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FAKEMON: Puppyro, Fahrenhound, Dalmarson

1. PUPPYRO ("pup-pie-roe") (Puppy + Pyro)
  • Fire Pup Pokemon
  • Type: Fire type 
  • Ability: Flash Fire, Run Away (Hidden: Hustle)
  • Egg Group: Field
Dex Entry: "It is a very friendly, playful Pokemon. It wags its fiery tail the happier it is. Parents who give this Pokemon to their children often later regret it."
HP: 48
Atk: 55
Def: 35
Sp. Atk: 67
Sp. Def: 40
Speed: 58
TOTAL: 275

2. FAHRENHOUND (Fahrenheit + Hound)
  • Fire Dog Pokemon
  • Type: Fire type 
  • Ability: Flash Fire, Defiant (Hidden: Moxie)
  • Egg Group: Field
Dex Entry: "It developed a wild side as it got older. Though it is often a stray, it dominates the streets and is known for stealing food from marketplaces."
HP: 57
Atk: 69
Def: 45
Sp. Atk: 89
Sp. Def: 50
Speed: 88
TOTAL: 398

3. DALMARSON (Dalmatian + Arson)
  • Arson Pokemon
  • Type: Fire type 
  • Ability: Flash Fire, Defiant (Hidden: Moxie)
  • Egg Group: Field
Dex Entry#1: "It doesn't prevent fires. Rather, it causes them. Some say the reason why it kindles fires is due to a sort of grudge it holds."
Dex Entry#2: "The end of its tail acts like a match, and it runs it across its hind legs to light it. It shows no mercy to whatever it burns to a crisp."
HP: 65
Atk: 73
Def: 50
Sp. Atk: 101
Sp. Def: 60
Speed: 102
TOTAL: 451

Back to making more Fakemon!

These guys may be a pure Fire-type line through and through, but I hope you guys like the concept!

A dalmatian Pokemon that ignites fires instead of extinguishing them. Ironic, isn't it?

And for all those who read the book "Fahrenheit 451", this Pokemon should be PERFECT for those "firemen", amirite?

I added two Pokedex entries for Dalmarson because I wanted to point out its tail is also a match. Cool, huh?

You may steal these designs ONLY if you work for GameFreak. Don't work for GameFreak? THEN DON'T STEAL. Instead, you may use my artwork only as long as you give me credit. Enjoy!
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Yuktube's avatar

I hate dogs but the last evolution

is cool

Hyper120's avatar

Mechanical hound from Fahrenheit 451 be like

frankilpud's avatar

is he a starter

kristoonz's avatar
SonicTAlicorn's avatar
So cool! Great idea for a design. :-)
Redgra's avatar
Nice work with this. I like it! :D
SleepyForecast's avatar
Missed opportunity to make them a Fire-Fighting Type, if just for the pun alone... ^_^

Still, great job! :)
bubbles46853's avatar
So cute! *hugs them*
cmara's avatar
:) I'd definitely have one of those
spayrou's avatar
I like them. Facebook Thumbs Up Icon 
superfoxdeer's avatar
Cool I think I'm gonna make a fakemon 
LynnWolfe's avatar
Aw, I so wish these were real Pokemon....
ThatSmithyDog's avatar
Fahrenheit 451 yus...
CrimsonVampiress's avatar
Mines a water/steel type <3

i love the shading on them~!
Amnesiaofdarkness's avatar
I know the perfect owner TF2 Pyro Emoticon 
Astralneko's avatar
I like your note about stealing designs. This Pokémon would make a good Fire-type starter.
Seganimator's avatar
Clever! I tried creating a Fakemon... but it wasn't too great. one of my friends that helps manage my account said I could possibly be accused of copying Mr. Mime... even though that Pokemon's existence didn't even occur to me when I drew the thing.
jerri255's avatar
final evolutin looks like marshall from paw pawtrol
Jeep-Senpai's avatar
It was almost there, but it doesn't quite make it. It's a trio of good art, but as Pokemon I think it falls flat.

And yes, I know that there's an ice cream Pokemon.
Mast3r-Rainb0w's avatar
I couldn't disagree more. GameFreak is known for being into wacky yet clever concepts for a Pokemon.

Appreciate your two cents, though.
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