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Luffy Lord of Pirates

(download for Hi-Res)


Third One Piece submission, third Luffy submission.... sorry I can't resist to his feeling.
Also on the picture, all the Mugiwaras and Boa Hanckock as a guest star :D

This time the original drawing made by :iconlimandao: and colors by me :iconmastahicks:

Hope you like it because it tooks me so many and many hours... ^^
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yep lord of the pirates!
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Nuuuuuu! I can't see Chopper! *looks everwhere* Where iz he?! MY CHOPPER! *bursts into tears* choppa...
MastaHicks's avatar
Chopper is here, but I made him too dark (in the door) so he's difficult to find...
No1owlfan's avatar
Ah! I see him now! :3 Thankies
Samurai-Poet's avatar
Awesome compilation!
Samurai-Poet's avatar
No problem, Masta~! :iconiamhappyplz:
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Your artwork has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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All hail our Pirate King! Monkey D. Luffy!
Kiloc's avatar
pretty epic xD
mayou-akii's avatar
Is that Hanckok behind Luffy?
I had hard time searching for Chopper. XD
MastaHicks's avatar
yes this is Hancock (or "hamock" if you want).

Chopper is trying to hide next to the opened door :)
mayou-akii's avatar
Yup, i found him when i was righting my first comment. Nice idea =)
MastaHicks's avatar
but I probably made it too dark...
XfangheartX's avatar
The epicness...!
Sinistercurt's avatar
;s I was trying to figure out who that was behind Luffy, then I read the description.
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Magnifique ! L'esprit OP est retranscrit de manière admirable. Mais... Ce n'est pas le Thousand Sunny où ils sont à bord !
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