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Welcome to the Mass Effect Legion community! This is an international group where all Mass Effect fans can submit any fanart related to this beautiful sci-fi game saga.

:iconellieshep: the founder's on a spiritual retreat, so for now the admin :icondna-daenar: rules the group and actually the whole world. Sorry for that.

»You can freely join this group since this is automatically approved and we live in an almost free world.
»The use of inappropriate and offensive language is, according to what our parents taught us, not allowed.
»You can submit any art with nude  contents (because we like those of course) as long as it has a mature content filter. Otherwise it will be rejected. Nude or sexual themed works must also display a sort of "decency". We will not accept works displaying fetishes because 1) it may offend some people 2) 4chan invites you overwhelmingly to upload those types of work  (=
»You can submit up to four of your astonishing works per day. This i because i just wake up in the morning and see the submit log an I am like "I can't hold all these limes!"
»Your deviations must be submitted to the proper folder according to the category it belongs. It will be inevitably rejected otherwise!  For the uncertain and the reject-blamers please have a look at the folder descriptions below and be redeemed.
»Will I ever write a normal comment? Probably not.


This is a group that promotes manual talent and skill. Works done in traditional and digital media (drawings, painting, sculptures, cosplay, cookies, blood paintings, junk sculptures, 1:1 scale Reapers etc.) are welcome to the fitting category. Pictures that don't involve an "artisan work" must be exclusively submitted to the subgenre folder they belong to. So to say, a screenshot portraying the Male Commander must be submitted to the Screenshot folder and not to the Male Shepard folder.

Featured: Where most of the finished works are submitted. Don't be too hurried to share your wonderful piece of art here just because it is the first folder you see. If the work do fits to other folders it will be rejected. Also unfinished works must be submitted to the Sketches and WIPs folder.
Mass Effect Legion Artists: folder exclusively reserved to the members of our italian community So, if you cannot say "budda beep budda boop" with the correct accent, your work will be sadly rejected (ah, what can we say? We are so conceited about ourselves).
Comics: For all your Mass Effect fanmade comics! Yeh!
Fan Fiction: You went to school and they taught you how to write, or you realized drawing is not your vocation? Wonderful, you are a smart person! Share your literature works here!
Parody: Laughing makes life longer.
Pairings: For you, little devils!
FemShep: Related to the coolest woman in videogame history.
Male Shepard: All art related to the male commander here!
Sketches and WIPs: Submit here your pencil works or scraps or unfinished digital work or unrealized artistic dreams.
ArtisanCraft: You like sculpting, making costumes, plushies and cookies? All your gadgets, sculptures, props, and culinary discoveries related to Mass Effect must be submitted to this folder!
Crossover: When Mass Effect lore alone is not enough.
Graphics: Posters, wallpapers and 2D projects must be submitted to the Graphics folder.
Photomanips: For all photo manipulation that are not simple edited screenshots.
Screenshots: For when you have to capture that specific moment during your gameplay.
XNALara and Co: We never asked for this. All works done with XNALara and any other 3D posing program go in this folder. This includes comics, wallpapers, couples and whatever.

I hope you will enjoy your stay and will share your art with us!
Feel free to contact the admin :icondna-daenar:, and if you dare :iconellieshep: for every delucidation and hating.
Note: none of us has a psychology degree.
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Mass Effect

MELegion is an italian and international group dedicated to all Mass Effect fans and their fanworks!

»Read the group rules and folders guideline [here]
»Joining is automatically approved!

Keelah Se'lai, little big artist :)
In Memory of Katlyn (1990 - 2012) by SaintWalker1806

:bulletblue: 23 April, 2013_ 300 MEMBERS!
:bulletblue: 9 October 2012_200 MEMBERS!!
:bulletblue: April 18, 2012 _ 100 MEMBERS! Thank you guys !! :')
:bulletblue: May 14, 2012 Opened the official homepage Mass Effect for italian fans.

Group online since: Feb 23, 2012





General Affiliates
:iconscifi-wordsmiths: :icontomb-raider-empire: :iconmetroid-club: :iconclub-deadspace: :icondead-island-fc: :iconsilent-hill-art: :iconvideogamers-italia: :icongamer-arts: :icongamingloveinterests:

For requests:
:bulletgreen: Other games and their characters, then not mass effect :thumbsup:
:bulletblue: Anti-groups :thumbsdown:

Just for clarification, we'll accept partnership requests only from: Mass Effect and videogames in general groups or Sci-fi oriented.

Other fan club featuring Mass Effect and its characters, visit & enjoy!


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Mass Effect Legion Artists
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Fan Fictions
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Mass Effect 3: Blasto 7 Movie Poster by UltimateZetya
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ME: Lost In You {Shakarian} [Commission] by LadyTheirin
The Spectre and the Operative by ErinPrimette
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Forever by Falaryen
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A Girl and Her Fox by Razz8
Male Shepard
The End Of An Era by Falaryen
Commander Shepard by Eromaxi
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Sketches and WIPs
Zaeed Massani by Pythagasaurus
Samara by Pythagasaurus
Oleg Petrovsky by Pythagasaurus
Samantha Traynor by Pythagasaurus
My nail N7 art plus N7 key chains =] by Shaya-Fury
Liara Mass Effect headpiece by stegosauro
Tali Style key rings by Shaya-Fury
N7 badge by Shaya-Fury
Soul Worthiness by Squipy-Cheetah
Mass Effect - Miranda Lawson by AredheelMahariel
Liara enjoying her coffee. by Razz8
Streaming Mass Effect Andromeda by TheWonderingSword
XNALara and co.
Blood Pack by SourSticker



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