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Kirby Meets Joel and Ellie (Kirby x TLOU)

So about that 9.23.2021 Nintendo Direct? It had quite some really big announcements, huh?

One of the highlights for me personally was the new Kirby game coming out!
Everyone's favorite pink marshmallow finally has a new 3D game: Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

I've always been a fan of the Kirby mainline side-scroller titles, but seeing him go to a full-fledged 3D-platformer is a big step forward for the series!

I've heard a lot of jokes floating around the web comparing the new game's post-apocalyptic setting to "The Last of Us", so I wanted to bring this idea to life through my art! (I wanted to try out a "lineless" art style here, even though I don't usually draw that way, lol)

Personally I never really played TLOU, but I used to watch my sister play the game, so I know of its lore somewhat.

Could Kirby prove to be an ally to Joel and Ellie, or will they mistake him for just another infected zombie? It's all part of the fun of using your imagination! Enjoy the fanart!


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Later in The Last Of Us Part 2, Kirby meets Abby.

Abby: (picks up Kirby) Well, aren’t you adorable. 🥰

Kirby: Poyo! 😊

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You'd be hard pressed to find and art style this guy CAN'T draw.

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you want to shoot him?

too late, cause Kirby ate you gun

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The poyo salutes you, fellow travelers.

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If Ellie does shoot Kirby, she'll be dealing with a huge riot

Congratulations, Ellie. You’ve become the very thing you swore to destroy. 😔

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I think I saw my parents play the Last of Us. this is cool!

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Eat them Kirby. Eat them. 😈

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Ooh! What abilities do Kirby will get?

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The ability to survive a zombie outbreak maybe.

I hope for them that they won't mistake him for an enemy. The pink godslayer is definitely not someone you want to mess with...


Do you think it is possible to convert 2D to linear perspective to perfection?

Because I already did it! 😎

The Principle of Infinity
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Odd cross over but I’ll take this over the new game

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Already a better story than The Last of Us Part 2.

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And just days ago before the direct i was imagining a side game with Mario aided by Kirby in a Super Mario Galaxy DLC Plumbers in Another Dimension. Where you travel harder planets along with a stranded Kirby (non playable unless controled by second playe) and i was wondering how Kirby would move in 3D.

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Perfect crossover


Very Funny 🤣🤣

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"What is this thing?!"

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What if Joel and Ellie are the last Smash DLC fighters

Ahhhhhh, a return to one of thee most apocalyptic places in Kirby lore: shiver star

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If Nintendo bought Naughty Dog

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