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apparently, my complaining with my Vent Journal doesn't stop there(to watchers: in case if this ever offends you, you can avoid reading this and I don't mind what you believe, as long as you don't force it to me)

around exactly 1 year ago, someone who I unblock(through his trickery via his own comments from my Hitler video) made a journal about me, one where when I read personally, it's at least just as bad(if not worse) than staring the Abyss IMO. I can't link it for whatever reasons like I mentioned earlier.

and here's the letter: Don't force your worldviews to my throats. Don't rubbish my work just because you're got triggered over subject matter my work dealing upon, and I'm isn't only one where you can't force your views onto. plus there's good reasons why I can't believe whatever he say: not only our earth isn't even make up just 1% of this universe, they also don't like to admit everything we're grow to know as real is only rough prototype of what's real. you know Scientists like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla built their new principles on what they don't know anything about. not to mention you're misuse the word antiscience to discredit anything that can even expands your limited paradigms.

there's also Irony where he thinks all fanworks are copyright Infringements, but he do Counterfic against both :iconuniversescollideinc: and my works, so this can be his hypocrisy since his counterfic is still fanwork

stamp that has to do with this journal entry: BAWWW!1! A SHOEW EEZ ABOWT X, NAHT ABOWT Y!111!!!! by Ktokolwiek1992There's reason I can't strictly follow "show accuracy" likely due to source material scrappiness and so on(he also treats even world's mythologies of both ancient and modern times as mere fiction, I can't sees them as merely fictional works not only it has continuity snarls that can be cured best by making them part of Real life) as well these other deviantart posts about this: (most of) 'science skeptics' in a nutshell my Spongegar meme by masonicon

Oh yeah! before Anyone jump the Gun, I'm not support Antisemitism and I'm not exactly denies Crimes that Muslims did(latter is usually for this reason: every country and every religion has fair shares of both Good and Evil people), it just double standard(which I against cuz it make Jews/Israelis lacks evildoers unlike any other countries/religions) that has to do with this

More letter(this is for those(Pokefan or not) that thinks everyone in Pokemon anime(including Ash's traveling companions, but excluding Ash himself) grows up while Ash himself stays 10): I'm sick with what your thinking not only it killed Pokemon anime for everyone including me(I don't mind those who hate Pokeshipping from thinking Misty is another forever 10-year old person as much as those who thinks Ash is the only one that don't age)

even more letter: to Asset Flippers: if you're can't make stand-alone games from scratch, stop ruining Steam for everyone with your own asset flips, you can make mods for Cities skylines instead of making stand-alone games

for those that insists my mega-crossover project are Pooh's Adventures: this is why the distinction between Pooh's Adventures(as a concept) and Actual Pooh's Adventures fan videos are need to exist

Good Day sir!

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January 6, 2018


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