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Adam Jensen: *opens the message*

from: Jimmy Neutron

to: Adam Jensen

the Illuminati is going after the Survivors from Left 4 Dead series in order to kill them all. go and rescue them all before the Illuminati got them since they're the only sources of Vaccines that aren't Illuminati-made vaccines and they're only source of vaccines for curing Zombie Virus

Adam Jensen: Boys and Girls, let's go to Left 4 Dead Universe

(the group then goes into Control Room where Rosalina enters the special navigation to flies the Interdimensional Space Station into Left 4 Dead Universe and R.O.B. pushes the buttons so the Interdimensional Space Station flies into Left 4 Dead Universe)

Adam Jensen: everybody! hold on!

(and then the Interdimensional Space Station are reaches Left 4 Dead Universe)

Adam Jensen: everybody! go to the Re-entry capsule

Adam Jensen: and quick! rescue the Left 4 Dead series survivors before the Illuminati get them

(Adam Jensen and his teammates are goes into the Re-entry capsule only to be interrupted by Professor E. Gadd in their way)

Professor E. Gadd: Wait! I has make something for you!

Payton: what the something?

Professor E. Gadd: a vehicle for your squishy friends

Payton: does that vehicle are fit into the Re-entry capsule?

Professor E. Gadd: yes, but they needs another re-entry capsule because they're too big to fit in the re-entry capsule that your team uses

Payton: and what's the kind of vehicles?

Professor E. Gadd: one of them is based on Sentinel from 40k Universe that simply retrofitted with GAU-8 Avenger(recovered from crashed Illuminati A-10) for it's armaments while another is the transport for your squishy friends

(as the Payton's team goes into Re-entry capsule, Adam Jensen goes to the Armoury section of Interdimensional Space Station to equips himself Typhoon Explosive system)

Adam Jensen: *installing Typhoon Explosive System rounds at Typhoon Explosive system slots throughout his body*

(and then, Adam Jensen goes into the Re-entry capsule where the rest of Payton's team are located)

Adam Jensen: Sorry I'm late

(After Adam Jensen enters the re-entry capsule where the Rest of Payton's team was, Professor E. Gadd and R.O.B. then launches 2 re-entry capsules to Left 4 Dead earth. meanwhile in the Left 4 Dead earth, some group of Illuminati snipers positions themselves in the city where survivors are possibly around, then we sees place where re-entry capsules are lands where Payton's team and their vehicles are comes out from their respective capsules, and then everyone got some kind of communicator)

Adam Jensen: this communicator is designed by Tails, Sniffles, Professor E. Gadd, Twilight Sparkle, and of course me

Payton: cool!

(suddenly, the team got incoming Transmission from R.O.B.)

R.O.B.: *Talks through Payton's communicator* the Survivors are comes in 2 groups(Each of them are consists 4 person): one is in this city, while another is on the neighbooring city, here's they are: Bill, Francis, Zoey, Louis. and another group of survivors consists Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle. the Illuminati are goes after both group of survivors. and just for insult, they have little to no experience of fighting anything smarter than the Infected so they'll have no match for the Illuminati.

Payton: so that's mean we must rescue them in order to get Vaccines for Zombie Virus because any other vaccines are tainted ones

R.O.B.: indeed

Payton: Adam Jensen! go and Rescue this group of survivors: Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis. while the rest of us, rescue Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle

(The Rest of Payton's team then goes to the city where Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle was while Adam Jensen are go to the city where Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis are located. upon split up, each group is escorted by Sentinels. but just before splits up, Payton orders HTFs that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, The Mole, and of course himself as well Generic Tree Friend soldiers ride a Transport vehicles. Sonic, Splendid, and Rainbow Dash are first of the members of Payton's team(minus Adam Jensen) that reaches the city where the Second Group of Survivors are located where they're scouting around)

Splendid: *Talks to Sonic with his communicator* do you see the Infected?

Sonic: nope so far!

(Sonic, Splendid, and Rainbow Dash scouting around until they spots the infected)

Splendid: *tells everyone through his communicator* everybody! there's some infected, don't touch them unless it's me

(Splendid then speedblitzes some infected until he meets this group of survivors: Ellis, Coach, Nick, and Rochelle)

Nick: who are you?

Splendid: I'm Splendid

Rochelle: and where's your friends

Splendid: they're here

(the rest of Payton's team then rendezvous with Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors)

Ellis: why you're here?

Payton: we come to rescue you because the Illuminati is going after you

Nick: what is the Illuminati?

Payton: an evil secret society that wants to kill you cuz you're apparently makes alternative for their tainted vaccines

Payton: anyway! we take you to the safety before the Illuminati got you

(Payton's team(minus Adam Jensen) then escorts Survivors to the safety, but in the way, they confronts Illuminati forces once the gauss rifle round lands near the foot of the Survivors)

Illuminati Officer: give us Survivors or we shot at you

Payton: Neither

(suddenly, the infected are appears for Payton's team and the Illuminati)

Payton: ok Splendid, take care of those infected while most of us, take care of the Illuminati

(Splendid then ordered to take care of the Infected while the rest of Payton's team are ordered to takes on Illuminati forces: Rainbow Dash speedblitz Illuminati Snipers. Flippy stabs Illuminati soldiers where he's snacks on them. Sonic speedblitz Knights Templars as they fires their Miniguns at Sonic. Amy engages Swordfight against Knights Templars where she uses her hammer while Knights Templars uses their Big swords. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy forms makeshift firing squad against the Illuminati with their elemental powers where they shots their elemental powers at the Illuminati. Yoshi whips Illuminati soldiers with his tongue. Applejack Kicks Knights Templars from their shields with her back legs. Payton fights Flamethrower-armed Illuminati units(Mechas, Shocktroopers, and so on) with his Ice Powers, then he takes on Gatling Laser-armed UH75D where he fries it's electronics with his Thunder powers. Pinkie Pie shots Illuminati forces with her Party Cannon. Knights Templars, Shocktroopers, Soldiers, AH-6 Little Bird, and Humvees fires their Miniguns, Autocannons, Caseless Rifles, Metal Storm Machine Guns, and Heavy Machine Guns respectively at Twilight Sparkle and Silver the Hedgehog as well Rarity only to have all of their bullets are stopped midair with Twilight and Silver's as well Rarity's Telekinesis, then Twilight Sparkle, Silver, and Blaze retaliates by fighting them with their powers)

Payton: be wary of the Commandos!

(then the Commandos are arrives with their electro-gravitic Gliders where they prepares their XM8s)

Illuminati Commando: Target received!

(the Illuminati Commandos fires their Xm8 Smartguns at Payton and Twilight Sparkle instead of firing it at Survivors and their Barrier powers stops their bullets so Payton and Twilight Sparkle takes out Illuminati Commando teams. Payton realizes the real goal of current mission is to evacuating the Survivors)

Payton: looks like we must evacuates the survivors to the capsule landing site

(Payton and his team then takes the Survivors to the capsule landing site. meanwhile, Adam Jensen(with his Retractable Armor activated) is looking around with his Modern Repeating Crossbow loaded)

Adam Jensen: if the infected are shows up, I'll shot them and if I found the survivor, I'll take them to safety *summons his drones*

(Adam Jensen then have his Pinky finger detaches from his hand to become cybernetically-controlled drones to looking for another group of survivors)

Adam Jensen: so far no survivors are around, but hey, there's infected around

(Adam Jensen keep scouting until he finds himself surrounded by the Infected, so he decides to uses his Typhoon Explosive system to takes out surrounding infected. he keeps looking for Survivors until he manages to finds this group of survivors: Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis where his Pinky finger re-attaches to his hand)

Bill: Who are you?

Adam Jensen: my name is Adam Jensen, I'm here to rescue you

(Adam Jensen then takes Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis to the safety where during their journey, Illuminati forces attacks the Survivors starting from Snipers fires their gauss rifles at the survivors only to be neutralized by Adam Jensen by having their gauss rifle rounds caught by Adam Jensen's hands. then the group got captured between the Infected and the Illuminati forces)

Adam Jensen: Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis. deal with the Infected, I deal with the Illuminati

(as the Survivors are ordered to dealing with the Infected, Adam Jensen himself is dealing with the Illuminati forces: he fights them with PEPS Akimbo)

Adam Jensen: remember everybody, go to the Capsule landing site

(Adam Jensen and the Survivors then runs to the capsule site whilst fighting Illuminati and Infected respectively and when they got chased by overwhelming amount of the infected, Adam Jensen fires his Portal Gun from his index finger so the wave of the infected falls into infinite loop of the Portal so finally, Adam Jensen, Bill, Francis, Louis, and Zoey reaches the landing site of re-entry capsule and regroup with the rest of Payton's team(with another group of the survivors))

Payton: you does good job bringing this group of survivors: Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis to us. Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen: yeah

Payton: and further reasons why the Illuminati are going after the survivors that we rescues?

Adam Jensen: according to my hacking results, the CEDA are desperate when dealing with zombie infection so they ends up working together with the Illuminati but with the rule: the survivors must be assassinated

Payton: Tails and Sniffles! make the Vaccines from Survivors in the field laboratory of the capsule, while the rest of us, defends the capsules from incoming Infected and the Illuminati

(Tails and Sniffles then making Vaccines from Genetic materials of all 8 Survivors while the rest of Payton's team are defends the capsule from Illuminati forces and the Infected)

Payton: ok! Adam Jensen, you're deal with the Zombies while the rest of us(save for Flippy and the Mole) are dealing with the Illuminati

(then, the Zombies and the Illuminati forces are comes for Payton's team. Adam Jensen, Flippy, and the Mole shooting Zombies with their Crossbows and Handguns respectively. Buddhist Monkey pressure points Illuminati mooks to paralysis. Sonic, Splendid, and Rainbow Dash dealing with Illuminati Mechas. Payton and Twilight Sparkle blocks Illuminati bullets with their Barrier powers, then Payton and Twilight retaliates. Yoshi lays Suppressive Fire with Watermelon Seeds. Amy Rose engages melee combat against Knights Templars and Melee Mechas with her hammer. Applejack kicks Shielded Illuminati soldiers with her hind legs. and then Payton realizes that the Infected from Left 4 Dead Universe aren't the only Zombies that comes for them, the Zombies are also includes Nanosuit Zombies and Plague Marines)

Payton: *talks to Plague Marines* Look it's zombies wearing M1 Abrams

Petunia: Ahhh! Nurgle! I'm scared too much

(Lumpy then plants some plants from Plants vs Zombies(Gatling Peas behind Torchwoods with Tall-nuts in the fronts of torchwoods where each of torchwoods are given Plant food from Plants vs Zombies 2 to become Napalm) to fights off the Nanosuit Zombies and Plague Marines only to have both Nanosuit Zombies and Plague Marines invulnerable to even napalm peas(due to their powered suits) while Plague Marines slashes Tall-nuts with their plague knives while Nanosuit Zombies eats Gatling Peas and Torchwoods)

Payton: OK Adam Jensen! take care of those Nanosuit Zombies

(Adam Jensen then takes care of Nanosuit zombies where he's uses his Nano-disruptor grenades at Nanosuit zombies, so he's can headshots Nanosuit Zombies. and then, Sniffles and Tails finished their research of making vaccines for zombie virus)

Sniffles: I has finished making Vaccines for Zombie Virus

Adam Jensen: can i use these to fill injectors that can fired from my dart rifle?

Tails: yes of course

(Adam Jensen then uses Dart Rifle loaded with vaccines at Zombies where instead of dying, the Zombies are turns back to Normal people(or Space Marines in case of Plague Marine))

Tails: be careful, don't waste the vaccines at them

Sonic: I got something for you: it's dimensional link to summons Team Chaotix *gives D-Link for summoning Team Chaotix to Payton*

Payton: thanks *Summons Team Chaotix*

(After got summoned by Payton, Team Chaotix(Consists Vector, Espio, and Charmy) is ordered to mow down Zombies and Illuminati forces with their Chaotix recital and then, Payton's team left the Survivors in the Left 4 Dead earth as the Payton's team flies into Interdimensional Space Station, the Survivors waving their hands at leaving Re-Entry capsule)

Bill: bye!

Coach: Good Luck!

(the Re-Entry capsule then reaches the Interdimensional Space Station. everyone(and their vehicles) is returned into safety in the Interdimensional Space Station. meanwhile in the ACME Building, Lex Luthor is playing chess with Hannibal Lecter(now wearing high-tech restraint mask that can retracts whatever it got deactivated))

Lex Luthor: checkmate!

Hannibal Lecter: *speaks with Electronic voice courtesy of high-tech restraint mask* you does good job beating me in Chess

Lex Luthor: apart from being geniuses, we finds Fruits and Vegetables inedible but finds people(like any other animals) edible instead, and we're militant atheists

(Suddenly, Lex Luthor got a message in his holographic personal computer)

Lex Luthor: Syndrome! what's the message?

Syndrome: *manifests as Hologram* the message is from Illuminati MIBs and commando teams that has captured a group of people that attempts to approaching Area 51(which is off-limit for us)

Lex Luthor: and Hannibal Lecter, come back after you got some people and animal flesh

(Lex Luthor then left his office where he rides his pilotless flying car(actually being flown by Syndrome) along his body guard. meanwhile in the Interdimensional Space Station, Dr. Mario prefects Vaccines that made from extracting Survivors' Genetic materials)

Dr. Mario: this vaccines can cures anything, even Nurgle's rot

(we sees Adam Jensen and Flippy trains in the Hogan's Alley where once the cardboard cutouts of Flippy sue shows up, Flippy shots it)

Adam Jensen: nice shooting Flippy!

Flippy: yeah! cuz I'm tired of those Flippy Sues

(we sees Twilight Sparkle reading "Psychic Surgery" book in her room)

Twilight Sparkle: *Reads the Psychic Surgery book* use the Telekinesis to remove something from inside subjects body

(then, we sees Sonic playing Pinball in the game room)

Sonic: *plays Pinball* Man! I'm so bored and this game does reminds me a level in my game

(Suddenly there's an alarm sets off in the Interdimensional Space Station)

Adam Jensen: *comes into Game Room and tells Sonic* Sonic! there's an alert!

Sonic: what?

Adam Jensen: incoming alert from Avatarverse

(Sonic and Adam Jensen then goes to the Control Room where everyone in the Payton's team Gathers here)

Adam Jensen: the next stop will be one of more technologically backwards place, though at least they got relatively modern Technology levels. but at the levels of 1920s

Payton: and Rosalina, fly this Space Station into that universe

(Just before Rosalina reaches the special room that allows her to fly Interdimensional Space Station into destination universe, Hannibal Lecter(with his restraint Mask retracted) arrives for Payton's team)

Hannibal Lecter: I finds everyone else in this Space Station tasty

(Just before he attacks anyone in the Interdimensional Space Station, he got Tasered by Adam Jensen only to teleports away with Teleportation device)

Adam Jensen: he got away!

(and then Rosalina then enters special room where she flies the Interdimensional Space Station to the Avatarverse)

R.O.B.: we finally reach the Avatarverse

Payton: Quick! everyone in my team, enters the Re-entry capsule

(the Payton's team then enters the Re-Entry capsule where R.O.B. launch it to the Avatar earth, specifically at the outskirts of Republic City. meanwhile, we sees ACME Forces shooting Benders after they got depowered by ACME Sappers in the streets of Republic City, and this is the view of zoomed in vision of Adam Jensen)

Adam Jensen: Does I looks like Edward Elric with bit too much tech? and Look! the ACME forces are killing innocent people just because those innocents are can manipulates the elements(other than the facts that those people are still Squishy Humans)

(Suddenly, the Payton's team got attacked by ACME Sappers where Payton's team fights them)

Adam Jensen: be careful, their attacks can temporarily depowers you

(Meanwhile, we sees Korra and her friends: Bolin and Mako fights ACME Forces in the streets of Republic City after they running from downed airship of Beifong family(gunned down by ACME Air forces) until the Sappers comes for them and those Sappers are got shot down by Adam Jensen with his Bolter Revolver)

Korra: Something save us from got depowered by Sappers

Bolin: and that's something we never seen before

Mako: who are him?

(the guy that shots Sappers are no other than Adam Jensen followed by the rest of Payton's team)

Adam Jensen: my name is Adam Jensen and here's my friends: Payton the cat(you can teach him some Bending lessons later) and the rest of his kind(Sadly, the only members of Happy Tree Friends that can fights are Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, The Mole, and of course Payton himself) as well Sonic and Mario along their respective friends and Mane 6 plus Spike the Dragon and Derpy Hooves

Korra: and there's persecution against Benders all over the place by ACME Forces

Adam Jensen: *Recruits Korra and her friends to Payton's team with his C.A.S.I.E. augmentation* so why there's persecution of Benders all over the place?

Korra: there's people from beyond our world that want to gives us some advanced technologies as well they also taught us some concepts of Capitalism, but with return all the Benders are must be exterminated and turned into Soylent Emeralds

Adam Jensen: they're must be ACME Corporation and how about Technologies like Augmentations and so on, and is ACME corporation is the first one that introduces Capitalism to your world?

Korra: indeed they're ACME Corporation and they finds certain technologies like any transhumanist technologies abhorrent, and ACME Corporation are the second party that introduces us Capitalism, the first one is an goblin-like aliens where I drives them away from our world with my newfound powers(courtesy of Avatar State)

Adam Jensen: so they excludes transhumanist technologies when it comes to technologies that they introduces to your world?

Korra: yes

Adam Jensen: and the Aliens that comes for you to introduces Capitalism and more technology to your world are must be Ferengi

Korra: *nods*

Adam Jensen: so why you drives them away from your world?

Korra: they're sexist and they greedy

Adam Jensen: what's about Varrick?

Korra: Varrick sold his Shipping Company to ACME Corporation

Adam Jensen: and what's about Asami Sato, your friend that aren't Bender?

Korra: she's about to sign her contracts to ACME Corporation

Payton: Jensen, go to the Asami's place! and anyway, let's kick ACME ass and drives them out from Republic City and your world

(Payton's team(now with Korra and her friends) then fights ACME Forces across Avatar earth(she uses her Avatar state where she becomes flying brick with massive array of elemental powers) and stops the Benders' genocide and persecution onceand for all(while Adam Jensen interrupts Asami's contracts with ACME) , Korra also learn that the ACME Corporation is actually led by Lex Luthor which is sadly, he's isn't here so she and her friends ends up joins Payton team and following them in their journeys across the Multiverse where just before she and her friends(including her pet) enters re-entry capsule after she and her new friends drives ACME Forces out from Republic City and the rest of Avatar earth, she says goodbye to her people)

Korra: we will avenge our fellow Benders, and Asami, you're stay here in our world where you're got some new tech to communicate with us

Asami Sato: OK

Adam Jensen: *Gives Asami Sato some tech for communicates with his group* take this, and you're also imports my tech to your own world where among them Mechanical Augmentations(reserved for those that their injuries are too severe to be healed by Waterbenders) and Don't forget to buy back Varrick's Shipping Company from ACME

Asami Sato: *nods*

(and then, the Payton's team(now with Korra and her friends) left the Avatar earth)

Payton: and anyway, let's kick ACME ass and drives them out from Republic City

(Payton's team(now with Korra and her friends) then fights ACME Forces across Avatar earth(she uses her Avatar state where she becomes flying brick with massive array of elemental powers) and stops the Benders' genocide and persecution once and for all, Korra also learn that the ACME Corporation is actually led by Lex Luthor which is sadly, he's isn't here so she and her friends ends up joins Payton team and following them in their journeys across the Multiverse where just before she and her friends(including her pet) enters re-entry capsule after she and her new friends drives ACME Forces out from Republic City and the rest of Avatar earth, she says goodbye to her people. and then, the Payton's team(now with Korra and her friends) left the Avatar earth)

Payton: looks like you're want to avenge the lost lives of Benders

Korra: yeah and it's because of Lex Luthor

Adam Jensen: he must makes Ferengi in general looks like very charitable person in comparison

Korra: *nod*

(the re-entry capsule then finally reaches the Interdimensional Space Station)

(then Payton takes Korra and her Friends to residential quarter where they'll live there)

Korra: can we live here?

Payton: of course yes!

Payton: and would you teach me some Bending lessons?

Korra: yes of course

(Korra then teaches Payton some Bending lessons so Payton can manipulates Water, Earth, Air, and other elements in addition of Fire, Ice, Lightning, and darkness)

Payton: thank you Korra

(meanwhile in the Bar, Adam Jensen armwrestling with Knuckles where Knuckles defeats Adam Jensen in Armwrestling match)

Adam Jensen: I demand rematch

(Adam Jensen then do the rematch with knuckles where this time, his arm that he used for armwrestling are covered with part of his retractable exosuit so he's stronger and this allows Adam Jensen to defeat Knuckles)

Adam Jensen: I win

(Adam Jensen then drinks some Applejacks(Drink) and Waaaghheimers. meanwhile in the Control Room, R.O.B. detects something)

R.O.B.: ay yay ya! we detects something!

Crew: what's the thing?

R.O.B.: it's Anunnaki's fleet(including Flying Tesseracts)

Crew: the defense of Interdimensional Space Station aren't enough to dealing with these, all personnel, ride the Tornado aircrafts to defend this Space Station

(Payton and his team then ordered to board the Tornado aircrafts(looks lot like F-22 Raptor) to defend the Interdimensional Space Station from Anunnaki forces)

Payton: so who wants to rides Tornado aircrafts?

(it seems that those that answers the question are Mario, Sonic, Adam Jensen, Luigi, Tails, and that's it)

Payton: just you?

Adam Jensen: yeah!

(Mario and Sonic(along their respective best friends) and Adam Jensen then rides Tornado Aircrafts to defends Interdimensional Space Station from Anunnaki forces. then Adam Jensen and his fellow plumbers and mobians fights the Anunnaki forces)

Tails: you want your tech back, then take this *fires his proton Missiles at Anunnaki Vimanas and Valixis*

Adam Jensen: remember guys, the space is 3d

(Adam Jensen, Mario, and Sonic(along respective best friends of latter) bravely fights Anunnaki forces until their tornado planes took some damage as they got overwhelmed by Anunnaki forces)

Adam Jensen: Mario, use your cape powerup while Sonic, use your chaos emeralds

(as Adam Jensen, Tails, and Luigi retreats to the Interdimensional Space Station. Mario and Sonic uses their Cape Mario and Chaos Emeralds respectively so they become powerful and then they proceeds to destroys Anunnaki forces until their powerup almost run out and just before their powerup runs out, Mario and Sonic retreats to Interdimensional Space Station)

Mario and Sonic: *enters the Interdimensional Space Station*

Payton: Rosalina, drives this Space Station to escapes from Anunnaki forces

(Rosalina then drives Interdimensional Space Station in order to escapes from Anunnaki forces only to have the Interdimensional Space Station lands in the universe where Illuminati and Anunnaki comes from where the Interdimensional Space Station flies near Planet X)

Payton: what is this?

Adam Jensen: the Planet X surface is full of wreckage of those that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle and the Earth is now the nexus between universes

Sniffles: *Sees something in the surface of Planet X* Look! there's my Drone in that surface

Payton: how about the murders that it's victims are mostly Power Rangers and it's killer are Anton Chigurh?

Adam Jensen: it remains unsolved even following the death of Kindaichi and his friends

Payton: Splendid! can you comes out from Interdimensional Space Station to investigate surrounding areas?

Splendid: yes sir!

(Splendid then leaves the Interdimensional Space Station to investigates the areas surrounding Interdimensional Space Station, then he notices that the Anunnaki armada are still following Interdimensional Space Station, this time, they come with Serpentrons)

Splendid: *Talks to his Communicator* they're still following us, this time they bring some kind of bio-mechanical serpent, it's serpentron

(everyone onboard Interdimensional Space Station sees the Serpentron)

Fluttershy: they makes Serpentera looks like all but nothing

Payton: *Talks to Splendid with his Communicator* Splendid! fight them!

Splendid: Yes Sir!

(Splendid then fights the Serpentrons by speedblitzing them only to finds out that whatever he splits them with his powers, one half of the Serpentron fully regenerates into an intact Serpentron while another half become Fully-intact serpentron)

Payton: *Talks to Splendid with his communicator* attacks their head instead, it's their weakness

Splendid: ok!

(Splendid then attacks heads of the Serpentrons so the Serpentrons are destroyed)

Everyone onboard Interdimensional Space Station: *Cheers*

(Suddenly, Splendid realizes that Flying Tesseracts of Anunnaki are still following the Interdimensional Space Station)

Payton: Ok Splendid, deal with those Flying Tesseracts

(Splendid then destroys some Flying Tesseracts until he got shot by Kryptonite Ion Cannon)

Payton: Splendid!

Payton: ok Adam Jensen, use the Tractor beam to take Splendid to Interdimensional Space Station while Fluttershy, take care of him

(Adam Jensen then use Tractor beam to takes wounded Splendid to the Interdimensional Space Station while Fluttershy is ordered to heals Splendid once he's in the hospital section of the Interdimensional Space Station)

Fluttershy: Splendid! what's your condition

Splendid: I'm fine

Fluttershy: exposure to the Kryptonite Ion is very deadly, and how you survives that

(then, Adam Jensen and Twilight Sparkle shows up in the Hospital)

Adam Jensen and Twilight Sparkle: we do!

Adam Jensen: with my repair gun(which can also heals any living things)

Twilight Sparkle: and healing Magic

(Suddenly there's alarm sets off in the Interdimensional Space Station)

Adam Jensen: what is this?

Announcer: the Anunnaki armada has surrounded us from every direction from even Up and Down and they give us an Ultimatum

(Adam Jensen, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Splendid then goes to Control Room)

Adam Jensen: what's the ultimatum?

Crew: here's the Ultimatum from the Anunnaki: Goyim! give us our technology back or we kill you

(the Anunnaki troops then teleports into onboard the Interdimensional Space Station. the Generic Tree Friends soldiers fights them only to be wiped out by incoming Anunnaki forces in Nanoseconds)

Anunnaki Stormtrooper: gives our tech back or we'll kill you

Payton: Neither

(Payton and his team then fights Anunnaki troops onboard the Interdimensional Space Station: Adam Jensen Shoots incoming Anunnaki Stormtroopers with his Bolter only to finds out that their personal force fields protects them from bolter rounds so he decides to engages them in close combat where he slices them with Combat Nanoceramic Chainsawblade until one of Anunnaki Stormtroopers uses it's Resonance Detonator so Adam Jensen are thrown backwards, but he manages to lands safely, he then uses his Typhoon Explosive system at Stormtroopers. Payton, Blaze, and Big the Cat fighting Chupacabras with their powers where whatever they're about to explodes as they defeats them, they tricks the Chupacabras to enters the airlock, then once the soon-to be exploding Chupacabras are in the airlock, the Chupacabras are sucked into the space and then they're explodes. Applejack, Knuckles, and Buddhist Monkey fights Anunnaki Stormtroopers with Energy Shields(that protects them from anything) where Applejacks kicks them and Knuckles and Buddhist Monkey punch them from their shields until they thrown backwards. Lumpy got cornered by the Stormtroopers only to finds the shotgun in the glass box where he breaks the glass(tearing his hand in process) and takes the Shotgun and he shots the Stormtroopers with the shotgun. Korra and her friends along Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy shoots fireballs of elemental powers from their hands at incoming Stormtroopers and takes cover when they got fired upon by Stormtroopers. Sonic and Yoshi fights Stormtroopers bravely only to got cornered, then Yoshi swallows Sonic and spits them where Sonic turns into spinball that becomes makeshift bowling balls with Anunnaki mooks for it's target pin. Twilight Sparkle blocks incoming fire from Anunnaki Stormtroopers with her Barrier Powers, then she retaliates by shooting fireballs at Stormtroopers alongside Spike(fights Stormtroopers with his Fire-breath). then there's alert)

Announcer: the Anunnaki cryptek are approaching the control room, all personnel defends the Control room

(Payton then orders his team to defends the Control Room from incoming Crypteks)

Payton: if you're encounters crypteks, just attacks them and ignore other Anunnaki units unless when they're attacks you

(the Crypteks then about to reaches the Control room only to be stopped by Payton's team before they reaches the control room. and then the Anunnaki are retreats as their crypteks are eliminated)

Anunnaki Forces: looks like we're have no match for you

Anunnaki Forces: hahahaha, we'll be back for you Goyim!

(the Anunnaki forces then quickly retreats from Interdimensional Space Station. and the battle that Payton's team fought onboard Interdimensional Space Station does left some damages in the Interdimensional Space Station)

R.O.B.: looks like this Space Station has got some damage

Payton: don't worry, the Space Station has nanotech-based Self-repair system

R.O.B.: but to fully recover, some of it's occupant must left this space station

Payton: what?

R.O.B.: there's mission for you: take out the ACME Gigazord

Payton: what is ACME Gigazord?

R.O.B.: ACME Gigazord is one of the Ultimate weapon of the ACME(though technically it's owned by the Illuminati)

Payton: what's the specs of the ACME Gigazord

R.O.B.: Here's the specs of the ACME Gigazord: fully-autonomous Artificial Intelligence(which makes this mecha is considered as sapient automaton instead of disposable military hardware), Neo-Xenothium/Cold Fusion hybrid reactor for it's powerplant and engine, it's armament consists following: Obelisk of Light capable of repeating fire and mounted on it's back, nanotech-arm that can shapeshifts into any kind of mechanical weaponry, and shoulder-mounted Missile pods, it's armor are consists powerful void-shield over reflective armor over it's adamantium skin, and despite it's size which twice as tall as Burj Dubai, it's impossibly graceful

Payton: why we must take it out as well where's the location of the ACME Gigazord?

R.O.B.: it has separates the people that tries to reach the area 51 and captures them for the Illuminati, and the current location of ACME Gigazord are in the abandoned city of the earth in this universe

Payton: anyone that has pets! you must bring them with us

(Payton then orders any of his teammates that has pet to takes their respective pets: Twilight Sparkle takes Owlicious, Applejack takes Winona, Rainbow Dash takes Tank, Rarity takes Opal, Fluttershy takes Angel, and Pinkie Pie takes Gummy as well Korra is also takes whatever her pet and Derpy got her pet Chameleon)

Payton: and if you have any Elements of Harmony and Chaos Emeralds, bring them too

(Payton then orders Sonic to takes stashed Chaos Emeralds as well he also orders Ponies to takes stashed elements of harmony. and after they carries Chaos Emeralds and Elements of Harmony, Payton and his team(along their pets if they have any) rides Re-entry capsule where it launched to earth by R.O.B. and Professor E. Gadd. as it's enter the Atmosphere, at least some of the Payton's team comes out from Capsule: Rainbow Dash, Splendid, Fluttershy, Payton, Tails, Cream, Mario(takes Cape Mario form), Luigi(Takes cape Luigi form), Korra(with her pet), and even Adam Jensen comes out from the capsule as it's falling from orbit)

Payton: Splendid! slow down the fall of the capsule and Adam Jensen, use your telekinesis at the capsule

(Splendid and Adam Jensen then ordered to slow down the descent of the capsule and finally, the capsule is lands safely where anyone that has once comes out from capsule back when the capsule are midair are reunites with those that comes out from capsule after the capsule are landed)

Payton: *Talks to his Communicator* R.O.B. Do you copy!

R.O.B.: *Talks through Payton's Communicator* Yes!

Payton: where's the ACME Gigazord?

R.O.B.: *Talks through Payton's communicator* here's nearby

Payton: ok! but looks like we forgot to give Korra and her friends Communicator

Adam Jensen: *Gives Korra and her friends communicator*

(Suddenly, the ACME Gigazord are shows up for Payton's team)

ACME Gigazord: I'm ACME Gigazord, I'll kill you in the name of ACME

Payton: Sonic and Friends, use your Chaos Emeralds. Mane 6, use elements of Harmony. Mario, Use Cape Form. and Splendid, Attack the ACME Gigazord directly

(Payton then orders Sonic and his Friends to uses their Chaos Emeralds to Morphs into their Super forms and Mane 6 to use their Elements of Harmony at ACME Gigazord. Super Sonic, Super Amy, Super Knuckles, Super Tails, Super Shadow, and Super Silver attacks ACME Gigazord only to finds out that combined forces of Super Mobians combined with Elements of Harmony won't harm ACME Gigazord)

ACME Gigazord: not even combined forces of Chaos Emeralds, Elements of Harmony, and Exterminatus can harm me

ACME Gigazord: it's my turn *fires it's shoulder mounted Missile launcher and arm cannons(programmed to fires Gatling guns that shoots RPGs)*

(ACME Gigazord then fires it's Shoulder-mounted Missile Launcher and Arm Cannons where Payton's team dodges them and protected by Barrier powers of Payton and Twilight Sparkle)

Payton: Korra and Bolin, use your Earth-bending powers at ACME Gigazord

(Korra and Bolin as well Payton then use their Earth-bending attack at ACME Gigazord only to finds out that the ACME Gigazord dodges their attacks by Acrobatics)

Payton: Spike! use your Giant Spike powers to fights the ACME Gigazord and Mario and Luigi, become Giant Mario and Luigi

(Spike then turns into Giant Spike while Mario and Luigi turns into giant Mario and Luigi with appropriate Powerup where they fights ACME Gigazord only to got overpowered by ACME Gigazord even when their size is comparable or superior to ACME Gigazord)

Payton: ok Adam Jensen, it's up to you! you enter the ACME Gigazord, while Splendid! take Adam Jensen to the ACME Gigazord and deliver him with Fastball Special

(Splendid then lifts Adam Jensen and Throws him to ACME Gigazord where he fires his Grappling Hook Gun after he thrown into ACME Gigazord so he reaches ACME Gigazord and once he reaches ACME Gigazord, he enters the ACME Gigazord by firing Portal Gun to the seams of the ACME Gigazord(when his X-Ray vision shows area that can admits him behind that seam) and then he fires portal Gun to the outside of ACME Gigazord where he quickly fires his Grappling Hook Gun to that portal so he enters the ACME Gigazord. once he's inside the ACME Gigazord, Adam Jensen scans the ACME Gigazord and hacks it to locate the Shield Generator)

Adam Jensen: *Hacking the computer of the ACME Gigazord*

(After Adam Jensen hacking the ACME Gigazord Computer, he concludes that much of the technologies behind ACME Gigazord are reverse Engineered from Castigator-pattern Titans from 40k Universe, and then after he's located the Shield Generator, he quickly blows it up with C4(just before he blows it up, he's hacks to it so he can replicates the Shield Generator) and then, he comes out by using Portal Gun(fired at the hole that leads to the outside world that he drills with drill from his ring finger while one another are fired inside) and after he comes out from ACME Gigazord, he orders Cape Mario, Super Sonic, Splendid, Super Rainbow Dash, and Korra(in her Avatar State where now she can flies like Goku except with Elemental powers) to destroys ACME gigazord and then they destroys ACME Gigazord without any difficulty. as ACME Gigazord got destroyed, it blows up like Nuclear Bomb where Payton, Twilight Sparkle, and Shadow combines their barrier powers and Chaos Control powers respectively to protects the entire Payton's team from Nuclear explosion. and following the destruction of ACME Gigazord, Payton's team then cheers)

Payton's team: *Cheers*

Adam Jensen: I also has putting the database of that Shield Generator so we can make it later

(unaware to everyone, there's a C-130 flying far above Payton's team where inside the plane, we sees Emile Danko(inside his personalized Nanosuit 3.0) about to wear the helmet of his Nanosuit where he receives transmission from Lex Luthor)

Lex Luthor: *talks through computer in the C-130* due to ever growing threat of the group simply known as Payton's team, you're ordered to eliminates them

Emile Danko: *dons the helmet part of his Nanosuit*

(then, the Door of the Plane opens and after he finished wearing his Helmet, Emile Danko then jumps and performs High-Altitude Low-Opening drop(just before he do that, he sets his Nanosuit mode into cloaking mode). meanwhile in the ground, Payton and his team discuss something)

Adam Jensen: according to my investigation, the Murderer of Power Rangers are indeed no other than Anton Chigurh

Payton: who is Anton Chigurh?

Adam Jensen: according to my database, he's mercenary that ACME Corporation recruited to eliminates Power Rangers, his favorite Weapon is Captive Bolt Gun

Payton: and have you ever heard 40k Universe(the universe where General Sturnn comes from)?

Adam Jensen: yeah! in that universe, Humans are evil speciesists for good reasons(surrounded by evil aliens and so on) and have sexist Supersoldiers and has flashlight-toting punching bags for it's regular armies and despite the presence of Humans are Bastards trope in that universe, the only people from that universe that can match the attitude of the ACME Corporation is the most extreme of monodominants(so extreme that their hatred extends to anyone that aren't 100% standard issue Humans, even when they're Emperor's servants just because they're more capable members of Human race)

Adam Jensen: also, those Supersoldiers have function that can make me jealous: they can eats anything(though I has managed to replicates this by having my digestive system augmented), they tans really fast, and so on.

(suddenly, Emile Danko shows up for Payton's team)

Adam Jensen: who are you?

Emile Danko: I'm Emile Danko from Heroes Universe, I come to kill all of you

Adam Jensen: *Scans Emile Danko with his Stat-o-Vision* looks like underneath your suit, you're just ordinary mortal, and you're one of the sole survivors of the Heroes Universe

Emile Danko: indeed! and I come to kill you

Payton: Silver! use your Telepathy on him, then Splendid, attack him

(as Emile Danko approaching Payton's team, Payton orders Splendid to attacks him only to be shot by Danko's Kryptonite Blaster upon approaching him while Silver uses his Telepathy only to finds out that Danko's nanosuit helmet protects him from Silver's telepathy)

Payton: Everybody, attacks him while Adam Jensen, Twilight Sparkle, and Silver! throws heavy objects at your face

(Payton then orders Silver, Twilight Sparkle, and Adam Jensen as well Knuckles throws heavy objects(including even M1 Abrams and Mammoth Tanks) at Emile Danko only to be have all of those objects bisected by Emile Danko's retractable power sword mounted on his right arm wrist. then Payton orders his team to attacks Emile Danko with the most powerful attacks on their disposal: starting from EarthBending and Firebending attacks to even Rainbow Nukes and Rocket-propelled Chainsaw fired by Lifty and Shifty as well Railgun that Shadow the Hedgehog Fires(though this knocks Shadow backwards with it's recoil), none of them are manages to hurts Danko)

Emile Danko: fool! my suit protects me from even Tactical Nukes(or it's equivalents)

Adam Jensen: then it's up to me!

(Adam Jensen(with his Retractable exoskeleton deployed) then engages duel with Emile Danko as Emile Danko moves towards Payton's team with Super Speed(courtesy of his suit) where at first, he engages Gun-fu against Danko with Bolter Revolver Akimbo while Emile Danko got 20mm Handgun. and after both of their guns runs our of ammo. Adam Jensen and Emile Danko engages swordfights with their Combat Nanoceramic Chainsawblades and Power Swords respectively where whatever Adam Jensen parries Danko's Power Sword, his Combat Nanoceramic Chainsawblades are broken, sending it's chain flying towards Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, Flaky, Nutty, and Sniffles only to be stopped by Payton's Barrier powers before the flying chain kills them. Adam Jensen and Emile Danko then plays Hide and Seek game where both fighters turns invisible until Emile Danko grabs Adam Jensen from behind only to be bombarded by Typhoon Explosive system, but Danko's Nanosuit protects him from Typhoon Explosive system, though this at least allows Adam Jensen to escapes from Emile Danko)

Adam Jensen: since we're have no match for him and we're forgot to have Nano-disruptor Grenades. all that we can do now is Run from Him

(Adam Jensen then orders Payton team to runs from Emile Danko into Nearest Bunker and after the entirety of the Payton's team enters the Bunker, Adam Jensen sets the Proximity mine and seals the Entrance door of Bunker with his Laser Gun from inside so they can hide from Emile Danko. and just before reaches the now-sealed door of Bunker, Emile Danko got blasted by Proximity Mine but luckily, his suit protects him from Mine)

Lex Luthor: *Talks through Danko's Nanosuit computer* Report!

Emile Danko: they have no match for me because my suits protects me from their powers and weapons, and they decides to hide in a bunker where I stepped on Mine so I gave up

Lex Luthor: *Talks through Danko's nanosuit computer* Next time you must got them all

(Meanwhile inside Bunker. Payton lit the Bunker with his Fire and light powers while any Payton's teammates that has Fire Powers, uses their Fire powers to lit the Bunker)

Payton: what we gonna do now!

Adam Jensen: According to my radar, Emile Danko has goes away

Payton: so that's mean we can comes out?

Adam Jensen: yes!

Payton: and Shadow, would you teleports us into outside the Bunker with your Chaos Control?

Shadow: Yes!

(Shadow then teleports the entire Payton's team to outside Bunker)

Payton: and Sonic! would you synthesizes Super Emeralds with the Pyramid?

Sonic: what?

Payton: do you know, the Pyramids are built not for just a Tomb, it's also used to harnessing the energy for just anything

Sonic: ok!
This is the spin-off of the Ani-Toonspiracy Project to crossovers Happy Tree Friends, Mario, Sonic, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as well Warhammer 40000, Portal, and Angry Birds among others(including even Flame of Recca)



The Ani-Toonspiracy Project are the only thing that belongs to me so far

Payton is belongs to :iconflippythekiller:

Super Forms of Ponies are belongs to :iconsuper-rainbow-dash-1:

Everything else is belongs to their respective owners
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