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'90sthetic' Style: Chibiusa ...and KIRBY?! (Comic)

Personally, I think Chibiusa (a.k.a. Rini for DiC Sailor Moon fans) and the Kirbster make the pinkest best friends! Chibiusa Emoticon Kirby icon.10 

Believe it or not, I originally created this short comic in the 90s anime aesthetic style back in late December 2018 (So don't let the upload date fool you!).
That was QUITE a while before the time I decided to upload this to the public.

Why did it took me this long to share it to the public you ask?

Truthfully, I hesitated uploading this before because I honestly thought it did not look authentic enough AND I was sort of afraid people wouldn't like it that much.

Just to note: Kirby is based off his Kirby Super Star (SNES) design, so as to replicate his classic design during the mid-1990s.

I hope this has aged well enough, and now that it's officially public, I hope ya'll enjoy the artwork!

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Kirby never fails to make me smile from his cuteness. Also, great drawing! :D

Bastia8's avatar

Rini y kirby? La sailor moon x kirby Crossover mejora

goldorakx69's avatar

ChibiUsa: I forget he still a baby, Usagi a warning me of strong he can be but he still a baby ... Sigh Baby do have a more easy live!

Kirby: Poyo?

RangerQwerty's avatar

That man speaks words to live by, "Poyo" too you as well my friend

goldorakx69's avatar

the problem is Kirby is only a baby but he can kick some serious ass!

ackbarfan5556's avatar

Honestly, this feels like some promotion stuff that Toei did for Nintendo with one of Kirby's first games... I can easily see that.

kirby cares not for your petty squabbles

joseph337's avatar
When I first saw this account i realized that not only do he made good art like this but making different kinds of animation. I just had to stop and look at it so many times. Very good.
EdoriLagurozk's avatar
Chibiusa calling stupid Her Mom
Jotaro calling bitch His Mom

Perfectly balanced, like everything should be

Jotaro wins this fight fair and release the out of control fanboys

New "Death Battle" Episode CONFIRMED!

Tyrranux's avatar

Oh dear Primus there's a fucking image, Chibi growing up to be like Jotaro.......

EdoriLagurozk's avatar
She even "has a Stand" the cat ball
TheOfficialKaeChan's avatar

WOW I almost thought this was a screenshot from the are amazing my dude.

drake-rex's avatar

Is Kirby doing the butterfly meme?

edigree's avatar
Kirby: that sound like a you probably
rarelydg's avatar
This was adorable
SupremeKhi's avatar
Wow this is amazing! How did you do that?
elijahish771's avatar
Kirby is best therapist
Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

There's so much 90s in this image it's making me want to find a cap and wear it on my head backwards :D

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