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:bulletblack:If you draw strips or comics, short or long about Mass Effect, this club is for you.:bulletblack:

:bulletorange: The club is focused solely on comics, strips, and drawings with text on it.
:bulletorange: The club is focused around all fan creations, no matter if it's about canon characters and events or OC's and other fandom ideas.
:bulletorange: To get a separate folder containing your comic - It has to be at least 35 pages long and ongoing if it's not finished. You have such comic? Great, let us know, and we will surely create a new folder for you.


:star: Comic Strips :
- Short stories. Here we upload self-contained comic strips about ME1/ME2/ME3.

:star: One Panel Strips :
- Only drawings with text bubbles.

:star: Official Comic Pages :
- Pages of Dark Horse Mass Effect comics that made it's way to Deviantart.

:star: Short ME Stories :
- Several paged comics with finished plot (35 pages long max).

:star: OCs :
- Several paged long with finished plot (35 pages long) and strip comics. This folder is for fan characters only (meaning those created by the fans. Shepard and other canon characters not allowed).

:star: Memes :
- It's self-explanatory.


Folders with long comics - more than 35 pages and continuing.

(Only the author is permitted to upload to this folder!)


Group founded 05.09.11

Gallery Folders

Happy Halloween! by kate-n-bd
N7 SPLIT by Eromaxi

Mature Content

Mass Effect Don't Ingest by macawnivore
Mako by Sythgara
Comic Strips
Request for FlorTheWriter by garrus368
Mass Effect 3: Remembering Mordin by bookwormcat
Mass Effect 3: Shopping with EDI by bookwormcat
Mass Effect 2: An Apology from Miranda by bookwormcat
One Panel Strips
Spiders! by skyllianhamster
Mass Effect: Andromeda, 20 by Ayej
unexpected visitor by sonicxamy135
Me - TevosXValern by TheSalmonArt
Short ME stories
A slave...or a pet - chapter 1 page 15 by garrus368
A slave...or a pet chapter 1 - page 14 by garrus368
A slave...or a pet chapter 1 - page 13 by garrus368
The comeback of the hero by Ellisis
Official Comic Pages
Mass effect Foundation 006 015 small by roughhouseink
Mass Effect Foundation 5 page 9 by JulienHB
Mass Effect:Foundations #2 Page 12 by TonyParkerArt
Mass Effect: Foundations 4 page 12 by TonyParkerArt
Reactor Reaction by LunaCentre
Dextro Sandwich: Geth out by Lycisca
ProtoEffect: What If... by CyberII
ME OC: ima turian by QueenMargo
Trash Effect by Fancyfeline
Mass effect 2 Meme by clc1997
I told ya.. by DarkpawStudios
Shepard Problems by dAdrianArts
Spectre and Archangel by ErsbethShadowSong
The Spectre and Archangel 117 by ErsbethShadowsong

Mature Content

The Spectre and Archangel 116 by ErsbethShadowsong
The Spectre and Archangel 115 by ErsbethShadowsong
The Spectre and Archangel 114 by ErsbethShadowsong
ME1 Commander Log
Mass Effect 3: log 62 by crisurdiales
Mass Effect 3: log 61 by crisurdiales
Mass Effect 3: log 60 by crisurdiales
Mass Effect 3: log 59 by crisurdiales
Swan Song by Zaera-Dourden
Swan Song Thank you! by Zaera-D
Mass Effect Swan Song Final by Zaera-D
ME Swan Song Epilogue 5 by Zaera-D
ME Swan Song Epilogue 4 by Zaera-D
Paragons of the Renaissance by tilliancatche
Night of the Spectres (Part 4) by tillianCatcher
Mass Effect Colony by AnnMarko
English/Polish Mass Effect Colony pg 047 by AnnMarKo
Mess Affect by CyberII
Ultimate Crossover: Coffee in my LSD by CyberII
Citadel Wards by Padzi
ME CW: Citadel Taxes by Padzi










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Hi! I was wondering if i could have a folder to post my mass effect comic in here. Its only 5 pages atm but is ongoing.…
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Only 2 weeks left for my small Mass Effect contest.
Check it out, lots of free art work to be given away and points also.
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I'm throwing a Mass Effect contest, please check it out (:
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All members and co founders must read this! My good friend and one of our own, 

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art is a place for all art, not certain art, why name it DEVIANT art if there's rules that prevent us 

from submiting certain art? We need to put it right, go read his journal entrys and you'll know 

what I mean, it isn't just for EnduringFighter, its also for putting things right and keeping the 

freedom of art on deviant art alive and putting a meaning to the name DEVIANT ART.

MaddyField Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Professional Photographer
It's so hard on DA to find someone to draw Mass Effect art for each other. So on one of my groups :iconmass-effect-trades: you can go over and express your interest in doing art trades. Every month or so the people interested will be paired up (rotating order for fairness) and can draw something for each other.

If you're interested: mass-effect-trades.deviantart.…
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Hello (: I am offering Mass Effect requests. Please take a look at the link and note me if you are interested (:…
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I'm doing an art trade if anyone's interested
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Hi everyone, . we are looking for passionate concept artists and writers to join our mass effect 3 rewrite project.
Our end goal is to recreate mass effect 3 to continue the events of mass effect 2 seamlessly. visit our page if you want to know more.

its called, mass effect 3  rewrite team and we are located on the bioware social network.…
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Thanks for the add =D
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Hello, I have a ME-based interactive comic [link] which is past 35 pages and only begins. It would be cool to have a separate folder in your group, like it's said, hope the group watchers will enjoy it :)
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Zoneh Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012

vote for best mask on [link]

help shepard win the contest that was rigged/unfair from the start, where my friend's entry was removed due 'unknown' reasons and then added after some masks gained much popularity...

Fight the injustice in the universe!

Help shepard take the contest back!

Spread the word around! Together we are stronger!

write a journal! share on your facebook! any help i counts!
AmethystSadachbia Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The rough draft of my first fancomic "Minarga" is now complete. I'm seeking feedback for the layouts, pacing, script, etc. before I do the second draft. Anyone who's interested in reading, please let me know what you think :D [link]
AmethystSadachbia Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm seeking translators for my fancomics. The info is here: [link]
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Greetings, I made two ME comics: [link] and [link]
Feel free to add them here.

Now, I'm off to do something completely different.
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THANX DUDE . your the best
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Hey, thanks so much for submitting my first page! :meow:
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