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Is the group inactive, or?..
Hello guys, I sent you a note about my declined submission, do you check your group notes?
Sharing a bit of my Mass Effect: Galactic Warfare vehicle concepts since no one is accepting the art anymore. So here is my Verminus, M-90 Mako II and the UT-48 Buffalo Shuttle.
Mass Effect - SSBC Verminus MK-10 by ZER0GEO   Mass Effect - Verminus Deployed by ZER0GEO   Mass Effect - M-90 Mako II by ZER0GEO   Mass Effect - M-90 in action by ZER0GEO   Mass Effect - UT-48 Buffalo Shuttle by ZER0GEO  
Tela Vasir - Revived Canon
Tela Vasir by JohnTazukura  
Captain Wasea - Revived Canon
Captain Wasea by JohnTazukura  
The Next Mass Effect - Liara Teaser
Liara by JohnTazukura  
Hello there! My name is UltimateSaiyanEddy. I'm the creator of a collaborative project on Deviantart that makes movesets for fictional characters, like this for example! The project is called All Star War Zone and we're constantly looking for new writers to contribute!…

I was wondering if any fans in this group would be interested in making a set for Kai Leng. If you are interested, respond to this comment and I can send you a template that will help with making this set!