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Jedi Exile

By Master-Cyrus
I think that every Star Wars artist who like Kotor must have his own Revan & Exile. So that's mine.

Dangerous and sexy, practical, reasonable and prudent - woman of decision and action.

PS Fave if you download!
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Finally a detailed Zeison Sha Warrior armor for Meetra Surik.
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she looks like Olivia Wilde nice though
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Her as Meetra Surik? A very interesting choice, I like it. :]
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I miss Meetra Surik! She was a force to be dealt with! She was a great character that never seemed to get all the credit due to her. Like Revan, TOR seemed to just toss her aside without fully expanding her character in the EU. I wish she got her own stand-alone novel depicting the Battle of Malachor V. We see the echos of the damage she caused and the emotionally scarred soldier in KOTOR II, but I wish we would have seen the Exile at her peak and ESPECIALLY given her a fitting end.

Mr. Karpyshyn, shame on you for throwing her and Revan away like you did!
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What are the tubes connecting her ribs to her tummy?
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Probably air-tubes for when she has a sealed helmet on. Her armor can likely act as a spacesuit of some description.
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Very cool design- not too thin, futuristic colors and gadgets- love it!


You used Olivia Wilde as reference, right? (Nice job on photoshopping her in!)
Master-Cyrus's avatar
that's drawing not photoshop
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Then scratch photoshop- awesome! Consider it a complement, you drew her face so realistic I thought it was a photo of sorts. ;)
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Yeah, I understand, thanks. I told it cuz at that time I wasn't using photoshop for drawing at all.
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Nah, i's okay. I understand- I would have done the same, really.
When I have the time I'll definitely pay your gallery a visit!
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Nice choice of armor.
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Very nice!!!! :dance:

She looks like Olvia Wilde

well done!!!
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That IS Olivia Wilde
Thanks! :D
Or-Else-You-Will-Die's avatar
They can't be serious. Tell me they aren't serious. After everything he did, after the Taris, Dantooine, Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan, Korriban, Planet of the Beach Junkyard, and finally the Star Forge... after slaughtering armies, surviving everything, Revan just dies. And then the Exile went through all her shit, went out and joined him in his plan to save the Republic, slaying three Sith Lords single handedly...just for it all to go FUBAR and her to die. Definition: Lame.
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Oh, talking about new book. Sucked up the idea of Sith Lords because that just isn't their game, and the idea of Kotor to fit Revan in this huge stupid pop-game. Madness? No - this is TOR.
Official headcanon appearance. Awesome work!
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Olivia Wilde really makes the perfect Exile...
Well, Olivia Wilde makes the perfect everything.
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