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Diplodocus Dinosaurs Feeding

Giant Diplodocus Herbiivore Dinosaurs Of Earths Jurassic Period,Having A Snack.
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This is a nice piece. Great work. Check out this one:…
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it's Chow time for the Sauropods.
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Yep  ! for sure & boy could they eat!
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Well some Sauropods like Diplodocus, Apatosaurus 
and Mamenchisaurus can also eat from the tree tops of trees 
during the Late Jurassic Period.
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Yep I believe you are spot on !
NestieBot's avatar
Indeed I am.
and Sauropods like Apatosaurus, Camarasaurus, Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus and Mamenchisaurus
can also defend their young from attackers like Allosaurus.

unless the Sauropod Herds have Stegosaurus as a Armor.
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Yes the sauropod  giants no doubt did their best to protect their young as did stegosaurus.
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I love the composition, with the creatures in passing, the ones in the background and also the position of the moon and the flying creatures is great, well done! awesome and epic! In my opinion this was well thought out and executed to create a feeling of massive enormity and greatness. Artisitic licence wins the day.
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Again Ty so much for the really positive comments.They are always very much appreciated Again TY!
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the picture is well made but still the enourmous size of the two diplodocus (wich were normally around 25-30 m long and only 3-4 m high) ruins a bit too much the immersion.
but still the overral picture is great, good work!
MasPix's avatar
you are free to express your opinions. & Im free to make the pics as I want.
blackfrog96's avatar
What you say is true and your absolutely right but next time don't reply to critiques in such a way.
When you reply to someone who's trying to help you in that way, you give away the wrong idea of yourself.
Try and be nice even to those you don't like (like probably me) even if you disagree with their opinions.
MasPix's avatar
who the hell do you think you are! Arrogant for sure.. Now go away & create something useful instead Of shooting your mouth off!.
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Moon is too big. And it looks like a cloud. But, I think - it is one of your best
MasPix's avatar
Moon is cool the pic was shot with 500mm lens which give narrow angle of view & makes moon look big...Its called imagination & fantasy try it some time.. & its a photographic reality
Suomen-Ukonilma's avatar
And this one! One of the best!
I like this idea with their tails!
MasPix's avatar
Ty I agree the tails make the picture a bit more intresting.
MasPix's avatar
Ty so much for all 3 of your very kind comments.. they are very much appreciated...Best wishes
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Sooooooooooo great,congrats
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Ty so much....
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very nice, good job!
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Ty Much Appreciated...
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