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[MM] 'LOUD HOUSE' Style: 'To LOUD A Butterfly'


Bullet; Pink [2019] MASTERMISSION for :icondarksidestraxus:

♦ FeaturingBullet; Pink [PINK] THE LOUD HOUSE style - DarksideStraxus (The 11 Loud House siblings as a "To Pimp A Butterfly" Album Cover featuring Flip)

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Based off of Kendrick Lamar's 2015 Album cover artwork of "To Pimp A Butterfly", but featuring the 11 Loud Kids & Flip, the smug, swindling gas station owner of Flip's Food N' Fuel.

  • Fun Fact: This particular commission took me about 3-5 days to produce, but even then, I am pleased with the results.
  • Another Fun Fact: This artwork is also loosely inspired by the events of TLH episode "Come Sale Away" (Revenge sure is sweet!)
Many many thanks to DarksideStraxus for their contribution! Enjoy! :D (Big Grin)


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AKA: How It's A Loud Loud Loud Loud House should have gone

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This is amazing to look at 😂

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*Final Boss Phase 2 Medley New Super Mario Bros Wii plays*

Flip deserved some karma.

wat is to loud a butterfly

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I never expected to see someone like this, but great job! When you think about it, it's really accurate actually!

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*play Coffin Dance*
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No they knocked him out.
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Mr. Krabs 'Me Millionth Dollar' Icon MoneyMoneyMoneyMoneyMoneyMoneyMoneyMr. Krabs 'Me Millionth Dollar' Icon 
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That's pretty good!
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Did they....... kill him?
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No. They knocked him out and sent him to prison after he swindled them out of their money
Jamesdean1987's avatar
Yep. Prison is the perfect place for him
bverdier's avatar
At lest they got the money back when they sold everything in the house
FireFlamerx9z's avatar
Plays Gangsters Paradise at Earrape volume
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Been spending most they're lives living in a gangsters paradise!!!
Flip got flopped, pun intended. LoL.
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