicken. Not that it mattered, with bigger concerns looming over the horizon.


Dorothy had been down in the dungeon for a week. She was given three meals a day. She was also made to scrub the floors. Depending on her attitude, she would either be allowed to use her hands or forced to use her breasts.

She had been given a slightly better bed, but she still hated it in there. She woke up in what she assumed was morning hours. She glanced at her cellmate, a purple woman with six arms and large black eyes. She had been chained to the other side last night. Another collar had been left by her side.

The bug-like woman unnerved Dorothy a bit. The repeated commands to Lola was also getting to her, along with her lack of sexual release. She casually eyed the gold collar lying a foot away from her. "Some of those cells had six people in them. How many will be stuffed in here?"

The collar was rather large. It seemed odd that they wanted her to place such a thing around her neck. She could pull it off at any time. Slowly she picked it up and slid it over her head. It came to rest on her shoulders, but not for long. As soon as her hair was clear, it contracted and pulled to her neck, fitting snugly. It didn't restrict her breathing in any way, but she couldn't remove it. "What the hell!?"

Her cellmate started to wake up in her bed of webs. Her chains rattled as she shifted.

It wasn't long before Lilly returned. She looked more like she was going to hunt foxes on horseback then attend to a prisoner. "Well, well, looks like you've finally relented."

A buff woman followed behind her. She had orange hair with black stripes with cat like ears. Her tail split in two near the end, something Dorothy had learned from past encounters that she was touchy about. Currently, she wore a black latex-like catsuit with glowing blue stripes on the sides and thighs. Like almost everyone walking around freely, she wore a gold collar. "Looks like Sanyna wins the betting pool." She chuckled.

Dorothy glared at her, before looking at Lilly. "I put on your stupid collar. Now let me out of here."

"A deal's a deal." Lilly smirked. "I'll get you a more permanent job now. Come on." She snapped her fingers and the tiger woman unlocked the chains from Dorothy's ankles. She then helped her to her feet.

Dorothy tugged her cuffs. "And these?"

"Later. Now come with me. I can still discipline you with a phrase." Lilly turned and walked out the cell.

Dorothy followed reluctantly. She walked down this wretched hallway, hopefully for the last time. They led her into another windowless room and stopped in front of a large glass ball, taking up the space of the table on which it rested. In it was a miniature field, complete with tiny trees and buildings. There was also ball of light floating at the top of the sphere.

"What's that?" Before Dorothy's question could be answered, an intricate circle lit up on the floor around them. Next thing she knew, they found themselves outside, standing on a concrete platform. The same circle that had just lit up was etched into the floor. It was good to feel the sun on her skin after a week down there, but she soon recovered from the shock. "Where are we?"

"A micro-world. While not a whole world, it's large enough to hold a city. I use it for a few things, mainly farmland." Lilly walked down the steps and followed the path. "It's a land of perpetual summer."

Dorothy looked around, skeptical as to what Lilly meant. She saw a four-story building she recognized from the terrarium. What she initially mistook for tiny dildos turned out to be grain silos. There was no sign of the glass that made up the miniature's walls. Instead, there were blue skies and static clouds.

"Come along. This way to the stables." Lilly walked down the path.

Dorothy followed, mainly because of the buff woman's grip on her arm. "I am not going to muck out the stables after a bunch of dumb horses."

"And I'm perfectly fine with that." Lilly walked down the path, passing through a gate in a large hedge. She went over to a building that was attached to a barn-looking thing. There, she stopped at what reminded Dorothy of a salon chair, only it had a number of leather straps hanging off of it. "Have a seat."

"I'm not going to... Eeep!" Dorothy jumped forward as the catgirl struck her butt with an open palm. Lilly snapped her fingers and an unseen force pulled Dorothy into the chair, turning her around just before her butt fell into the seat. The straps then sprang to life and wrapped around her limbs as the chains linking her wrist shackles disappeared again. "How do you keep doing that?"

"Magic, obviously. I have enough control over my mana that I can effortlessly coat things with it and move them through the air." A cabinet opened and a steel tray and three rings flew out and landed on the table next to the chair. Lilly fixed Dorothy's long hair into a ponytail before forcing a steel rod with a rubber coating into her mouth. She strapped it in place, preventing her from spitting it out. Next, two padded clamps press down on either side of her head, preventing her from turning it.

Dorothy was livid. She screamed behind her gag, unsure of what was to come.

"You will want to hold still for this." Lilly pulled some disposable latex gloves from a box and slipped them on. Then, a sliver of light appeared between her thumb and index finger. It was only a few inches long but as thin as a toothpick. She then grabbed Dorothy's breast and pressed it against the side of her nipple.

Dorothy screamed behind her gag as it pierced her flesh. It wasn't as painful as she thought it would be, but it still hurt.

When the light faded, a hole was left in her tit, blood slowly leaking out of both sides. Lilly quickly took the ring and slid the opening into the hole and out the other side. As she pressed it closed the ends lit up, fading after a moment. When it did there was no sign of the seam, as if it had always been a solid loop. Then her index finger glowed. As light irradiated from it, the pain subsided. It actually felt kind of good. Lilly then mopped up the residual blood with a cotton ball.

When Dorothy was coming off the euphoria of the light, she was snapped back to reality by another sharp pain as Lilly repeated the process on her other nipple. Dorothy shuddered to think of what the third ring was for. She feared it would call for the removal of her belt.

The belt stayed on, however, as the third sliver of light pierced her septum. She was unable to thrash her head as Lilly ringed her nose like some low-born punk. Still, she relaxed as the light washed over her yet again.

Lilly removed the gloves, tossing them in a rubbish bin. "I had you grow new skin in the wounds. Now it's like they've been there for years." She patted Dorothy's breasts.

Dorothy just grunted behind her gag.

The catgirl walked back into sight holding a strange pair of leather boots. They had a metal sole, but only under the toes and the heel was in the air.

Lilly freed one of Dorothy's legs, removing the shackle and stocking she had worn for a week. It looked strangely clean, considering she had to bathe in it. She then forced her leg into the boot and strapped it up to just below the knee. She then did the same for the other.

"What are you doing to me?"

Lilly let Dorothy out of the chair, but hobbled her legs so she couldn't move. She and the catgirl grabbed her arms and forced them behind her back, into a latex sleeve that they laced up. "Don't worry, you will get used to it. There is an enchantment to help prevent your arms from atrophy." Lilly then touched the collar. It started to grow taller, forming to her neck and forcing her to look right in front of her. She was unable to turn her head any longer.

Dorothy thrashed out.

"Lola, punish."

"Has the slut been naughty?"


"Then let’s give her a little zap." Dorothy cried out as Lola shocked her. She then followed Lilly and the woman into the stable after a leash was hooked to her collar.

Dorothy had only been in a stable a few times before. A friend of her father owned race horses. However, this stable seemed much nicer.

A green skinned woman with tusks looked at them, standing in the middle of the hallway. She wore a gold collar and a pair of overalls, not bothering with a shirt. "Welcome, Mistress. Is this the new pony?"

"Pony? What the hell is she talking about?" Dorothy looked around as well as she could. Most of the stables seemed to be empty, as far as she could see, but three of them had women in them. One of them had a woman with white hair and black skin. Well, more like dark gray. Her ears were long and pointy. Like Dorothy, she was naked with her arms behind her back. Her gold collar fully covered her neck as she displayed her pierced D-cups without any apparent shame.

"She is. Make good use of her." The cat girl let go as Lilly spoke.

The green woman walked over to Dorothy and squat down in front of her. She grabbed her leg and felt it up. "Fresh meat, I see. She barely has any muscles down here and she has a clumsy walk. I can't use her like that."

"I'm sure you can fix that before long."

The green woman sighed. "I'm shorthanded enough as it is after you took most of my stable."

"Sorry, Rolfish, but I needed the labor. I'm so shorthanded myself with my recent project, that I've had to take all the fillies out of stone storage and even recruit from other labor pools." Lilly patted the green woman's shoulder. "But don't worry, Sgt. Valmoria is bringing in a fresh batch of bandits. I'm sure that will help."

Rolfish glared at Lilly. "And I suppose I will be training them."

"Some of them. Others I will be sending to the railroad after... orientation . Don't worry, I will send some experienced ponies back in time for the harvest."

"Fine." Rolfish relented and grabbed Dorothy's leash. "Come with me. Let's get you settled in."

Dorothy struggled, but the woman was larger then her. She was forced into one of the stalls next to the dark-skinned woman.

"I'm sure Spitfire won't mind you using this while she's away." Rolfish chuckled.

"If this one gives you any trouble, just say 'Lola, punish.'" Lilly snickered.

"Has the slut been naughty?"

"Yes?" a slightly confused Rolfish responded.

"Then let's give her a little zap." Dorothy cried out as her labia was tormented again.

"I see. Hang tight while I get the training field ready." Rolfish closed the stall door, locking it, before leaving the room.

Lilly walked up to the door and drew Dorothy closer. She tugged a nipple ring as she spoke. "Oh, and if you were ever feeling frisky, let me know. Rose said you were quite wild in bed, but unskilled with another woman."

Being tugged like this was surprisingly arousing, but Dorothy wasn't about to admit it. Certainly not while gagged. She backed away as soon as Lilly released her.

"Until next time." Lilly and her bodyguard walked away.

Dorothy leaned against the stall wall. She was horny, but didn't know how long that would last. She figured it would pass as soon as she got a taste of what ever Rolfish had in store for her. "Will this be my life now?" She slumped down.

The End
New Acquistions part 2
When we last left off, Dorothy had been captured after breaking into Synth-Fusion Industries. Now she has awakened in a dungeon facing twin tormentors. It soon becomes apparent that she has left the world she knew behind. The question is, how will she endure this harsh new world she finds herself in?

Another side story, but got too long for me to put in one piece, so I split it in two. It's part of the Trivium cannon, but takes place on Earth, at least for now. Be sure to read part 1 first.
New Acquisitions Part 1Dorothy McDermont pulled her red sports car into the parking garage, stopping to use her pass, and found her usual spot. The dark haired woman turned off the engine and stepped out, closing the door behind her and locking it with the key fob. She then headed to the tower.
The doorman, whatever his name was, greeted her in the lobby. "Welcome, Ms. McDermont." He smiled as always.
"Yes, yes." Dorothy casually acknowledged him as she walked past and went to the elevator. She rode it up to her floor and got off. Then, she entered her apartment. It took up two floors and was well-furnished. It might have seemed big for woman living alone, but she enjoyed the space. She grew up in a big house, after all. Besides, sometimes she had to entertain.
"Lola, turn on the main room lights." Dorothy closed the door as she entered.
"Turning on main room lights." A voice came from a small speaker attached to the wall as the lights came on. Lola was her electronic assistant, wired into the whole apartmen

Proof read by :iconyumekuribayashi:
Line art by :icondvega: Colors by me

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Dorothy McDermont pulled her red sports car into the parking garage, stopping to use her pass, and found her usual spot. The dark haired woman turned off the engine and stepped out, closing the door behind her and locking it with the key fob. She then headed to the tower.

The doorman, whatever his name was, greeted her in the lobby. "Welcome, Ms. McDermont." He smiled as always.

"Yes, yes." Dorothy casually acknowledged him as she walked past and went to the elevator. She rode it up to her floor and got off. Then, she entered her apartment. It took up two floors and was well-furnished. It might have seemed big for woman living alone, but she enjoyed the space. She grew up in a big house, after all. Besides, sometimes she had to entertain.

"Lola, turn on the main room lights." Dorothy closed the door as she entered.

"Turning on main room lights." A voice came from a small speaker attached to the wall as the lights came on. Lola was her electronic assistant, wired into the whole apartment. It was just too bad she couldn't cook, but at least she could make coffee.

Dorothy removed her shoes and put her coat on the hook. She then headed over to the kitchen to make herself a snack. "Lola, turn on the living room TV to the news."

"Turning on living room TV." The living room flat-screen switched on. It was currently reporting local events.

Dorothy brought her food, set it on the table and sat down. She ate a few things as she watched the screen.

"Following a recent change in ownership, Koxo Industries announced today that they will be relocating their manufacturing division to India following its sale to the Caldwell Company. This is coupled with the layoff of over 500 workers."

Dorothy chuckled lightly. "They could have announced that more discretely. Oh well, I've already got my money." It had taken a bit of work, but she had arranged the sale. Caldwell paid her a sizable fee for the manufacturing rights, and she had divided up the remaining assets and sold off most of them already.

The news anchor only briefly talked about it before moving onto the stock market. She had Lola mute it some time later when her phone started ringing. She looked at the caller ID; Albert Williams. "Hello Albert."

"Dorothy, it's been too long. How have you been?" Albert spoke in a cheerful voice, meaning he wanted something.

"I've been doing well. I just closed a rather lucrative deal." She smiled as she leaned back in her seat.

"Does that mean you're free right now?"

"Maybe~," she answered playfully.

"Well, I have a job for you. I've been trying to close a deal myself, but the chief executive has been rather stubborn. I need you to work your magic for me." The cheer in his tone started to fade.

"I see. Is it a big fish?"

"It's a good size company. They've mostly stayed out of the headlines, but they have some patents I need. Some of the best microchips and batteries on the market, yet they sell them for next to nothing."

"Sounds valuable, to say the least." Dorothy licked her lips. It smelled like money.

"You could say that. Your commission could be a few million."

"Oh, that's quite tempting. What's the company's name?" Dorothy was a woman of expensive tastes. She came from money, her grandfather did rather well for himself, and her father expanded the family business. He started grooming her brother to take over, but not before she learned a few tricks. She took off with a sizable trust fund and started buying and selling smaller companies.

"Synth-Fusion Industries. They've got their factories right in the middle of the U.S., along with their HQ. I can e-mail you the details."

"Sounds promising. I'll look into it. Send them over."

"I hope to hear a favorable response soon."

"We'll see. Sounds like this might take some extra convincing."

"Well that is your specialty. Talk to you soon." Albert hung up the phone shortly.

"Goodbye." Dorothy put her phone away and took her dishes to the sink for the help to deal with later. "Lola, turn off the TV." She grabbed a glass of wine and headed over to her computer.

The e-mail hadn't shown up yet, so she searched the company's name. Excluding the first link, most of the top hits were for tech blogs talking about their microchips and stuff. So she checked out their official website. They were a tech company located in Kansas of all places and it seemed they owned their own factories as well. All of it was privately held, so Albert wouldn't have been able to buy up the stocks like he would normally do.

Minutes after she started her search, her phone gave her an alert, so she checked her email. Albert had sent a number of links and files, along with a list of what patents he wanted. Not only that, he wanted the instructions on how to make the items. It seemed making knock-offs have proven difficult, to say the least.

The CEO was a woman named Lilly Smith. It was such a common name, she had difficulty searching her. While she had a small Wikipedia page, none of the social media profiles Dorothy found seemed to be for her. Still, she had a picture and the woman looked good for someone pushing 40. The earliest article seemed to be an old news clipping of her winning the lottery in her 20s. It seemed she was worth millions even back then.

"So some low class woman comes into some easy money and starts up her own company. Well it must be good if Albert is willing to pay so much for it."

Dorothy was surprised to learn her own phone used a Synth-Fusion battery. They were selling them at a rather competitive price despite the far greater capacity. Although she couldn't figure out why they manufactured them in the states and shipped them off to China, only for them to be placed inside of cell phones and shipped back.

She then looked over Synth-Fusion's reported income for the past decade. In terms of overall profits, it wasn't as much as one would expect with what seemed to be cutting edge stuff. Maybe they weren't being managed well. It had even been sued a couple of time, patent violations. The cases had either been dropped or taken to court and won by Synth-Fusion.

Synth-Fusion also wasn't Lilly's only company. She also owned a hospital and disease research center, which was partly funded by her non-profit charity. Dorothy looked into them as well and found that they came up with a few medical advancements. Additionally, they offered scholarships for people pursuing studies in the fields of technology and medicine. This might have been for the tax write-off, but they were required to work for them for a number of years after graduation.

"Well this is an interesting case. I think I will call Albert back tomorrow." Dorothy finished off her wine. "Lola, play relaxing music in the bathroom. Lola, fill the hot tub."

"Playing relaxing playlist. Filling hot tub."

Dorothy went to refill her wine before going to take her evening bath.


Dorothy had flown to Kansas and rented a cherry red sports car. She found a four-star hotel to say at, but she didn't know how long she would be there. She hoped it would only be a few days, but didn't count on it. Albert seemed rather fed up with Ms. Smith.

She pulled up into visitor parking and walked outside. It was a hot day, but at least she only had to deal without AC for a few moments. It was relatively cool indoors, but she was already missing her car's AC anyways. She walked up to the front desk. "Hello. I'm here to see Ms. Smith. I'm Ms. McDermont."

The receptionist looked like she smelled something foul. "Dorothy McDermont?"

"Yes, that's right." Dorothy kept her professional smile as best she could, but she didn't like the tone this woman was taking with her.

"Oh, you have a lot of nerve showing your face in front of me."

"Do I know you?" She could have sworn she never stepped foot in this building before. She had hardly ever been to Kansas, at that.

The woman didn't seem to like her response and slammed her hands down on the counter. "You ruined my life! After what you... after what you made me do back at Lopez & Donati! I couldn't find work for months after that!" She was starting to turn red.

Dorothy stood there, puzzled. She remembered liquidating a Kansas-based business called Lopez & Donati Corp. a couple of years ago, albeit vaguely, but didn't recall this woman. "Well clearly you've got a new job now, so I suggest you do it and let me in." She eyed the security guard who was now walking over.

“Like hell! You're not getting me to degrade myself like that again!" She sat down in a huff.

Dorothy tried to guess what she did to this woman. It sounded like it was more than just putting her out of work. On more than one occasion, she had ‘persuaded’ someone on staff to grease the wheels. "I'm not asking that. Just that you let me in to see the CEO."

"Is there a problem here?" The guard was a rather buff woman. She easily had 50 pounds on Dorothy.

"I have an appointment, but your receptionist won't let me in. She is being rather unprofessional." Dorothy tapped her foot, trying to maintain her composure.

The receptionist grumbled under her breath in frustration, ultimately letting out a reluctant sigh. "Fine. Here's your stupid visitor pass." She tossed a plastic card on a lanyard at Dorothy, causing it to fall to the ground after bouncing off of her.

"Well that's something at least." Dorothy dropped her pleasant tone entirely as she bent over to pick up the pass. "Where do I go from here?"

"Out that door."

The guard looked at the woman before looking back at Dorothy. "You're here to see the boss?" She glanced over Dorothy's tight dress. "Head up to floor 5 and go right. You should see her name on the door."

"Finally." Dorothy walked off without even saying thanks. "Well that was off to a horrible start. I can't count on them for any favors." She sighed as she pressed the button.

In a few minutes she found herself in front of another desk. Behind it sat a buxom African-American woman. She wore a low-cut red dress and a gold necklace. The door behind her read "Lilly Smith, CEO" on a gold placard.

"Hello, I'm Ms. McDermont. I’m here to see Ms. Smith." This woman didn't seem familiar, and Dorothy hoped they didn't know each other. The last thing she wanted to cause another scene like with that hussy downstairs.

"Oh yes. We have been expecting you. Just a moment." The secretary spoke with a sweet voice; it was rather enchanting. She pressed a button on the intercom. "Ms. Smith, Ms. McDermont is here."

"Very well, send her in."

The secretary looked back up at Dorothy. "Please, right this way." She held out her hand to the wooden door.

"Thank you." Dorothy opened the door and walked into the office. It was surprisingly mid-sized for a CEO's office. There was a wooden desk close to the back, with a large window to the side. Along the wall were a number of monitors; one displayed the daily stock market numbers, while another had the news on mute. Others had spinning logos, with a large logo painted on the wall behind the desk. There were a few art pieces in the room, including a life-size stone statue of a woman wearing a toga. It was a rather detailed piece. In another corner was a liquor cabinet.

A woman with curly blonde hair stood by the desk. She wore a blue power dress with a white blouse underneath. She also had a pair of shiny gold earrings and an ample watch. "Hello there."

"Hello. My name is Dorothy McDermont. It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Smith." Dorothy held out her hand.

"Please, call me Lilly." Lilly grasped Dorothy's hand, lightly shaking it.

"Thank you, Lilly. You may call me Dorothy."

Lilly broke the grip first. "Thank you. How was your trip?" She leaned against the desk.

New Acquisition by Dvega by Master-Geass

"It was uneventful, mostly." Dorothy flew first class. However, some baby in coach cried half the time. That put a damper on things.

"So you said on the phone you had a business proposition for me."

"Why yes, I did. A very lucrative one. I know how hard it is to run a company. My father ran one for as long as I can remember and I know firsthand how much stress it put him under. Don't you think it's time to sell? I know I could get you a good price." Dorothy maintains her smile and the honey in her voice.

Lilly's smile fades. "Oh, this again. I've already had a number of offers from an Albert Williams. Honestly, he was getting quite annoying." She let out a sigh.

"If he isn't offering enough, I'm sure we could work something out." Dorothy glanced at the shelf. There was a picture of Lilly holding a blonde baby. Her daughter, maybe. "Oh, is this your daughter? What's her name?"

"Lilly Smith... Jr." replied Lilly flatly.

"Wouldn't you love to spend time with her? My father didn't make much time for me growing up. At this age it's rather important for a child to spend lots of time with their mother, don't you think? And you're running more then one company at that. This could be a perfect chance to cash out."

Lilly folded her arms. "Despite my professional responsibilities, I still make the necessary amount of time for my child and even still have some free time for myself."

"Even with the lawsuits? I've noticed you've gotten a few."

"The patent trolls? Every large company seems to get them. They've become something of a hobby of mine. I do enjoying crushing them." An evil grin spread across Lilly's face. She moved closer as it faded slightly. "Unfortunately, a few of them fold when you call their bluff and after destroying a number of them and putting them out, the others are less willing to file suit. I may need a new hobby." She smiled as she drew closer, leaning forward a bit to expose more of her chest.

Dorothy was taken aback. "Well, you could find a new hobby if you had more time on your hands. If you don't want to fully give up your company. I could see to it you can stay on in a management role. Imagine what your technology could do with more resources. Mr. Williams has contacts in China and other manufacturing countries. You could expand and get your products in every household."

Lilly stroked Dorothy's chin. "I'm sorry, but selling is completely off the table. I'm afraid that's set in stone, so to speak. As for expanding, I'm doing that at my own rate. In fact I'm opening another factory soon. The issue isn't so much money, it's training people to operate my equipment. It's not something I could just pick up and ship to China or wherever. Besides I have other reasons for setting up here."

"Reasons like what?"

"Sorry, trade secret. But maybe we can talk more over drinks." Lilly giggled as she stroked Dorothy's cheek.

"I'll have to take you up on that offer soon." Dorothy forced a smile, but still took a step back.

"Very well. Until next time." Lilly checked the time. "Unfortunately, I have another meeting soon."

"Thank you for your time." Dorothy nodded. She turned to leave.


Dorothy sat at the desk in her hotel room a few days later. She was going over every scrap of information she could dig up on Synth-Fusion. She had some ‘contacts’ in the shipping industry and was able to get the records of everything sent to and from their buildings for the past five years.

Unfortunately, she didn't have contacts in every company they did business with, so she only had the dates and weights of the packages, along with where they were from. So she was hard at work cross-checking them and trying to get a handle on what they were buying.

Some stuff, she understood. There were a number of shipments from pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment suppliers. Given that they were sent to Lilly's hospital, it didn't seem too odd, but it was a massive amount for just one hospital. She was waiting on another contact on what some of those shipments were.

There were also chemical companies, farmer co-ops, watch makers, hygiene manufacturers, breweries, clothing designers, household goods, vehicle part manufacturers, and even heavy farming equipment suppliers. Some she could understand, just not in this apparent volume. "Sporting goods, MRE's, military surplus... What are you doing with all this stuff?" She blushed when she discovered some of the names were aliases for companies specializing in more intimate products. She also noticed a lack of metal supplies, something she assumed a factory would need. "Must be handled by a different shipping company."

Dorothy was also running background checks on the senior executives, trying to find any weakness she could exploit or who needed money. Some of them had social media accounts, while a few were shrouded in mystery. She had trouble finding information on them going back more than a few years.

Lilly in particular was an odd case. She could find the birth announcement of her daughter, but nothing beyond that she exists, not that a child her age could do much. No record of Lilly ever being married, at least not that she could find. She also noticed Lilly had odd hobbies, buying up decommissioned military vehicles in bulk. So had some of the other executives. "I think I'm going to have to hire some P.I.s for this." She could find a number of trucks registered to Synth-Fusion; while some seemed like normal delivery trucks, others were more tactical.

Dorothy rubbed her temples. "I think I need a drink." This data mining took her hours and was starting to give her a headache. She sent an e-mail to an associate to find out what kinds of things were stored at the warehouses they received shipments from, but it was such a long list that even being general with some of the products would be time-consuming. She was going to have to find someone on the inside who could leak her the invoices.

Dorothy sighed and turned off her laptop. She then got up and left her room, taking the elevator down. "Maybe I can find some hot guy to spend the night with."

She headed to the closest high-class bar, or at least as high class as it got around here, and grabbed a seat at the counter. "Bartender, open a tab and give me a glass of brandy on the rocks."

"Right away, ma'am." The bartender grabbed a bottle and poured it. She set it down in front of Dorothy.

Dorothy picked it up and took a big sip, taking about half of it in one go.

The woman next to her spoke. "Seems like you've had a rough night." She traced the rim of her martini glass with her index finger.

"You could say that again." Dorothy took a smaller sip before looking at the woman. It was Lilly wearing a blue evening dress. "What are you doing here?"

"Isn't is obvious? Having a drink, the same as you." Lilly giggled before finishing off her martini.

"Should I go? No, this might be a good chance. If I could get her a bit drunk she might let a few things slip." Dorothy smiled. "Well it's a nice night for one. Bartender, let's get a pair of drinks for the both of us."

"Right away, ma'am."

"Why thank you." Lilly smiled, setting down her glass. She took the new glass when it was placed in front of her, but just held it for a while.

"So are you drinking alone tonight? I haven't seen your husband yet."

"Oh, I'm not married." Lilly took only a small sip. She savored it on her tongue for a moment.

"Sorry, didn't mean to assume. I just thought that since you had a child..." Dorothy trailed off.

"You don't need to be married to have a child. A woman has options after all." Lilly lightly rocked her glass back and forth in her hand. "So tell me, why are you running an errand for little Albert? I would have thought your father would have set you up with some office job."

"He did that for my brother... but I just got a trust fund." Dorothy took a big sip. This was something of a sore spot.

"Shame. When I heard the name McDermont, I thought you wanted some sort of partnership or special order."

"Sorry to disappoint." Dorothy took another sip. They continued to make small talk and she tried to steer the conversation into Lilly's personal life, but would maneuver back around to Dorothy, or something going on in current events. Having been under a bit of stress, Dorothy got more than a few refills while Lilly drank like a bird.


Dorothy woke up, still a bit tipsy. However, she could still feel her tender butt. "Ow..." The sheet slid off her naked body as she got up. Laying next to her was the sleeping form of Lilly, a smile across her face.

Dorothy got off the bed and stumbled a bit. "Oh, what did I just do?" She seemed to have gone farther then she ever had in college. She blushed when she thought about it.

The digital clock on shelf displayed the time: 12:13. The room had only dim light, which she used to gather up her clothes. Her panties were a bit of a mess. She sighed as she got dressed. On more than a few occasions, she had to slip out in the night, and she wasn't sure she wanted to stick around for breakfast.

On her way to the door, Dorothy spotted a key card on a dresser, the Synth-Fusion logo displayed on it. She glanced back at Lilly on the bed, an idea forming in her head. With a drunken smile, she snatched the key card and put it into her pocket. She then crept out of bedroom.

She found her shoes downstairs by the door, and made sure the security system wasn't set. Not having her car, she called a cab, once she figured out where she was.

Dorothy mainly evaded the cabbie's questions, but he still guessed what she had been up to given the hour and the state of her dress and hair. Still, she didn't correct him when he thought she was with a guy.

She leaned against the door as her mind wondered. She thought about the key card in her pocket. "How long before she notices it's gone? People lose these all the time. Does she have spares? Crap, I should have checked."

By the time they got to the hotel, she had made up her mind. After almost forgetting to pay the fare, she rushed up to her room. After fumbling with the door, she rushed in, asked Lola to get the lights before remembering where she was, and stripped off her dress. She put on something more maneuverable and black. She grabbed a few things and put them in her bag, including the pilfered key card. Next, she put on a large jacket, meant to cover her dark bodysuit.

Dorothy then headed back to downstairs, calling another cab. This time, she went to the business district. Along the way, she became a bit more clear-headed. Still, she continued on her mission. After getting out of the cab, she walked a few blocks. She didn't want her car seen out here and she couldn't let the cabbie know where she was going. After a while, she removed her coat and stuffed it into a bag, hiding it in a bush.

Soon, she got to Synth-Fusion Industries. After putting on a balaclava, she snuck around the back. There, she found a back door. It seemed to be out of sight from the cameras. She slipped in the key card and it opened. On the other side was an elevator and she rode it up to the office floor.

The lights were dim, but at least no one was around. The place looked so different at night, although she wagered she was on a different side of the building. "Now where is it? There has got to be a networked computer around here somewhere."

She went down the hallway, making a few turns. "All these walls look the same. Couldn't they have hung some pictures or something?" Eventually, she found an unlocked door. Inside was a computer. She booted it up and pulled out a flash drive. She was met with a log in screen. "Let's see how long that lasts." She plugged in the flash drive, booting up the wardrive.

While the program worked on cracking the password, Dorothy sat down in the chair. She started to get bored after a while, but it finally got her in. She then looked around and soon found the bank records. She skimmed over the Goodmen Saxe transactions, but she didn't have the time to study them. So she copied them over to the empty flash drive.

She eventually found the shipping records, complete with itemized lists. "Finally, I can find out what the hell she is buying." She copied those lists as well. There was a lot of data, so it took quite some time. She moved onto e-mails, but had trouble finding Lilly's account. Granted, she didn't know for sure if she had a professional e-mail. In the end she ejected the flash drive when it started to fill up. "This will have to do." Pulling it out, she put both drives into her pocket. "I've got to get out of here."

Smiling, Dorothy headed out of the office and went back down the hallway. She walked for about 20 minutes before stopping. She looked around and scratched her head. "Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? Where is that elevator?"

She sighed and went back the way she came. "I must have gone the wrong way." She found a plain white hallway which ended in a right turn. She took it only to find another right turn a few feet away, followed by another and another. Having no option other than turning back again, she kept moving. After a dozen right turns, she finally found a long hallway with a stretch of doors. "Argh! Mark your exits! This has got to violate the fire code or something."

She checked the first room. It was filled with faceless, naked mannequins. It was rather unsettling. The next room had chains hanging from the ceiling and lying on the floor. The third was empty, but everything was black and shiny. The fourth room looked like a server room. At the end of the room was a large metal wall with a glowing red light on a black circle. "Hello Dave."

"Nope." Dorothy quickly closed the door. She didn't bother with the others and instead just went down the long hallway. At least, she thought it was long. It started getting smaller as she went along. She had a bit of trouble getting through the door.


Lilly walked down the hallway, stopping at a door labeled 'Security’. She placed her palm on the pad next to it. The light turned green and the screen read 'Lilly 07' as it read the chip in her hand. Then she opened the door and walked in. "Good evening."

"Evening, boss."

"Hello, ma'am." Two security guards sat at the control council. One of them was holding a bowl of popcorn as they watched the monitors.

"I see we have a late night visitor." Lilly leaned in closer.

"Yes, ma'am. She used a dummy card to get in through the northeast door. She used some program on a thumb drive to breach the Mish-Mash Blues server. It took over 20 minutes."

Some context. The servers for Synth-Fusion are named after episodes of Cowboy Bebop, which themselves are named after broad genres and songs. I considered "Hard Luck Woman," as it was about Faye searching for clues, which seemed to relate to searching for a way into one of the servers to an extent.

"20 minutes to breach the Mish-Mash Blues?" Lilly giggled. "Seems like what ever she used is out of date." Mish-Mash Blues was the honey pot server and by far had the weakest security. It had nothing but bots generating data, credit card numbers, statements from fictional banks, inter-office emails, etc. In her spare time, she read the emails from the chat bots. She rather enjoyed the conversions between RomeoV7 and JulietV5.

"She didn't even bother looking under the desk for the password."

"I told you putting a posted note on the monitor would be fine."

"It's too oblivious."

"It's a common enough thing. My cousin does it."

"Richie does it?"

"No, my other cousin, Greg, he does it at the morgue."

"Enough." Lilly interrupted them. "What is our little trespasser doing now?"

"She's wandering around level 5.5 now. So far, she has only peeked into the honey rooms. Hasn't really gone into them yet."

"Kind of boring, but she is starting to get frustrated." The screen showed Dorothy angrily slamming a door and stomping down the hallway. She seemed to have given up on any semblance of stealth.

Lilly grabbed a chair and sat down. She then took the mouse and selected the hallway Dorothy was in. "Let's move things along." She clicked on the bubble trap, opening a hatch disguised as a ceiling vent, and released a few gallons of goo onto the floor. It would quickly start to inflate as it took shape.


In the random maze of hallways, Dorothy looked down at a box. It was a wooden chest, the type where pirates hid their treasure in the movies. "This seems out of place." She then heard something and turned to look at it. She saw a shiny black ball, inflating like a balloon. Soon, it took up the entire width of the hallway. Then it started bouncing her way.

"Oh what now?" Dorothy turned and ran to a T intersection. Without looking she took a left. When the bubble hit the wall it also turned left. She soon found herself in a dead head, her only escape a door. She opened it, rushing in and closing it behind her. She leaned against the door and caught her breath. "This place is too freaky. I can't get out of here soon enough."

The room was pretty empty and small. Its walls were a solid shade of purple. About the only thing in there was another door on the other side. She sighed. "It couldn't be any worse than what's out there." She strutted across the room and reached out her hand for the knob, only to hit the wall. She felt it, only to find not only the nob but the whole door was painted onto the wall. "Figures."

She jumped when she heard a sudden noise. The left wall started moving, closing in on her. She rushed back to the real door, only to find it's knob was also painted on. "What the?" She felt along the flat frame of the door, frantically trying to get it open. The purple wall was closing in on her. She moved back and soon it covered the door, trapping her in the shrinking room.

She pressed herself against the static wall as her impending doom approached, her heart racing. "Stop! Please, stop!" She held out her arm, pressing it against the moving wall, causing it to contort. She opened her eyes. "What?"

Dorothy pressed both hands against the wall as she struggled to keep it at bay. It became harder as the two walls pressed against each other, only her little pocket of air remaining. In time, her muscles tired and it pressed against her. It did more than just pin her against the wall; it conformed to her body, binding her tight and even sliding behind her. It got into every crevice, both intimate and otherwise.

"No, stop! I can't breathe, I can't breathe..." Dorothy started hyperventilating for a few moments. When she calmed down, she realized she could still breath somehow. "Well, I'm still alive at lest. Now how do I get out of here?" She struggled in vain as she tried to free herself. After a while, she gave up and just rested.

She wasn't sure how long she was there, but after a while Dorothy heard something move. She screamed into the coating. “Hmmph, lhh mm hrrn!”

She stiffened when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Then, something was forced into her mouth, pushing the membrane with it. After that, it started to inflate, forcing her mouth open and effectively gagging her.

Then she fell loose, falling from the wall but still cocooned in this rubbery substance. A pair of arms caught her and she felt herself being swung over a shoulder. She screamed into the gag angrily when someone grabbed her butt. She was then carried away.
New Acquisitions Part 1
Dorothy McDermont is a corporate raider. She lives a life of luxury at the expense of others. Now she has set her sights on the Kansas-based hardware company Synth-Fusion Industries. It's CEO, Lilly Smith, is less than willing to sell. So she must dive deeper into the company’s inner workings to find leverage. But what secrets will she uncover and what will happen when she does?

Another side story, but got too long for me to put in one piece, so I split it in two. It's part of the Trivium cannon, but takes place on Earth. Part 2 on the other hand...
New Acquistions part 2Warning: Contains acts of BDSM
Dorothy McDermont slowly opened her eyes as she woke up on the hard floor. She could feel the cool air across her skin. The room was dim, but she could see well enough once her eyes adjusted. She pushed her self up with her arms, which were bound together.
She soon looked up in shock to find Lilly Smith standing in front of her. She was wearing a red latex corset with black trim, red thigh-high boots, transparent stockings, and black shoulder-length gloves. She held a gold loop in one hand. "Hello there. You must be Dorothy." She smirked.
Dorothy then realized she was naked and tried to cover her exposed breasts with her bound arms. She was wearing shoulder length gloves and thigh-high stockings, both made of black latex. Around her wrists and ankles were steel shackles, the latter of which were chained to the floor. She also had a V-shaped chastity belt, with no visible key hole. "Ahhh! What's going on!?"
Lilly smiled. "Welcome. Did yo

Proof read by :iconyumekuribayashi:
Line art by :icondvega: Colors by me

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I am a big anime fan, having started when I was a kid with the likes of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball. Now I have a wild library of anime DVDs and manga. I read a lot on line but I still buy my favorites.

I made my DA account years ago just to keep my settings, and didn't do much in terms of watching for favoring until later. Sometimes I would comment. It wasn't until February of 2016 that I started posting stories. I like making characters up. LEGOs were amusing my favorite toys growing up and we made up our own character, mostly based on cartoon character, but we got more creative as time went on. Now if only I can find my box of LEGOs.

In our teen years my brother and I started working on our own stories. This never went anywhere as we mostly just liked making up characters and their backstories without putting much effort into writing the story itself. In 2016 I got back into writing and even reused a character from my teen years, changing her a bit since then.

I am into role play, mostly master/slave, where I play the top. I have been known to do a few others as well, but mostly stick with BDSM. One of my long running role plays shares a universe with some of my stories here on DA. Originally I was going to write three stories set in the same shared universe, now called Trivium, after warming up with a few Nancy in the Box chapters. However I ended up making a number of stories that had nothing to do with it.

While I do give llamas for favorite, I don't do watch backs. Please don't ask me to watch you as I find that rude. I visit all of my watchers at least once and if I like your gallery I may watch you, but not if I'm asked. I like to keep my watch list small. Sorry.
I'm currently trying to build the superpower system for Trivium. I have basic rules for chi and magic, but I was going to make classifications for the superpowers that exist in the universe. These are broad terms for these types of powers. For example, super strength, super speed, super durability, etc., could fall under the "Enhancer" type. However, I'm having trouble coming up with what all the types should be.

Superpowers in Trivium come in quite a variety. Shows like Misfits, Tiger & Bunny, My Hero Academia, Tokyo ESP, Hunter x Hunter, A Certain Magical Index, and One Piece have a number of different and sometimes unique powers. Excluding a few game-breaking powers, I'm not ruling out anything. This includes non combat abilities or abilities that might not have a piratical use. If you remember the academy episode of Tiger & Bunny there was one person who could sweat buckets at will and another who could make their hair glow blonde.

However, there aren't many shows with classifications for the different powers. One Piece has Logia (elemental), Zoan (animal), and Paramecia (other), the latter being rather vague in terms of function. My Hero Academia has them classified based on how they affect the body with operative, heteromorphic, and transformative types; none of which give you much idea of what they do, though heteromorphic types can easily be identified as just physical traits. Hunter x Hunter has the most detailed power classifications I know of with six Nen types; enhancement, transmutation, emission, conjuration, manipulation, and specialization, the latter of which is basically just "Other". I noticed any information-gathering Nen abilities are under specialization.

I'm not willing to copy the Nen types for a few reasons. Part of it has to do with the small number of types. Clairvoyance and mind-reading powers are common enough in Trivium for them to have their own type. There are similar powers as well, such as appraisal. There are a number of spatial powers, such as teleportation, apport, hammerspace, portals, etc., which would all fall under the same type. Elemental manipulation powers like terrakinesis, hydrokinesis, and ferrokinesis could fall under one type. Pyrokinesis might be a little tricky, as it could also generate flame as well. Mental and emotional manipulation would be under a different type.

This could be a case of me overthinking things again, but I was planning on making an infodump on the special powers that don't relate to chi or magic. I am opening the floor to suggestions.


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