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Microsoft Office 2003 ALL Icons HD



I made this Office 2003 icon pack in 512x512 format.

I started some years ago, now i finished all the microsoft office 2003 icons AND the other office abandonware products icon.

This package includes ALL PNGs in 512x512px format, all the icons in ICO with 256x256 format, 128x128, 48x48, 32x32, 16x16.

Products included:
-Accounting (Office 2007 RIP 2009)
-Binder (Office 2000 RIP)
-Data Analyzer (Office XP RIP 2002)
-Front Page (Original Office 2003 discontinued)
-Infopath (Original Office 2003 discontinued with office 2007)
-Picture Manager (Original Office 2003 discontinued with office 2007)
-Schedule+ (Office 97 RIP)
-Sharepoint (Never existed in Office 2003)
-Vizact (Office 2000 RIP 2002)

I compressed a PSD template, so everyone can create an office 2003 style icon and use it in their projects or custom icons
(eg... i uploaded a hidden icon of Microsoft Map Point)

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Thanks i had a old laptop that i sold that had office 2003, but since i'm too used to the office 2003 icons i decided to put them on libre office. it looks super cool