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Origami Heart

Valentines day coming up... thought why not... also saw someone else who did it and decided to put one up myself.

here the link to the one i saw

::edit 2::
ok got a webcam vid up on youtube: [link] :
no it's not the best quality and the sound sucks, but it should give you a better idea of the folding... happy folding and valentines day pplz!!
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I did know an easier way to fold a heart back when I did a lot of origami... If I ever remember it I'll post it, because, the 6th step confused me a lot >> you should bold or underline the "inner edge" or explain it better.. somehow. thanks anyways.
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Hm. I found the one I used to fold :D
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step 6?? most of the ppl have had problems at step 5... after that it's usually pretty easy... i thought the dotted line and arrow were self explanatory, but if there were still problems I've even put up a video
I hate the instruction of the last step, no way do it you can do it without cutting. Horrible
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did u rly follow the instructions? There is a slit there that isn't cut if the directions were followed. Check out the video link I have in the description for help.
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Thank's a lot, it's easy and cute ^^
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:D glad you like it :D
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Thanks a lot! It was very fun and easy thanks to your directions. :)
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I can't get it right after step 6 for some reason..
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heyo got the video up in my description... hope that helps
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hmm... steps 6+ should be the easiest once it's done... hmm... i'll try and get a vid up on youtube ASAP... pic quality might not be good since it's the webcam, but hopefully it'll help
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Yeah, not until after did I see the vid/gif XD THAT made it a lot easier <3 Much thanks to you!
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Nice tut! I must admit i looked at the photos for the last few steps, i just couldn't understand that you had to fold the paper inwards... But i didn't cut it!
I should have done it with paper though.. instead of napkins (it's the only coloured stuff i could find) so in the end the last folds were so thick..i used a teeny tiny but of tape! *runs away and hides*
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ahh w/e works i guess hehe
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I suck at origami but I got it :la:
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This was a great tutorial!
Thank you! :D
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good job, first one that i understood that makes a design like that..... I gotz lots of plan for it
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Cuuute. I made a whole bunch with this.
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