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Gallery Folders

An Evening I Will Not Forget by elmjuniper
Power Couple by elmjuniper
Zirca Magazine April Issue by elmjuniper
Goodbye by elmjuniper

Mature Content

MEA Landing by PsiDeschain
MEA: Rey Ryder [Commission] by LadyTheirin
MEA: Siblings [Commission] by LadyTheirin
Romances - Andromeda
MEA: Safe Space {Jaal/Ryder} [Commission] by LadyTheirin
MEA: Darling Ones {Jaal/Ryder} [Commission] by LadyTheirin

Mature Content

Rose Tattoo: ME Peebee by Delfin-a

Mature Content

Rose Tattoo: ME Ryder by Delfin-a
Squad Team - Andromeda
MEA Cora Harper by PsiDeschain
Cora by Captain--De-Lorenzo
.:Mass Effect Cora Harper Blender Render:. by SniperGiirl
Vetra Nyx by Eromaxi
Christina Shepard - Off Balance 8 by PsiDeschain
Christina Shepard - Rembrandt Portrait by PsiDeschain
The Bartender by PsiDeschain
Jane Shepard - Tunnel of Love by PsiDeschain
Romance - Trilogy

Mature Content

Liara and Kayla - Is everything alright now #13 by Grummel83
It's Getting Late by BarbDBarb
#281 Good night by GothicGamerXIV
Chrissy and Robert - Lab by PsiDeschain
Squad Team - Trilogy
#282 The time has come by GothicGamerXIV
Garrus Beach Day by Razz8
Rebellion by BarbDBarb
This Isn't Over Yet by BarbDBarb
Blueberry Daiquiri by DarklordIIID
Gone Away by GothicGamerXIV
Tali Vid by PsiDeschain
Liara - Grief by PsiDeschain
Spectre Turian by GuardianOfNightmares
Hannah - Guitar Gently Weeps by PsiDeschain
Animation Commission: Celestine Claire Shepard by galia-and-kitty
Hannah Shepard - Low Key Lighting by PsiDeschain
XNALara Models only
Jane Shepard Wetsuit (XPS) by Grummel83
Liara Black and Blue Swimsuit (XPS) by Grummel83
Samara Red Party Dress (XPS) by Grummel83
Ashley Williams Evening Dress V2 (XPS) by Grummel83
Mature Content

Mature Content

Assuming_control [Ch 1 in Heat] by Gladyus86
Writings FanFiction

Mature Content

Comics, Cartoons and MEMEs
Eva Core memes #1 by GothicGamerXIV
Cosplay and Crafts
28mm MassEffect miniatures: preorder by Michael-XIII
Ships and other Vehicles
Need For Speed II by BarbDBarb
Landscapes Locations
Mass Effect Andromeda Presson Dunes Dreamscene by droot1986
#288 Priorities by GothicGamerXIV




In the last time, I got some messages about contributions to our group that where nothing but insults or accusions against other deviants and members of this group.

I want to make clear, that such entrys won't bee accepted to any folder in this group. The group was made of fans for other fans to celebrate our love and devotion to the Mass Effect games. Anything related to Mass Effect will always be welcome here and appreciated, but this is not the place for personal hostilities. If you have a personal problem with someone, so please: work it out somewhere else. This here is about ME and nothing else!

If you are here for ME Fanart or anything related to it: Be welcome and feel yourself at home!

If you are here, for something else or even for insulting: Please move on, here is nothing to see!
More Journal Entries



1. Everyone can join this group, but we expect a nice and kind acquaintance from everybody. If someone is causing trouble, there will be one warning from one of our admins. Does it happen again you will get banned. This is a group for the fandom of Mass Effect, who wants to share their creations and get feedback for it. There is no room for threats and/or offensive comments to this group and their members!

2. Feedback is always appreciated, if it is constructive and not insulting at some point.

3. Only Members can actually post their creations in this group.

4. Please submit deviations to the correct folder. If Deviations are not submitted correctly we will be reject is and give you a suggestion where we want to see the picture.

Where do I post my deviation?

Featured - Please do not submit your deviation into this folder. This is a folder for the founder and admins to post copies of creations they considered to be the highest quality and deserve separate appreciation. Every Deviation that got submitted there will get rejected. See Rule No. 4.

Ryder - Screenshots, Fanart, Rendered pictures of Ryder

Romance Andromeda - This folder indicates that it should include deviations with romantical content of couples. This is no place for explicit material - you will find an additional folder for mature content. This folder is only for romances of the game Mass Effect Andromeda

Squad Team - Andromeda - Screenshots, Fanart, Rendered pictures of the origin Squad Members of Mass Effect Andromeda

Shepard - Screenshots, Fanart, Rendered pictures of Commander Shepard

Squad Team - Trilogy- Screenshots, Fanart, Rendered pictures of the origin Squad Members of the trilogy

NPC Characters - Screenshots, Fanart, Rendered pictures of NPCs of all all games

OCs - means original characters and contains artwork from characters, that are not part of the games, but your own creation.

XNALara Models only - as the folder says, we want a collection of all extracted and published Mass Effect models - please do not submit rendered art of those models to this folder.

Mature Content - Here you will find tasteful nudity, romantic and mildly erotic images. Hard-Core pornograohy won't get accepted to this group at all.

Writing and Fanfictions - Please submit your stories, biographies, fanfictions and every written content into this folder. We consider to make folders for complete stories. Please contact the founder or admins and ask for a folder of your story.

Comics and Memes- This folder contains all kind of comics and Memes.

Cosplay & Crafts - All content that shows your cosplays and crafts.

Ships and other vehicles - Screenshots, Fanart, Rendered pictures of ships and other vehicles of the games or created on your own but be considered to be part of the ME Universe.

What we DON'T want in our group:

- Thiefs who are posting the art and writings of others (those will removed permanently)
- Hard-Core Pornographic content
- Crude/unfinished material (we want this group to have a decent quality)

Group Info

Hey everyone,
this group is for all of you, who loves Mass Effect related artwork and fanfictions!

Please feel free to join this group and/or share your fan creations with the community!
Founded 6 Years ago
Aug 23, 2012


Group Focus
Art Collection

582 Members
655 Watchers
65,275 Pageviews
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PsiDeschain Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018
I noticed the Ryder gallery was empty, and while the game wasn't well received, nothing seemed odd. Then I noticed that for all three of the Andromeda sections, I don't get the "Contribute to This Gallery" button (similar to Featured, where I understand why there is no button). Don't know if this is intentional or just a problem on my end.
elmjuniper Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I'll have a look at it ASAP. :) 
Drachenritter93 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018
That is neither intentional, nor is it a problem on your end. It ist just a technical problem. For some reason, I don't yet know, it is not an option to contribute something to the Andromeda folders.
If you want to contribute something to one of this folders, please tell me and then contribute them to any folder. I will manualy move it then to the Andromeda section.
elmjuniper Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I fixed it. When you create new folders you also have to set who's allowed to contribute to it. 
Drachenritter93 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018
Thank you very much. :bow:
Then I know this for the future. :)
PsiDeschain Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018
Thanks. I contributed a Ryder picture under Shepard.
elmjuniper Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's fixed. You can now contribute to all the Andromeda folders. :) 
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MassEffect2017 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2017
Can anybody help me? 
Does anyone have ME3 Headmorph importer script for 3ds MAX?  
Here is unavailable… :( (Sad)

JuliaToffy Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for requesting my Kasumi in ink! :)
hellenys Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015
Thank you for requesting my render!
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