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Do Ma$e got the ladies?
Yea yea!
Do Puff drive Mercedes?
Yea yea!
Take hits from the 80s?
Yea yea!
But do it sound so crazy?
Yea yea!

Hey Deviants, I've started a blog that I'm planning on becoming the primary source for my artwork. It's gonna contain the unwatermarked version, lots of fun stuff (like video colorings, more comments/insight, a chance to build more of a rapport with you guys, and of course feedback. I encourage the bookmarking of the site and if you could, to pass it along to people you think might dig it. I'll still be updating this DA, so you can use it to check when I update my blog if you feel so inclined.
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PleaseImJustaGirl's avatar
 I wonder From it's inception, Who Seriously thought This was a
Good Idea?
Lookafar's avatar
Been meaning to say: This is screamingly funny.
Always gives me a smile.
sunderhart's avatar
This made my fucking day.
PokemonMaster555's avatar
I guess Koyomi could have it her way. :p
I'll see myself out now.
TheCartoonWizard's avatar
Everyone is creeped out by the Burger King, but I honestly don't mind him
FireNationPhoenix's avatar
ELEPHANT! *angelic music* 

ok I'm sane now
KpuonyerNo2's avatar
Osaka, where did you get that costume!?
Megaspidermoon's avatar
Bk: My gal! Eat this dinner!
Bystander: WTF!!
AzabacheSilver's avatar
I always thought that commercial was scary! :D
SherbertTCat's avatar
"Where's your God now?"
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
spiritron2011's avatar
Okay, who said elephant?
ZehnWaters's avatar
OMG, exactly how I've felt about those commercials.
GJTProductions's avatar
Whoever thought those were a good idea anyways? You don't draw people to your restaurants by making your mascot act like a creeper! :facepalm:
ZehnWaters's avatar
My mom used to make me mute it or change the channel.
Petrolize's avatar
That man is a creeper/stalker.
GJTProductions's avatar
I agree. I don't like him AT ALL. Part of my mind wonders what the heck they were thinking when they did this. It did not motivate me to visit their restaurants, and probably many other people too.
Dim432's avatar


Woman: God that was Creepy
Enis1337's avatar
Holy crap this is too good, I haven't laughed this hard in a while. That guys is wicked creepy.
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