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This was just a fun little idea I've had for a little while, and it took me a couple of days to complete!

I think it's safe to say this is one of my best "Loud House" mashups since my Loud House x Pokemon crossover below!

THE LOUD HOUSE siblings and their POKEMON! by MAST3R-RAINB0W

This time, I've included all 11 Loud House siblings, Clyde McBride, and the 2 Santiago Kids!

As you notice in the pic, each of theme has their own controller preference:
  1. Lori - Wii U Pro Controller
  2. Leni - Wii Remote
  3. Luna - Nunchuk
  4. Luan - Wii Classic Controller
  5. Lynn - Gamecube Controller
  6. Lincoln - 3DS
  7. Lucy - Wii Remote
  8. Lana - Wii Remote
  9. Lola - Wii Remote
  10. Lisa - Wii U GamePad
  11. Lily - Wii Remote
  12. Clyde - Wii Classic Controller Pro
  13. Bobby - Gamecube Controller
  14. Ronnie Anne - 2DS

The following is a lengthy read, but each of the characters give their EXPLANATION for their mains!

  1. Loud House - Lori literally approvesLORI (CLOUD)- I main CLOUD because I heard he's literally the best character in this game. I literally win most of my battles with him, (except against Lynn, of course).
  2. Loud House - Leni is like totes adorableLENI (ZERO SUIT SAMUS)- Oh-em-gosh, you guys, this game is sooo much fun! I totes love ZERO SKILL SPAMUS' outfit! She's also got this whippy thingy that's super helpful!
  3. Loud House - Luna can rock to thisLUNA (DONKEY KONG)- My main's the ol' DK. I really dig the sweet jams he gets out of his Final Smash. Rock those bongos, my monkey brah!
  4. Loud House - Luan the comedianLUAN (DUCK HUNT)- DUCK HUNT's my main because he really knows how get a "kick" out of the "can"! Hahahaha! Get it? (But seriously, my siblings find his laugh extremely annoying, but that's actually the best part!)
  5. Loud House - Lynn is the champion of the worldLYNN (CAPTAIN FALCON)- Aww yeah boii, third JV3 in a row! Show me YA moves, baby! Woot! Woot! Lynner Lynner Chicken Dinner!
  6. Loud House - Lincoln adoring his audienceLINCOLN (LINK)- Lynn might be the "self-proclaimed" best Smash Bros. player at our house but even she has a hard time against my trusty LINK and his projectile weaponry!
  7. Loud House - Lucy cheersLUCY (LUCAS)- Mom wouldn't let us download Bayonetta as DLC, so that's why I main LUCAS. I like his freaky powers, plus, no one will understand his pain as much as I do...
  8. Loud House - Lana likelyLANA (BOWSER)- BOWSER's seriously the coolest! He can breathe fire and he's also got this really cool butt smash move that breaks shields too!
  9. Loud House - Lola nose if you said *bless you*LOLA (KIRBY)- I love love love KIRBY! He's just SO cute and squishy and adorable! Too bad I'm always like, the first person to die in this stupid game. URRGGHH!! It's just no fun when I don't win!
  10. Pervy Lisa, The DeuceLISA (MEWTWO)- Hahahahaha! Kneel before the ultimate life-form, peasants! There's nothing more satisfying than a precisely timed Disable to guarantee your victim's demise! Woohoohoo! GO MEWTWOOOO!!
  11. Loud House - Lily smoochesLILY (JIGGLYPUFF)- Night Night.
  12. Loud House - Clyde rejoicesCLYDE (YOSHI)- I main YOSHI because Lincoln and I used to play Brawl's Subspace mode a lot together. *sigh*... Such fond memories! I still even have my old Classic Controller Pro!
  13. Loud House - Bobby has something on his mindBOBBY (LITTLE MAC)- Man, I don't know why people say he's so bad! LITTLE MAC's the best! His smash moves have super armor and they all hit like a truck! Kinda like the delivery truck that I drove into one guy's yard with last month... 
  14. Loud House - Ronnie Anne has the gigglesRONNIE ANNE (DIDDY KONG)- I main DIDDY for one reason and one reason only. It makes Lame-O Lincoln super salty afterwards and I find it hilarious.


There's a few reasons WHY I did NOT translate the Smash Bros. characters into the "Loud House artstyle" HERE!

  1. I was already pretty weary by the time I finished drawing all the main "Loud House" characters.
  2. I actually plan on doing so in another picture instead in the future! ;)
Due to the amount of Loud House + Smash Bros. fans out there, I hope this gets many many views! I can also expect hundreds of comments here too, I bet! =P (Razz) 

You may use my artwork freely ONLY if you GIVE ME CREDIT FOR MY HARD WORK PUT FORTH
Thank you for your patience, and I hope this has definitely made your day if you're a fan of either franchise! Enjoy!

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Breannapink's avatar

I Think Lola's Perfect When She Playing As Princess Peach More Than Kirby!

I thought Lynn would pick Wario since they both love releasing massive farts after eating so much.

BombDark's avatar

For my version of smash bros,Luna would main Risky Boots,Nurse Valentine and Weavile

amadeus2010's avatar

No love for Mario or luigi?

Arturo50's avatar

They're too overated. I would prefer to use Pokemon Trainer Kanto rather than them.

PPGDaveRRB's avatar

Mine is mainly Kirby, but if I loose a lot, Meta Knight is my backup.

L0udL0v3r's avatar
Custom roster.
By Bailey Bucey

Lori Loud
Leni Loud
Luna Loud
Luan Loud
LJ Loud
Lincoln Loud
Lucy Loud
Lola Loud
Lana Loud
Lisa Loud
Lily Loud
LS Loud
Rita Loud
Clyde McBride
Ronnie Santiago
Bobby Anne Santiago
Maria Santiago
Hector Casagrande
Rosa Casagrande
Carlos Casagrande
Frida Casagrande
Carlota Casagrande
CJ Casagrande
Carl Casagrande
Carlitos Casagrande
Sid Chang
Zack Hathaway
Bianca Hathaway
Ash Hathaway
Devin Hathaway
Julie Hathaway
Ryan Rowdy
Ralf Rowdy
Remy Rowdy
Rico Rowdy
Rudy Rowdy
Reagan Rowdy
Raph Rowdy
Reed Rowdy
Redd Rowdy
Rich Rowdy
Rory Rowdy
Lucas Mackenzie
Calla Mackenzie
Ivy Mackenzie
Cobalt Mackenzie
Flankrin Neu
Allison Neu
Merida Neu
Taylor Neu
Arie Neu
Magility Neu
Kin Neu
Kai Neu
Sony Neu
Sophia Neu
Olivia Neu
Rainbow Corn
Judy Herrison
aboiinsuits's avatar

flip ya for got flip

smash bros ultimate version:

lori-min min


luna-banjo and kazooie

luan-duck hunt

lynn-terry bogard



lana-king k. rool





bobby-simon belmont

ronnie ann-pirhanna plant


Arturo50's avatar

Lilcoln's the only one who didn't changed at all...

ruffytoon's avatar

As of now, it bring a question; if Sid Chang was within' this whole group, which Smash Bros character and controller preference would fit her?

sharkboy77's avatar

I just like how Lily has the Wii controller in her mouth

ChaseGinnOfficial's avatar
My main is Mr. Gay Man Watch since i need someone as prehistoric and nostalgic as me...
MegastoneXY's avatar
This gives me an idea.
FarhanAzlan64's avatar

I would like to see a great battle between Cloud and Little Mac, yet I feel a bit guilty to announce the winner because I don't want Lori or Bobby to be mad on me afterwards! By the way, I would still like to see Lori and Bobby enjoying the battle though! 😭😍

RocketmanGC's avatar
I got a few questions about if they got the Ultimate version.
FireFlamerx9z's avatar
I play Sonic the most.
TheJadeOverlord's avatar
Both Belmonts for me.
TommyCinders09's avatar
I Main Little Mac.
KittyFan2004's avatar
Clyde! We are so alike!
Dyla0880's avatar
I challenge you to a Brawl Match.
Dyla0880's avatar
Lincoln! We are so alike!
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