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My Bio
Writer, artist, and programmer.

I'm earning a degree in Computer Science: Animation Emphasis, with minors in creative writing and mathematics! I love to do traditional drawing, digital painting, 3D art, animation, graphics programming, poetry, and stories. I'm continually trying to improve and get better, as I have a long way to go.

I do my best to return all llamas and respond to all messages! I am not always prompt with doing so, though. Feel free to message me, too -- I'm often busy, so I may take a while to reply, but I really enjoy talking to people.

I have a few future projects in mind, including some webcomics and a video game, but it might take a while to get those started. It will happen though. All in good time.

ArtStation A Pokemon fanfic I'm writing

I wish.. by DinowCookie Ghost Watcher Stamp by mylastel :thumb203561728: Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness by ClefairyKid
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Favourite Visual Artist
Hayao Miyazaki
Favourite Movies
Zootopia, Rio, Finding Nemo, Shark Tale, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away
Favourite TV Shows
SpongeBob, Pokemon, MLP, Avatar the Last Airbender, RWBY, Lilo & Stitch, We Bare Bears
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Owl City, Sky Sailing, Aquarium (Adam Young), Evanescence, Nightwish
Favourite Books
Redwall, Warriors, Dragon Rider, Harry Potter, Drasmyr, Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, The Devouring
Favourite Writers
Brian Jacques, Erin Hunter, Edgar Allan Poe, Matthew D. Ryan, Brandon Sanderson
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Rollercoaster Tycoon series, Planet Coaster, Portal 2
Favourite Gaming Platform
Computer, 3DS, Pokewalker
Tools of the Trade
Sketchbook, Photoshop, Krita, Prismacolor pencils, drawing pencils, nupastel, Autodesk Maya
Other Interests
artwork, programming, reading, writing, clarinet, piano, running, lifting weights, hiking, astronomy, geology, psychology, theme parks, lucid dreaming, listening to music, video games, tulpae, romance

Let's do this.

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So I worked super hard and got accepted into Computer Science: Animation Emphasis. However, depression and ADHD-PI, combined with a general lack of organization, have been pretty rough on me lately. I haven’t gotten nearly enough done…So today is when this changes. I have an extremely difficult time accomplishing things without structure, so I have built an art plan. I am going to execute this. I will start to be more active here on DA, too. I will take a gap year before attending graduate school in order to get my master’s degree in computer science, with a concentration in graphics and animation. And then I will break in
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So, I got accepted into the computer science-animation combined major at my university! YES!!!! That takes a HUGE load off my shoulders. I spent two years stuck in that pre-major...It was brutal. Words cannot begin to describe how stressed out I was trying to get in, and how relieved I feel right now! However, I still have a lot of work to do. For this program, they only really care about the quality of your 3D work, for whatever reason, so that's what I submitted and I suppose it made the cut! However, I've always followed the school of thought that you need to learn to draw first and foremost, so... For one thing, I need to continually i
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I've been a bit behind in posting artwork, so sorry about that! I've still been doing it; just haven't gotten around to placing it here. I should get some simple sketchbook stuff up by the end of the week I hope. So, a few quick things that are relevant to my artistic life:  I’m now applying for my program in April. I was planning on applying in December, as per my forum thread, but I was having an awful semester — not figure drawing so much, but my calculus 2 and computational theory classes were surprisingly troublesome, and I am usually quite good at that sort of thing. I was extremely far behind on my portfolio, and I was afr
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please do not contact me again.

hi again, what programming language are you learning? ...for nearly 5 years i've been teaching myself c sharp for use with the unity game engine.

i still have a lot to learn, so i don't consider myself an expect, but i am improving every day.

Hello :) I use Java, C#, TypeScript, Python, C++, and GLSL/OpenGL. TypeScript is paying the bills for me currently, while I continue to improve my art and graphics programming skills in my spare time.

C# is great for game programming. I did code a raytracer in Java for my senior level Computer Graphics course. OpenGL is also pretty fun to play around with.

I am looking to get back into C# after I finish the crazy amount of art tutorials I am currently going through. I have done a little bit of Unity work, but I need a gaming computer to really ramp it up. It's hard to code games on a MacBook with hardly any storage space. Just took a glance over at your profile page and your work is quite good. Let me know if you want to chat C# and/or game dev. Although I'm usually only online Friday nights for a short little bit.

interesting. other than c sharp i only ever played around in basic, a very long time ago. c sharp seems to work well with unity, especially when using visual studio as an ide, so hopefully i can stick with just one language.

i'm still using an 8 year old dell laptop which wasn't even a gaming laptop when i got it. it's fine for writing code in but it struggles with rendering any modern graphics. which is why most of my unity test maps are minimalist.

thanks, i'd love to chat sometime to another coder about game dev. i'm willing to share my wip c sharp scripts and unity test maps if you're interested?

Yeah, I've only used a lot of languages since I went for an integrated computer science + animation degree in college. Since the program is accredited by ABET, it ended up covering a pretty broad spectrum of languages and technologies. Visual Studio is a great IDE. reasonably, especially for game development, I think that sticking to just one language is just fine. Once you know one language it isn't hard to add additional ones if you really need them, but I don't feel like you'd need to do so all that often.

Makes sense. Yeah as much as I love my MacBook, it doesn't do great with 3D renderings. It can do most stuff in Maya but it struggles when I try to do effects in Houdini. Minimalist maps are a great way of being resourceful though.

sorry it took me so long to respond, it's been a whirlwind few months! I'd love to chat about game dev. I would also love to take a look at your scripts and maps! I could share some of the graphics and gaming work I've done if you're interested as well, though currently I am trying to review the fundamentals of both computer programming and art before I take a deeper dive into things within the next few months.

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Howdy! Thank you for watching my page and welcome to the fox family!

You're welcome! And thank you! Love your work.