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Happy to announce my Glossy Phanto Masks, Lucas and Incineroar, and Crumbling Fire Hot Smash Ball designs are now available on my Redbubble store (as are among other designs)!
Feel free to give 'em a look here Redbubble Logo Icon Button by Uluri
So yeah, I have begun to FINALLY update my commission prices, adjustments and policies for the year, so here we go:

I've got some good news, bad news, and even some neutral news (a.k.a. news that depends on how the persons would take it themselves).

So let's get the bad news out of the way first.


Though the prices have been updated, I've made up my mind that I will NOT be accepting any [PINKBullet; Pink] Mastermissions for a while this time around. They will be DISABLED from my commission options until further notice.

I will be taking a break from making any [PINKBullet; Pink] Mastermissions, so for now they will currently be UNAVAILABLE from among my commission options for a while, thus I will NOT be accepting anything involving it until further notice. SORRY, BUT NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • After the excessive amount of [PINKBullet; Pink] "The Loud House" art-styled commissions I have produced throughout the past couple months, I have decided I will have to crackdown on the amount of [PINKBullet; Pink] commissions I will be receiving from now on. In short, I will be restricting PINK commissions from application for a while. This means any and all attempts at applying for [Bullet; Pink PINK] commissions to be done specifically in The Loud House's ART Style (including any [Rainbow bullet (Clockwise) RAINBOW] commissions involving it) will NOT be approved and will be automatically be shut down and DECLINED while this restriction is currently in effect. Sorry, but I will not take anything to do with [PINK] commissions right now. I know that they were indeed popular, but THIS time around I would like to focus on what I would personally like to draw concerning TLH style, just that there will be no PINK commissions allowed during this time. I will give the OKAY again whenever I am willing to accept them again, so until then, DO NOT bother or nag me about it. I still have plenty of other commission options available, so please apply from me out of a different category/art-style instead. After all, I would like my commissioners to not limit themselves to just one single art style I can draw, but to try out and utilize all of my talents to their fullest extent possible.
  • Commissioned images from now on will be marked/titled as "[C]", instead of "[MM]", which previously was an abbreviation for "Mastermissions" (my unique name for commissions)
  • Commission prices overall are adjusted this time around, thus all color categories have received a few base price increases (ex. [PURPLEBullet; Purple] commissions now start off at $40, [PINKBullet; Pink] commissions now start off at $45, [BLUEBullet; Blue] commissions now start off at $50, etc.).
  • Color categories RED to GREEN, are now considered "simple" zones, and BLUE to RAINBOW are considered "specialty" zones. All simple zones are usually made in my personal art style(s) while my "specialties" (besides BLUE) are usually made in multiple types of art styles.
  • My PERSONAL art style (a.k.a. fully-colored artwork) will now be categorized as [YELLOWBullet; Yellow] instead of [GREENBullet; Green]. GREEN is now its own category for basic Anime lineart & sketches".

THE GOOD NEWS (well, sorta):
  • I'm happy to announce that a BRAND NEW art style will be available in the works very soon, as I have decided to officially adopt the 90's anime style DIRECTLY inspired by the 1992 classic anime series Sailor Moon! This specialty category will be classified as [INDIGOBulletindigoblue] and for now I will nickname it "90s SeraMun Style" (or eventually come up with a better name for it) in the title pics so people would know that I made the artwork. HOWEVER, this category WON'T be cheap... LIKE, AT ALL. We're talking about $120 a piece (w/ +$15 per extra non-oc character). Yes, this category will definitely tear a hole in your pocket, and it will be my MOST expensive one yet, so I do not expect it to be asked for too often, even if they get popular. I believe ONLY those who truly value its authenticity will be willing to pay for what it's worth. Please understand that this aesthetic is very difficult to produce and to even more so to AUTHENTICATE, especially when it comes to translating characters from other franchises to fit into THIS one! Some restrictions will apply, depending on what details that will be involved, so do not expect me to be willing to accept almost anything you lay out on me.
  • For my +$10 Patrons on Patreon, I will make arrangements for you to have a better chance at receiving slightly discounted prices on commissions. ;)

OUT OF ORDER SIGN by Mast3r-Rainb0w
If you happen see THE SIGN ABOVE over any of my commission categories, this means that these are currently NOT AVAILABLE for commissioning, and any attempts at commissioning for one of them will be shut down automatically. Sorry, but this means you CANNOT commission for one of these right now.

I apologize for any inconveniences here, but please RESPECT my decisions in this regard and please DO NOT bother, beg or pester me asking when I ought to enable them again. My decisions are all finalized until further notice.

Please keep these in mind the next time you're planning to commissioning me.
Thank you all for understanding!


The Rainbow Maestro
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Th' name's Mast3r-Rainb0w. You can also call me "Rainbow" for short, "The Maestro", "Sensei", "Rainbow Master", or whatever floats your boat. Just so ya'll know, I ain't yo average artist. I am an unnatural phenomenon whom you'll love or you'll hate! No inbetweenies!

I'm into cartoons, video games, drawing and FUNNY comics! I also like crossovers a bit, too!

I'm also a real chill dude, so I'll get along with almost anybody!

This is MY DeviantArt, and so I do what I want freely with it and whenever I feel like it.

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE PROPERLY CREDIT ME if you will use my artwork. I am normally okay with the use of my artwork as long as PROPER credit is given to ME. DO NOT USE MY ARTWORK IF YOU WILL NOT CREDIT ME. Thanks and enjoy my gallery as much as you'd like! ^^

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I love your Mario and Luigi RPG style; you did an awesome job on those fan art pictures! :la:
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