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It's ranting time(if you're my watcher, you can avoid reading this in case if this offends you, I don't mind what you're believe as long as you're don't force yours to mine)!

During the making of this Journal: I'm not an Idiot......Just Because I makes a Massive Crossover with Real World Conspiracy Theories(or at least so called one) slapped onto(Since there's more to our home sweet home universe than what currently known and believed to exist for most people), these was really dumb reasons for people(notably HTFSocial folks) to hate me often just because I did unique crossover concepts that including stuff like Digimon, Teen Titans, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Happy Tree Friends, Mario, Sonic, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and Warhammer 40000 altogether in that Mega-Crossover(in addition of inclusion of our universe's estoterics) and now it's about *:iconheroesplz:'s theme song* Five Years Gone since someone overreacting to me(that makes her friend from HTFSocial cyberbullies living hell out of me until about 2 years later from 5 years ago) *theme song ends here*. more reasons:
some people hate me and my mega-crossover just because it gave at least some canon characters extra Superpowers, come on! I prefe
someone tricked me to open the floodgate(aka unblocking him after I blocking him for the first time) through his own comments in my 'Hitler Reacts' youtube video(that I made over TVTropes rejecting my stuff from there, actually it's updated version) so he spam my stuff here with his own insults and flames(if you don't believe me, look at this:… where as my honorary bestie stands up for me against that guy, we finds out that he's also Canon Nazi from 4chan) until my friend block him, so I block him again and then he comments in the same Hitler Video I posted on youtube so I deleted my Hitler video from youtube(later reposted in Tumblr, as well Waterfall dot Social).
What grinds my gears is: Defamation of my work by masonicon
and let's go on the meat of this rant: he's another guy that defame my Mega-crossover named Ani-toonspiracy often for no reason other than he himself got triggered upon what my Mega-crossover deals and what my work dealing is: Real World Conspiracy Theories(and related Subject matter) and that guy(as many other Science Skeptics, he's are also worst cherry picker ever(often bad enough to make you have lot better chance to survive Darkseid's Omega Beam or Successfully pet the Tyranid than convinces them that their beliefs and worldviews are have any holes as anyone else's) not to mention they're also often misuses "anti-science" word to discredits anyone that disagreed with them) also made Trollfics/counterfics against Mega-crossovers that I and :iconuniversescollideinc: make. and he also uses his older account to continue flaming me(until I block that too). not to mention there's good reason why I can't stand his stuff: notably his beliefs demonizing Muslims while treat any of it's opponents as Saints(this can be problematic as this views is more often than not part of the only worldviews that aren't debunked by people like them)

I can't mention his name without shuddering(either due to Deviantart's mention feature) and I wants these wound to be heal

and for anyone that's friend with one I'm complaining about(or at least faving any of his stuff), trust me, I never Cheat Allah with even occult as even when there's lot of many higher powers, nothing is above Allah

edit: he's come back for me again, this time he uses different account :icondarthvadernoplz: at least I blacklisted him as usual

note: the only reason I write this Journal is: my system can't hold it anymore

edit 2: he's back again, hopefully he'll do his best to learns from his mistakes
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October 17, 2017


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