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The Mechromancer

Deana was in her lab, standing at a work bench. Before her was a deactivated drone. She had constructed it herself, but still had some kinks to work out. It could fly with an anti-gravity spell, so it didn't need propellers. It had a few other spells as well. Currently, she was trying to make it more energy-efficient. While it could recharge itself with the ambient mana in the air, a number of its spells would drain it's capacitors too quickly. At the moment, she was working on a new circuit board for it.
The room was half-filled with the different gizmos and inventions she had created, along with a mannequin she had been using in her research, so to say. She was standing on a special stand Deana had made. Some of the items were made to help her collect and view data from her experiments, as well as things like work benches and examination tables. The room itself was one of her inventions as well. She wanted a few robot helpers to maintain it, somet
:iconmaster-geass:Master-Geass 51 4
Trussed by Necrovert by Master-Geass
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Nellial by Chancero
Another :iconchancero: line art, this time of Bleach's lovely Arrancar, Nellial. I colored this yesterday, partly due to my procrastinating on my story and party due to how long it's taking me to clean my room, which is also well overdue.
Midnight Lingerie by Chancero
More line are from :iconchancero:. This time it's the R-rated hero Midnight. There is a reason why this woman is responsible for the law limiting the amount of skin female heroes can show. :wink 
Motoko Kusanagi by Igfalcon
Another color job of some inks by :iconigfalcon:. This time it's off Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. It had been a while since I saw the movie and forgot this suit was in it, so I made up my own colors. Maybe later I will do do it again. I also added a background I found online as it looked cool.
I will likely do a couple of quick color jobs shortly, as I will be getting ready for a trip.
You can find the original line art here.
Black Widow in Carbonite
It took me longer then I meant to, but I finished this picture of Black Widow frozen in carbonite as requested by :iconasfrmaster2012:. As always I had help from my anonymous friend who did the pencil sketch first. I meant to post this last week, but I kept getting side tracked and didn't finished it in time. Then I forgot to post something because my core expired and I wasn't able to schedule it. So it slipped my mind.

Not sure if I will have the time to make something by next week. I've got a busy week ahead of me.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a big anime fan, having started when I was a kid with the likes of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball. Now I have a wild library of anime DVDs and manga. I read a lot on line but I still buy my favorites.

I made my DA account years ago just to keep my settings, and didn't do much in terms of watching for favoring until later. Sometimes I would comment. It wasn't until February of 2016 that I started posting stories. I like making characters up. LEGOs were amusing my favorite toys growing up and we made up our own character, mostly based on cartoon character, but we got more creative as time went on. Now if only I can find my box of LEGOs.

In our teen years my brother and I started working on our own stories. This never went anywhere as we mostly just liked making up characters and their backstories without putting much effort into writing the story itself. In 2016 I got back into writing and even reused a character from my teen years, changing her a bit since then.

I am into role play, mostly master/slave, where I play the top. I have been known to do a few others as well, but mostly stick with BDSM. One of my long running role plays shares a universe with some of my stories here on DA. Originally I was going to write three stories set in the same shared universe, now called Trivium, after warming up with a few Nancy in the Box chapters. However I ended up making a number of stories that had nothing to do with it.

If you like what I do you can by me a coffee.

While I do give llamas for favorite, I don't do watch backs. Please don't ask me to watch you as I find that rude. I visit all of my watchers at least once and if I like your gallery I may watch you, but not if I'm asked. I like to keep my watch list small. Sorry.
Three years ago I started writing stories based off the world I created in a long running role play. It would feature the character I created and developed for that role play, Lilly Smith, but wouldn't star her. Instead it was star characters I've invented for the stories and Lilly would pop up here and there. An example would be her kick starting A Slave to the Omnisuit by giving the titular omnisuit to Melissa and it was her store that Kana breaks into in All that Glitters. I had a third story in mind when I started writing, which would star Bellatrix, who I was setting up as something like Lilly's business rival. My plan was for the stories to happen in an order. Kana would show up at the tavern in Omnisuit before breaking into the shop. This was more of a cameo then anything else. Like wise Bellatrix was to show up in Omnisuit for a few chapters before disappearing into her own spin off story. However I never got around to writing it.

I have since written more stories and planned more stories beyond the original three. I was trying to come up with a time line, but that kind of fell apart as I didn't know where to put some of them. For certain reasons, Plight of the Necromancer takes place 30 years before A Slave to the Omnisuit, and Orb of the Alchemist takes place before Omnisuit, although more recently, and a few other stories I have planed.
Plight of the Necromancer 1Chapter 1: All Hail the New Queen.
Juana Underwood rode in her covered wagon down the animal trail. It was just big enough to fit them. The wagon was pulled by a pair of skeletal horses. The rickety thing would bounce whenever it hit a mound of dirt. It was said this used to be a regular road, but that was long since passed.
"They really need to fix this blasted road," Juana complained. She wore a blue gown with a matching cape, her green skirt having gotten wrapped around her legs a bit with all the bouncing.
"And just who is going to bother maintaining this old thing? Aren't we off the main road?" Ness Simms spoke with her usual condescending tone as she looked up from her book. She was a neko dressed in an old maid uniform. Around her neck was a leather collar, small engravings inscribed on the metalwork.
"Well, they should mend it now. Soon it will get lots of traffic."
"Oh, I'm sure they will get right on that." Ness rolled her eyes, looking back at the pages.
This wagon was one o
The Orb of the Alchemist Part 1Dierk woke up in an unfamiliar room. This was rather normal for him, as he often had to travel and had never been to this inn before. He could have gone a little farther yesterday, but Kristal had demanded they stay the night for rest and supplies.
Samira still slept in their bed. She was human, just like him. Well, more human, anyways. There were a few scales on his body, a trait he had inherited from his great-grandfather, a fire dragon. Rumor had it the old lizard was still alive, but they had never met.
He collected his change of clothes from the bag. This vest had a self-cleaning enchantment, courtesy of Kristal, but not the rest of his clothes. Still, he had a few pairs. Quickly, he got dressed, putting on his belt and affixing the whip, dagger, and bag to it. For now, he left off his leather gloves.
He walked over to Samira and placed his hand on her tan shoulder, gently shaking her. "Time to get up. We have to get ready."
Samira groaned slightly. "Already? Just give me another
Fox HuntThe port city of Starcoast was frequently referred to as the City of Magic, but it is also went by another, less popular nickname: the City of Latex. It should have come as no surprise that any type of entertainment in this city had a latex counterpart. This was exceptionally true for their strip clubs.
This specific club had hardwood floors, but rubber lined walls. Enchanted crystals lit the room up, but only by so much. Most of them pointed at the raised stages, where metal poles ran down from the ceiling. Most of the patrons were also clad in latex, as were the staff.
Natalya Zima walked out onto the stage from behind the rubber curtains. From head to toe, she was covered in shiny latex. The undermost latex was a skintight red catsuit and red hood, with only her eyes and mouth visible. The shape of her perky nipples could be seen through the tight material.
Over it she wore a short black latex skirt, mostly made of ruffles and not long enough to cover her matching panties. The black
A Slave to the Omnisuit Chapter 01: The Contract

Melissa walked between the tables, a circular serving tray in hand. She wore a black one piece latex dress with a white latex apron, both going down to her knees. There were a few white frills at the end of her skirt and around her shoulders. Her uniform had no sleeves, but she wore a pair of white latex gloves in compensation. Rounding out the ensemble were a pair of transparent latex stockings, attached to a garterbelt hidden by the skirt of her dress, and black high heels that weren't too stressful on her feet.
She loved the latex, as it was one of the reasons she took this job. Still, she had to watch her step in here. She carefully stepped over a lamia who had let her tail lay out in the walkway from the booth. One thing she still wasn't completely used to was all the demihumans this city seemed to gather.
She made her way to a table where two women sat. "I hope you enjoy your meal." She smiled as she picked up the plates and set them down.
All that Glitters

Lyra pulled back her string and took aim. Her mana channeled into the weapon. The last wyvern flew towards her at blinding speed. She released the string and the glowing arrow took flight. It struck the beast square in the head. The winged lizard fell to the ground and rolled over. It almost hit her, as it was carried by its own inertia, but she jumped out of the way just in time.
"Good shot." Kanakpriya clapped her hands, sitting on top of another fallen wyvern. It's throat had been cut. "That makes six. There shouldn't be any more."
"Good. That last shot used up almost all of my mana. I will need to rest to recover it. I can't believe I let you talk me into hunting six wyverns, even small ones, with just the two of us." Lyra lowered her bow as she walked over to her new partner.
Lyra was a young elf, only 180 years old. This was her first outing from the woods she called her home. It had been over a year since she left to see the world. As an arch
The Search for Janett Part 1Trivium is a wondrous world filled with magic and people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. However, it is also filled with monsters and more. Sword and sorcery reign supreme. Much of the world is in a constant state of flux. It's not unheard of for villages or even whole countries to be wiped off the map.
Other areas, however, are more stable. Starcoast City has been around for centuries and has grown into a bustling metropolis. At one time, it depended on its massive walls for protection from monsters and bandits, but it has since grown beyond them. As a large seaport city, it became a center of trade. As its wealth increased, magic academies and research labs were built. In time, magic became a part of everyday life, to the point of something you could buy in the market.
As with any large city, it had it's fair share of secrets and dark alleyways. Rumor had it there was even an underground black market somewhere within its walls.
It was also the last known location of Janett K
Rock Hard Convictions Part 1Carlotta walked down the road through the woods. She was a tall woman with amber hair and the ears and tail of a wolf. Her hair was long, but she also had a pair of short braids on the sides of her head. She wore half-plated armor with a fur skirt and cape. At her side was a shield and an axe.
Currently, she was traveling. Esmeralda was on the warpath and it was best to give her time to cool down and replace her windows. Granted, she was never really happy to see Carlotta, but some times were worse then others. Her last trip to Esmeralda's manor hadn't been profitable, but at least she saved the girl.
She was always on the move, never staying in one place for too long. She didn't want to settle down; in her line of work, you had to go to where the jobs were. At the moment, she was on her way to a small village where she could rest and spend the night.
Next to her was a young hunter named Alexandra. She wore fur pelts over her leather armor. Her hair was dark blue that she covered up wi
Jade Jackal SquadTraveling through the wild can be dangerous, even along established roads. You never know when monsters and bandits could emerge from the woods to attack.
This was evident by the giant lizards surrounding the Jade Jackal Squad as they traveled on one such dirt road. Each was over three feet tall, and some were over five. They had multiple rows of sharp teeth and many were more than willing to show them off.
Dressed in forest green cloaks, Barbara, Wrecka, Irene, and Taiga were a team of mercenaries and their latest mission had taken then into deadly territory. Still, this was hardly the first time they had faced monsters, a common occupational hazard. Of course, each of them could be considered a monster depending on who you ask.
"Come at me, you oversized iguanas!" True to form, Wrecka drew her club and charged at the closest lizard. Back when she was an ordinary goblin, she had used a small studded wooden club, but after she was mutated by Esmeralda the Emerald Witch, she traded it i
Naturally as direct squeals The Search for Janett takes place after All that Glitters and Jade Jackal Squad takes place after Rock Hard Convictions. There was suppose to be a third part to that saga that JJS sets up, but that's in development hell.

There are other stories as well. For reasons I won't get into, My Later Pony takes place after The Orb of the Alchemist but before Bellatrix's spin off. I wasn't really sure where in the time line to stick it.  New Acquisitions and n Unexpected Bid takes place on Earth, but are still connected to Trivium as some of Lilly's slaves appear in it. Akiko appears in New Acquisitions part 2 and it was my head cannon she was recruited some point after the first chapter of Omnisuit. However it has no other marker as to when in the time line it take place, other then the ponygirl shortage due to one of Lilly's projects. Although I did name drop Valmria from Getting into Character, but she has been in Lilly's service for years. The Mechromancer was something of a trade with CaptainHarlock-42. Since I was lending him a few of my character for his comic he lent me Deana for my stories. I do have other stories planned which Deana will appear in, so those will take place after Mechromancer. I'm not sure when Seal of the Succubus takes place, but I want to say it starts before Omnisuit. My goal with that was for each chapter to star a different character.

My Latex Pony (1/2)It was another morning in the city of Starcoast. The brass alarm clock went off on the night stand. Koto slowly got up and hit it. After taking a moment to yawn, he got out of bed and tossed on a robe. He didn't bother sliding his fuzzy tail through the hole in back, just letting it stick out from under. He tied it in front and walked out of the bedroom.
Upon entering the kitchen, the neko walked over to the ice box and pulled out a number of vegetables. He set them on the cutting board and quickly got to work cutting them into small pieces and sliding them into a plastic box. He was careful to keep them all bite-size. After rinsing off the knife, he took the box and went to the stable.
Attached to his house was a small stable. It had three stalls in it, two being used for storage at the moment. In the other was a bed of hay with a sleeping woman on it. Her arms were bound behind her back, hand to elbow, within an armbinder. Her boots were linked together by the D-rings on her ankles.
New Acquisitions Part 1Dorothy McDermont pulled her red sports car into the parking garage, stopping to use her pass, and found her usual spot. The dark haired woman turned off the engine and stepped out, closing the door behind her and locking it with the key fob. She then headed to the tower.
The doorman, whatever his name was, greeted her in the lobby. "Welcome, Ms. McDermont." He smiled as always.
"Yes, yes." Dorothy casually acknowledged him as she walked past and went to the elevator. She rode it up to her floor and got off. Then, she entered her apartment. It took up two floors and was well-furnished. It might have seemed big for woman living alone, but she enjoyed the space. She grew up in a big house, after all. Besides, sometimes she had to entertain.
"Lola, turn on the main room lights." Dorothy closed the door as she entered.
"Turning on main room lights." A voice came from a small speaker attached to the wall as the lights came on. Lola was her electronic assistant, wired into the whole apartmen
An Unexpected BidFinnea slipped on her sweatpants and tank top in the morning. She hadn't showered yet, there would be time for that later. She put on her fit-bit and stroked her round ear, a tic of hers. She put on her choker before leaving the college dorm room.
As she often did, she started her day with a run to the park. She enjoyed the fresh air and it felt good to get out of the city. Well, as much as the park was out of the city. She still wasn't used to so many large buildings and missed the abundance of trees.
It had rained last night and not many people were out this morning, but she didn't mind. She went down her normal path and glanced at the leaves as they changed color.
After the first mile, Finnea saw a pair of men jogging towards her on the path. She moved to the side to make room for them to pass.
However, they had other plans. Once they were close, one of them shoved his arm out to grab her across the chest. The other reached for her arms. She slipped a hand free from his grasp and pu
The Mechromancer
Deana was in her lab, standing at a work bench. Before her was a deactivated drone. She had constructed it herself, but still had some kinks to work out. It could fly with an anti-gravity spell, so it didn't need propellers. It had a few other spells as well. Currently, she was trying to make it more energy-efficient. While it could recharge itself with the ambient mana in the air, a number of its spells would drain it's capacitors too quickly. At the moment, she was working on a new circuit board for it.
The room was half-filled with the different gizmos and inventions she had created, along with a mannequin she had been using in her research, so to say. She was standing on a special stand Deana had made. Some of the items were made to help her collect and view data from her experiments, as well as things like work benches and examination tables. The room itself was one of her inventions as well. She wanted a few robot helpers to maintain it, somet
Seal of the Succubus 01Chapter 1: Maggie
Maggie sat at her desk in the offices of Dunder Railway Inc., typing away at her comptometer. Her fingertips pressed against the keys of the metal box as she jotted down the numbers for the books. She was an accountant, and as such was trying to finish her latest report before quitting time.
Before she knew it, 5:00 came around, the wall clock chiming five times. Maggie looked up for a quick moment before closing the book. She then filed it on the shelf, and smiled. "Time to go."
She and the other office girls filed out of the room and headed down the hallway to the women's locker room.
Jenny stretched her arms as she walked alongside her. Like Maggie, she wore the same latex top that was made to look like a navy blue suit and white blouse, but was really just one layer. They also wore a navy blue miniskirt and black latex stockings. "Oh man, it's good to get out of there."
Maggie nodded. "True. I love my job, but I need to have some fun too. I'm going to get a drink,
Then there is Havas Royal Guard. Not only does none of Lilly's slaves appear in it or Lilly herself, it doesn't take place in any country I've established. Instead I took the opportunity to do some world building while writing a story I was inspired to do.

Havas Royal GuardIt is said that long ago two gods did battle in the lands now known as the Havas Kingdom. Every place they touched changed, the energy they released absorbed into the ground. It is believed this is why Havas has such rich deposits of æthernite, which in turn contributed to its wealth.
Havas also had a number of unique species of plants. This included a breed of rubber tree, mutated by the excess mana. The rubber and latex made from its sap have special properties and are excellent conductors of magic. A number of magical tools could be made from them.
To a lesser extent, there were magical ores as well. This had caused them to develop a number of magical items in the past. However, now they had started to stagnate in recent years, content with exporting the abundant æthernite and coveted rubber. It had brought them wealth, after all.
Mercy Anaxarete didn't care about that. What she wanted were the magical items they had created in the past using skills they had not maintained
While we never did figure out when in the time line it takes place, Getting into Character is also cannon to the Trivium universe. It was the comic by CaptainHarlock-42 where several of my characters appear. However it doesn't really interact with any of my stories. The only point of reference is that certain characters of mine appear in it, such as Dr. Hu. So it takes place more recently as she hasn't work in the tower for very long according to her character sheet, still only in her thirds.
Getting into Character Cover by CaptainHarlock-42 Getting into Character Chapter 2:  Cover by CaptainHarlock-42 Getting into Character: Chapter 3 Cover by CaptainHarlock-42 Getting into Character:  Chapter 4 cover by CaptainHarlock-42 Getting into Character: Hunters and HuntedChapter 1:
On a cool, starry night a small campfire shone through the trees, deep in an old forest with a diverse group of women gathered around it.  A medusa was standing with her back to the fire, using it as a light source for studying the map of the local area she held.  A centauress sat a little away from the fire sharpening her massive Guandao, her tail twitching as she kept glancing out into the darkness past the campfire’s glow.  A short, lithe dark-skinned wood elf was crouched down on one knee at the edge of the camp, finishing up cleaning and deboning a few hares that she had hunted with her bow.  The fourth member of the group, a blonde-haired high elf was watching carrots and potatoes cook in a small stew pot hanging over the fire while she was chopping some freshly picked herbs and slid them into the pot when she was done.
 “Zinreth, I’ll be ready to add the meat in a couple of minutes.”  She stated.
Getting into Character: Confessions and CommitmentPart 1:
It was a beautiful, sunny day in Thundering Oak, home of the Topaz Tower, although, ‘tower’ is a misnomer these days.  After centuries of adding on to the original tower, it has evolved into a castle, complete with additional connected buildings.  It is the seat of power for Chancellor Lilly Smith’s kingdom of Blitzeiche.  Ilyana was spending some of her day off tending to the gardens growing medicinal herbs and plants in the baily near the hospital wing of the tower.  She was dressed in a simple homespun dress, sitting down with her legs off to the side with a hand trowel digging up weeds and harvesting anything that was ready to be pulled, all while humming a tune she’d heard one of the other girls singing the other day.  Other slaves were in the area also tending to the gardens or just relaxing in the sunshine.
Ilyana was humming a tune to herself when off in the distance behind her a tall, red haired woman was stealthily appr
Getting into Character: Chapter 5 Cover by CaptainHarlock-42


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