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:iconjohnshepardplz::iconsaysplz:I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite group on deviantArt.
This group is dedicated to all Mass Effect game fans!:la:
We accept anything that connected with Mass Effect somehow!
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Ch. 2: Finding a Loyal TurianTitle: ME1: World Without EndAuthor: Amanda Rau (manda091987)Game: Mass Effect 1Characters/Pairing: (Characters) All from Mass Effect 1 (Pairing) N/ADisclaimer: All characters, the name 'Shepard', and story are the sole property of Bioware. Hayden is mine. Some words and items are mine and are indicated with an *. Please ask for permission for use of these things. 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧Commuting to Chora痴 Den was extensive due to a shuttle car collision, which caused gridlock. Thankfully, C-Sec was efficient in clearing up the crash site. Traffic resumed, but I was concerned that the hour-long delay caused us to miss Harkin. I hoped his habit would keep him lingering at the dinghy bar; I had to locate Garrus. Ashley, Kaidan, and I staggered out of the taxi, dawdling around the corner toward the establishment痴 entrance.典his place looks shady, Ashley stammered.滴arkin is here some濫My response was disrupted by my barrier, absorbing the impact of a projectile. I glanced down to see the purple glimmer of its recharge ripple over my frame. At the entrance of Chora痴 Den were three turian thugs blocking access. Ashley unloaded her assault rifle on one of the turian痴 shields, then I activated Pull and Throw, sending the goon tumbling over the catwalk. Kaidan triggered Warp on the second turian, then riddled him with bullets. We crept toward the entryway of the bar, where the third gunman rose from cover and fired. I initiated biotic Lift, hoisting him into the air, Warp taking his shields. When he was vulnerable, I blasted him with my shotgun. Mere seconds passed from biotic surge to a holstered weapon.I followed my team into Chora痴, going past the center bar. As we came around the right side, we saw Harkin at a corner table, drinking. I approached him, but not before noticing one krogan squabbling with another krogan bodyguard in an archway.釘ack off, Wrex, the bouncer warned. 擢ist told us to take you down if you showed up.展hat are you waiting for? the one named Wrex challenged. 的知 standing right here. This is Fist痴 only chance. If he痴 smart, he値l take it.滴e痴 not coming out, Wrex. End of Story.典his story痴 just beginning. Wrex stalked away, peering at Ashley, Kaidan, and I. 徹ut of my way, humans. I have no quarrel with you.展hat was that all about? Kaidan wondered.Ashley shook her head, putting her hand on her hip. 展ho knows? Let痴 just try not to get caught in the middle.We put our attention back on Harkin, padding closer to his position.滴ey there, sweetheart. You lookin for some fun? Cause I gotta say, that soldier get-up looks real good on that body of yours. Harkin smirked. 展hy don稚 you sit your sweet little ass down beside ole Harkin? Have a drink, and we値l see where this goes.I folded my arms across my chest. I壇 rather drink a cup of acid after chewing on a razor blade.添ou trying to hurt my feelings? You gotta do better than that. After twenty years in C-Sec, I致e been called every name in the book, Princess, Harkin replied.I snipped, 鼎all me princess one more time, and you値l be picking your teeth up off the floor. Just tell me where Garrus is, Harkin.徹kay, okay. Just relax. Garrus, you say? Heh. You must be one of Anderson痴 crew. Poor bastard痴 still trying to bring Saren down, eh? I know where Garrus is, but you gotta tell me something first. Harkin sat forward, leaning on the table. 泥id the Captain let you in on his big secret?My father, 禅he Admiral, legally raised me from thirteen years of age, and I had known David just as long. He and my father met 30 years ago and since then had nearly been inseparable. I spent a lot of time with Anderson, going so far as to figuratively adopt him as one of my uncles. When he requested me to join his crew on the Normandy, it was an honor I highly regarded. After what Anderson told me about Harkin, I didn稚 feel like playing whatever game he was about to rope us into. However, this wasn稚 something I could ignore. He had the information I needed, so I would indulge him whether I wanted to or not.的s there information I should know about the Captain? My eyebrow raised.典he Captain used to be a Spectre. Didn稚 know that, did you? It was all very hush-hush. The first human ever given the honor. And then he blew it. Harkin almost sounded happy about it. 鉄crewed up his mission so bad they kicked him out. Of course, he blames Saren. Says the turian set him up.滴arkin, just tell me where Garrus is. I glared.鄭ll right, all right. Garrus was sniffin around Dr. Michel痴 office. She runs the med clinic on the other side of the wards. Last I heard, he was going back there. But that was a while ago, maybe two hours. He痴 probably back at C-Sec by now.I nodded. 典hanks. I知 out of here.敵ood, go. Let me drink in peace. Harkin huffed.I roamed over to the asari behind the bar. 摘xcuse me. Get Harkin over there the next three rounds on me. Tell him Commander Shepard thanks him.The woman acknowledged my request, then I paid at the nearby terminal before leaving. We headed to the transport, where I observed a map of the area. Ashley and Kaidan started conversing behind me.展hy didn稚 Captain Anderson tell us he was once a Spectre? Ashley asked.溺aybe it痴 not true. Harkin痴 an ass. I bet he痴 just messing with our heads, Kaidan replied.溺aybe, do you think it was wise to encourage his drinking, Skipper? Ashley inquired.I welcomed the question; it kept me from explaining how I knew Harkin was telling the truth. Despite his words honesty, I didn稚 know the whole story behind how Anderson lost the privilege. Most, if not all, the information was classified.溺aybe, maybe not, but the drinks were a way of keeping the peace. We may need him again, and we won稚 get the answers we want without stroking his ego. Think positive. I quickly peered down at my O.T, then back up to my Gunnery Chief. 鄭shley, you know what mods we need. Head for the necessary stores and purchase them?鄭ye, Aye, Commander. Ashley saluted.I doled out orders to my lieutenant, 適aidan, go back to Udina痴. Ask if they managed to find any other leads.展here will you be?的 am going to search for Garrus. There is a chance he went back to C-Sec.埜ith all due respect, Commander, Officer Vakarian seemed like a hothead. I壇 rather be with you while you try to chase him down.典hank you, Lieutenant. I appreciate you offering to help, but I can handle Garrus. Besides, I don稚 feel like dealing with Ambassador Udina anymore today. Think you could coordinate our sleeping arrangements with his assistance?Kaidan seemed to hesitate but caved. 添es, Commander.After my lieutenant was in his skycar and leaving, I stared out into the Citadel痴 void, debating my next steps. I needed to go to the embassies first, but I wanted space between the lieutenant and me. The shuttle I summoned took me on a 20-minute ride to my destination. I landed, immediately going to the Executor痴 office. Pallin was outside, conversing with his asari secretary. The door closed, causing them both to notice my presence.鼎ommander. How may I help you?的 was hoping to get a moment of your time if you aren稚 currently engrossed in work.的 have a few minutes I can spare. He looked at his secretary. 滴old all my calls until my meeting with the Commander is over.添es, sir.Pallin followed me in, closing the door behind him. He went to his chair. 撤lease, have a seat, Commander. What can I do for you?I casually sat down. 的 was wondering if you would give me some insight into your investigation on Saren.The turian paused for a moment. 的 do apologize, Commander. But I don稚 make a habit of giving out details about ongoing investigations.I put my hand up. 的 understand, Executor. Is there anything you can tell me about Garrus?敵arrus Vakarian? I nodded, causing him to continue, 敵ood officer. Excellent, in fact. But he needs to learn some patience. You壇 think an officer of the law would be a bit more mindful of rules and regulations謡as there anything else?哲o, sir. I know you are busy. I don稚 want to waste any of your time.Pallin politely bowed his head then walked me out of his office. Before I got too far, his voice halted me, 鼎ommander?I turned. 添es, Executor?的f you want any more information on Garrus, I would try his old partner. You値l find him at C-Sec precinct 34, Lower Kithoi Ward. Chellick, Officer Decian Chellick.典hank you.I made my way back over to the shuttle terminal, pressing the button. While I waited, I occupied myself by searching for a highly rated levo/dextro eatery near the C-Sec station where Officer Chellick operated from. I found one and marked it on my map. At that moment, the shuttle stopped at my location. I climbed inside to see two silent asari and three boisterous salarians. The two asari were sitting in a sophisticated manner though they were clearly stewing in quiet anger over something that had happened. The salarians, however, were more vocal about their situation. Apparently, one of them had been mugged, and the other two were doing their best to keep him calm. I had a dull throbbing in my temples that turned into a migraine going down into my neck by the time the ten-minute ride came to an end.I followed them out of the cab, peering up toward the simulated sky, taking a deep breath. I backtracked to a corner bistro down the block, ordering Chellick and me something to eat since it was well past that time. I entered the precinct about 30 minutes later. I casually slinked toward the receptionist.的 am here to see Officer Chellick, I inquired.滴e痴 down the hall, second door on the left, the receptionist spouted.There were ten other people, in addition to the two asari and three salarian, now swarming around the receptionist and her partner. I watched the chaos ensue for a moment, then turned on my heels and padded to Officer Chellick. When I reached his office, he was already in the process of walking out the door.的知 stepping out for a break. Please leave a message with one of the receptionists, and I will call you when I知 back on duty.The turian C-Sec officer had stopped three feet in front of me. I observed him for a moment, then turned my attention to the receptionist, causing him to mimic my action.I glanced back at him. 徹fficer Chellick, I知 Commander Shepard濫鉄pirits, Commander, please forgive me. Chellick put his head down and shook it.哲o need to be embarrassed. People recognize me everywhere I go. It痴 kind of refreshing that you didn稚 realize who I was. I held up the items currently in my grasp. 的 brought food. Do you have a place we can sit and talk?Chellick studied me with curiosity for a second, then led me to a place where we could enjoy our meals. The break room was vacant of occupants, which I found surprising considering the day and time. The turian officer and I pulled out our chairs, and after getting situated, I passed him his chow.典his smells delicious. Thank you, Commander.添ou池e welcome, Officer.We sat in comfortable reticence, devouring our dinner. After a few bites, I took in Chellick痴 form; he was dapper. His eyes a fluorescent green, which played well against his light tan skin and plates. He was from the Tithideus clan, bright blue markings tracing over his mandibles and chin. His presence was that of a typical turian: respectful and polite.I shifted my attention to my current surroundings. The precinct痴 break room had many surfaces, floor to ceiling windows on two of the four walls, a mini kitchen near the entrance, and cobalt marble tile with pale paint. Once I finished, I tossed my garbage, noticing a nearby quark board containing a lengthy list of rules. I snorted as I read them. Some of the regulations on the paper were outrageous. As I examined further, I observed the hand-written scribbles all over the parchment. A few numbers into the checklist, Garrus scrawled in his own guidelines.I faced Chellick. 徹fficer Vakarian seems like a stubborn child.Chellick scoffed. 鼎hild is accurate, although stubborn is too good a word to use for Garrus.的 came by to discuss your relationship with him. I heard from Executor Pallin that you two were partners before you were promoted.添es, we were, he replied. 釘oy constantly got me into trouble.鉄eems like it. I pointed back to the list.典he rules? Yeah, one night we went out for a drink and got carried away. Garrus and I wrangled a keeper and took him back to my apartment for questioning. It was all very embarrassing the next day. I recorded the entire incident. I didn稚 realize it, but I did.哲ow that would be something to see.Chellick scooted closer and opened up his omni-tool. With the press of a button, the video appeared.They stumbled out of the elevator when it arrived at the docking bay. They walked through the quiet docks & they started looking for something.滴ey, whattabout him? Garrus said, pointing to his objective.鄭 keeper? Garrussss, you can稚 bother--典hey see evurathang that goes on, Garrus replied, walking over to the keeper. 典here痴 gotta be a way to talk withem.Chellick laughed as he followed Garrus over to the keeper. The keeper looked over at them briefly before turning back to his terminal.滴ey, Garrus said, poking the keeper.The keeper looked over at Garrus.展hat now? Chellick chuckled.的 dunno. Garrus laughed. 填hm hi?The keeper turned back to his terminal.滴ey! Garrus said, poking the keeper again. 的 was talkin to ya.The keeper looked over again and pushed Garrus away from him.徹h, thazit, Garrus slurred, pushing back.敵arrus, we池e gonna get in trouble.典his keeper痴 an asshole, Garrus retorted, scuffling with the keeper.Chellick watched in dazed disbelief as he observed his drunken friend break even more rules. Garrus tackled the keeper behind a crate and could longer be seen by the camera. Chellick rushed behind the container and can no longer be seen by the camera either.A few minutes of nothing.Garrus and Chellick emerge with the keeper in their arms. Garrus has a hold of its legs, doing his best to keep it from squirming while Chellick holds onto its neck. They run out of the docking area and out of the camera痴 view.I chuckled as he closed out of the vid. A drunk turian was an entertaining sight to behold. 鏑ooks like you two had a lot of fun working together.Chellick snickered. 添eah, well, the next day in Pallin痴 office, Garrus blamed the keeper. Said he started it. I tried hard not to laugh. Garrus keeps you on your feet, that痴 for sure. Chellick got up and pulled the list off the board, and handed it to me. 鏑et痴 see, rules 4, 5, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26, 30, 47, 49, and 50 all happened in one day.I put my hands up. 展ait, wait, wait. You mean to tell me this list was written in a day?哲o. Chellick shook his head. 鉄ome of these are in our original rule book. Though, none of us read it. It痴 why Pallin thought that it was a good idea to put the list up where we could see it.I looked down at the rules then back up to him. 添ou have more time? I think I would like to hear this story.徹fficer Chellick? An asari woman entered the break-room. 典here is someone here to see you. They say it痴 urgent.Chellick stood up and escorted me out. He regarded the gentleman waiting for him as he unlocked the door to his office. 撤lease, take a seat, sir. I will be with you in just a few moments. The man nodded, then stepped into Chellick痴 office. The turian led me out of C-Sec. 鄭sk Garrus about the 租rug dealing monkey party, Commander. He値l know what you池e talking about the minute you say it. If he pretends not to. Remind him that he locked the damn thing in the fridge after it threw feces at him.I shook my head, trying to hide my amusement. 鄭nyone get hurt?展e all had a few bumps and bruises; though, I would say Garrus hurt his pride more than anything else. Then again, the man doesn稚 get embarrassed easily, Chellick said. 敵arrus watches your back, and he痴 very loyal. That痴 why we were partners, and it痴 also why we have remained such close friends.I faced him. 典hank you for this, Chellick. It has helped me see a little into what I will be dealing with.泥ealing with? Chellick hinted.的 would like his assistance in my own investigation against Saren. It may mean that he joins my crew and leaves the Citadel, I confessed.展hile I think it would be good for him, I doubt it will happen. Pallin may not like the things Garrus does, but he is one of our best. The only reason I was promoted and he wasn稚 is because he still has a bit of growing up to do. Chellick痴 features softened as he thought about his friend.的 have my ways of dealing with people. Pallin will give me what I want because I can give him what he wants.Chellick's head lightly jerked in curiosity. 徹h yeah, what is that?鄭 vacation from his energetic toddler. Less paperwork, less money, less stress. I put my hand out, shaking Chellick痴 talon. 典hank you again. I hope this is not the last time our paths cross. Doctor Michel痴 office?典he Wards. Take the elevator to the right of here. He pointed.的 might take the shuttle instead, I stammered. 的 get rather impatient and agitated on elevators.Chellick accompanied me to the shuttle, where he stood with me and made small talk before it landed. I climbed in and got comfortable.典he Commander would like to go to Dr. Michel痴 office in the wards, please.Yes, Officer Chellick, the V.I responded.Chellick痴 talon lifted into a stiff wave, then he turned, returning to the precinct. The short commute to the Wards was my time to process all the recent data I acquired on Garrus. My heart was palpitating, torridity pulsated throughout my body, hairs on my neck rose. Something about the turian was unique, but what? What caused this sudden surge of adrenaline? My thoughts were abruptly cut off by the shuttle V.I.Arriving at Med Clinic in the Wards. Please have a beautiful day, Commander Shepard, and thank you for using Citadel Shuttle Services.I climbed out of the shuttle and approached the entrance. The thugs surrounding the doctor was the first thing I observed when stepping into the clinic. I didn稚 directly stare at him, but Garrus was in my peripheral, crouching behind a half-wall, methodically moving closer. He remained focused, not hindered by my presence. In retaliation to my interruption, one of the gunmen clutched the doctor and held her tightly against him. In a quick motion, Garrus stood, abruptly shooting him in the head without missing a beat. I maneuvered across from where he and Michel settled, pulling out a smoke grenade. After protecting my face with a handkerchief, I tossed it. One of the thugs managed to stagger out, but before he could recover, I shot him. The others waited for the pollution to disperse, then opened fire. I glided back into my hiding spot, carefully looking for a way to gain the upper hand.I bum-rushed the gangsters, one used his biotic Throw against me, but missed. I was unaware of its path; I hoped that Garrus and Michel were unaffected. Officer Vakarian peeked out, signaling they were unfazed. I was finished playing, so I stepped out, my entire left arm glowing in a cerulean frenzy. I activated Pull, catapulting a thug when he peeked out. He was out cold from aggressively hitting the wall. I tried to use Throw on the metal rectangle, but a bullet buzzed by, causing the force to be lighter than intended. The second to last thug recovered, slinging around his own energy. I went to the ground, launching myself toward Garrus, grabbing his pistol. I dual-wielded, eliminating the remaining two goons. I approached the man I cold-cocked, shaking him, but he didn稚 wake. I roughly slapped his face causing his eyes to fly open.展hy were you here? I asked.的知 not gonna tell you, stupid bitch.典ell me what I want to know, and I might let you go. I raised my eyebrow.添eah, right. I値l never tell you anything, the man spat.A familiar blue static covered my hand. 哲ot the answer I was looking for. I grabbed the thug痴 head, ready to snap his neck.徹kay, wait, wait! An unknown contact sent us to make sure the doctor gave us the information she had. Then we were ordered to kill her so no one else could get that information. The man had his hands up. 鼎an I go?的f you so much as濫的 won稚! The thug shook.I released the witless goon, migrating toward Garrus. Before any of us could speak, I heard the lowlife pause at the door, take out his weapon, and aim. Instinctively, since Garrus was facing him, I handed the turian his pistol. I was barely an arm痴 length away, but my frame was unwavering as I sensed the blaze of the projectile hurtle past me. Our eyes never glanced away from the other as the C-Sec officer shot the delinquent in the head.撤erfect timing, Shepard. Gave me a clear shot at that bastard, Garrus said, nodding to the man who had held the doctor hostage.展hat were you thinking? You could have hit the hostage! I stated.典here wasn稚 time to think! I just reacted. I didn稚 mean to優r. Michel? Are you hurt? Garrus observed her.Doctor Michel was charming, tall and meager, ginger hair, and gorgeous emerald eyes. Her skin was pale and flawless. Her voice was reticent and accompanied by a thick accent. Despite what just happened, she stood with confidence. The doctor peered into Garrus blue orbs as she tumbled her hands anxiously, palming one, then rotating.哲o, I知 okay. Thanks to you, both of you.的 know those men threatened you. But if you tell us who they work for, we can protect you, I guaranteed.典hey work for Fist. The agents wanted to shut me up, keep me from telling Garrus about the quarian.展hat quarian? I asked.Dr. Michel continued to anxiously tumble her hands as she paced. 鄭 few days ago, a quarian came by my office. She was wounded, but she wouldn稚 tell me who did it. I could tell she was scared, probably on the run. She asked me about the Shadow Broker. She wanted to trade information in exchange for a safe place to hide.展here is she now? I questioned.的 put her in contact with Fist. The man is an agent for the Shadow Broker.Garrus shook his head. 哲ot anymore. Now he works for Saren, and the Shadow Broker isn稚 too happy about it.Dr. Michel痴 eyes grew wide. 擢ist betrayed the Shadow Broker? That痴 stupid, even for him. Saren must have made him quite the offer.典hat quarian must have something Saren wants. Garrus pointed to me. 鉄omething worth crossing the Shadow Broker to get.鉄he must have something that proves he痴 a traitor. I faced the Doctor. 泥id the quarian mention anything about Saren? Or the geth?鉄he did, Michel confirmed. 典he information she was going to trade. She said it had something to do with the geth.鉄he must be able to link Saren to the geth. There痴 no way the Council can ignore this! Garrus tone got deeper.典ime to pay Fist a visit.典his is your show, Commander. But I want to bring Saren down as much as you do. I am coming with you! Garrus exclaimed.展elcome aboard, Garrus.添ou know, we aren稚 the only ones going after Fist. The Shadow Broker hired a krogan bounty hunter named Wrex to take him out.的 might have seen him at Chora痴 Den earlier, I remembered. 鄭ny idea where he痴 at now?釘arla Von just might be the person to talk to, Garrus suggested.I nodded. 鏑et痴 go, then.Garrus holstered his firearm. I gave him time to call in the incident and say goodbye to the practitioner. When some of Officer Vakarian痴 fellow patrolmen came to the scene, Garrus and I beat feet. We rounded the corner to the transport outside the clinic, where I saw a keeper. I wandered over, activating the scanner to record the insect-like creature痴 information.展hat are you doing? Garrus wondered.的 am scanning this keeper. After a pause, the machine beeped. 滴uh...展hat? I observed my omni-tool, then pointed to it. Garrus read aloud, 湯Keeper ID #12 registered name: Gizmo, scans complete. Credits transferred.樗典hese guys have names? I questioned.Garrus shrugged. 的 guess so. So, credits, huh? Scanning for a particular reason?鄭 salarian scientist wants the information for research, I replied, climbing aboard the shuttle.The skycar programmed our destination and gave us an estimated time of arrival. While Garrus and I were sitting in traffic, I decided the best course of action would be to update Ashley, Anderson, and Kaidan.鼎ommander, Kaidan greeted.的 found Officer Vakarian. We are following a lead, so settle in for the night. Did you manage to get sleeping arrangements taken care of?填h... yes, Commander, he said hesitantly. "Are you positive you don't want back-up?"的値l be all right, Lieutenant. I am in good hands. I stared at Garrus, causing his mandibles to flutter.鄭ye, Aye, Commander, Kaidan replied. 的 guess I will see you tomorrow then?鼎opy that. We値l meet at the embassy at 08:00. Get some rest, Lieutenant.添es, ma'am.I ended the call with Kaidan, closing my eyes as I leaned back with an over-exaggerated exhale.添ou know, Commander, I can call the precinct and have them pick up Wrex and hold him until tomorrow if you would like to go back to your room and get some rest, Garrus voiced.I put my head up, shaking it. 哲o, Garrus. I知 fine. It痴 not so much sleepiness as it is exhaustion. Don稚 worry about it. Anything I should know about our happy krogan?Garrus snorted. 的 hardly think 蘇appy is the right word for Wrex. He痴 primarily a mercenary for the Shadow Broker.添ou said we should start with Barla Von? It痴 closing hours. Is he still going to be in his office? I wondered, looking at my 21st-century watch.展e should catch him. He usually takes a few minutes to gather his things and leave, Garrus responded.I toyed with my timepiece as I patiently waited to arrive at our next destination. I loved anything and everything from the late 20th and early 21st centuries: music, clothes, movies, shows, life. I even carried around an iPod connected to my omni-tool and currently playing music in my receiver. As I listened, thoughts of Eden Prime flashed through my mind. When Garrus made a noise, I glanced at him, thinking about bumping into Ashley for the first time.敵unnery Chief Ashley Williams of the 212, are you in charge here, Ma誕m?I nodded. 鄭re you wounded, Williams?鄭 few scrapes and burns, but nothing serious.Ashley Williams was a great soldier. Evidence suggested Garrus would be just as great of an asset. I reveled in his peaceful presence. He was occupied with his omni-tool, but I became cognizant of his quiet humming as I watched him. I listened closer, mimicking the tune in my head, now aware it was the song currently playing in my receiver, 腺reaking the Habit by Linkin Park. I was trying not to be visible about the realization of him hacking into and sharing the channel with me, but I couldn稚 help it; I was proud. Once again, I relaxed as I shut my eyes, eavesdropping on his pacifying hum.Garrus and I arrived at the transport half a block from Barla痴 location. It was evening hours. I was convinced we were too late until I spotted the volus cantering out of his office痴 doorway. Garrus and I hurried toward the businessman, careful not to startle him.釘arla Von? I inquired.展hat痴 this? He puffed. 徹ne of the Earth-clan? Ah, a very famous one, yes? You are the one called Commander Shepard.I looked at Garrus, then to the short alien. 添es.擢orgive me, Earth-clan. I do not mean to alarm you. My job makes it necessary for me to stay informed. I am a financial adviser to many important clients here on the Citadel. When someone as significant as yourself arrives on the station, I take notice, he responded, taking deep breaths.的致e heard you work for the Shadow Broker? Do you have any information about Saren?The volus examined the area, leading Garrus and me to do the same. He motioned us over to the skycar, causing me to lean back and cautiously cross my arms.的 mean no harm, Earth-clan. How about I take us out to drinks and tell you everything worth knowing?The turian and I studied each other. Despite knowing who Barla Von was, his connections to the Shadow Broker made him dangerous. Right now, gazing into Garrus eyes, I didn稚 feel any cautious warnings rear their ugly head. If we got into a sticky situation, I trusted the alien would watch my six. I bobbed my head, the turian mirroring the action indicating he followed my somewhat different train of thought. I faced Barla, accepting his invitation by sliding into the skycar, followed by Garrus, then our volus host.Garrus, Barla, and I arrived, climbing out of the skycar. A long line of varying species skirted the outside of 禅he Blue Rose, waiting to get in and enjoy the offered services. Barla went to the doorman, exchanging a few words, the bouncer letting us in. The three of us went downstairs, through a hallway, entering the club痴 central area. Half-dressed asari shaking their butts greeted us, music booming over loudspeakers with a base so ample, your chest vibrated. Barla led us to a table in a far corner of the club, ordering drinks.添ou were very blunt, Shepard, the volus began, 澱ut you池e right. I am an agent for the Shadow Broker. And I do know something about Saren.鄭ny information you have could be beneficial, I coaxed.典his information is worth a small fortune. But this is an unusual situation. So I am going to let you have it for free, Barla stated.The mixologist delivered our beverages. Both Barla and Garrus put tips in her cleavage. I repeated the action, but she held my hand there longer, a smile and wink accompanying her seductive expression. Six nearby tables of men elicited cheers and whistles. I did my best not to acknowledge them, though Garrus gawking in my peripheral was incriminating.Barla continued, 典he Shadow Broker is quite upset with Saren now. They used to do a lot of business. Until Saren turned on him.I leaned back slightly. 鉄aren betrayed him; imagine that.哲o matter what you think of Saren, he isn稚 stupid. The volus shook his head. 滴e knows the Shadow Broker is a valuable ally. Turning on him doesn稚 make sense. Nonetheless, something huge is at stake. I don稚 know the details, but the Shadow Broker hired a freelancer to deal with it. A krogan mercenary.典hat痴 why we came to you. I looked at him. 展e need to find the mercenary. Do you know his current location?Garrus omni-tool beeped. He excused himself, leaving the club to answer his call.的 don稚 know where his exact whereabouts would be. I do know that you can find him near Chora痴 Den, however. He is desperate to get Fist.I acquired all the information I needed on Saren, but I was curious about Barla痴 line of work. Some things he revealed, others he didn稚. We also discussed my financials. Barla wanted to take me on as a client, which I found flattering. I granted him access to my information, and he notified me he would study everything first thing tomorrow. After some more minor deliberation, Barla excused himself.Garrus came back into the club, though I didn稚 notice right away. I was consumed with a man stumbling toward me. He plopped down in the chair that Garrus was in before excusing himself.滴ey there, baby, the man slurred. 添ou sure it痴 wise to sit here all by yourself?I flashed my dimples politely. 的 can handle myself, thank you.的 bet you could, he garbled. 添ou are a beautiful woman.典hank you, I replied.The drunkard continued to garble his words of love and admiration, raving about my unique beauty. He was inebriated, and I was consumed with more important issues to confront than his current, intoxicated state. The man didn稚 become troublesome until he seized one of my boobs and pleaded for a quickie in the alleyway. I forced his arm behind his back, pushing his head to the table as I loomed over him.I leaned down and quietly spoke in his ear, 撤lease keep in mind that you just sexually assaulted a Commanding officer of the Alliance. Now, I realize that you are inhibited and won稚 remember this tomorrow, so I値l let it slide. Now, leave me alone, or I will alert Security.I shoved him away from me, his buddies coming over to help him up. Garrus reappeared by the table, his head going back and forth as we caught the other痴 gaze.展hat?哲othing. I had Wrex picked up and taken to C-Sec. You want to head over, Commanding Officer? His mandibles fluttered.I huffed a laugh at his comment. 添eah.As Garrus and I wandered out of The Blue Rose, I studied his more intimate proximity to me; the turian was closer than he had been since we met mere hours ago. At the shuttle transport, Garrus requested a skycar. When it arrived moments later, we slipped in, getting comfortable. While on our way to the precinct, I regarded the time; it was almost 20:00.
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