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June 26, 2011
This just baffles me! It's a wonderfully surreal piece - a beautiful concept and very abstract! The combination of all three make for something mysterious yet familiar. What do you see?
r a d i a n c e by *maskqueraide
Featured by Kaz-D
Suggested by silwenka
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r a d i a n c e

Reminds me of a transporting machine, eh? Or lights in those Kpop music videos ~ or letter 'J' :'D

edit:[6/26] Ah wow !! My first DD ~ I actually just woke up and saw some of the comments in my inbox and I didn't understand O_o Haha ~ Thank you so much ~



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fiorinosulaco's avatar
This is unique, how did you do that :O
crh's avatar
amazing shot!
BorjaPascual's avatar
Featured HERE. Congrats!
kmnfive's avatar
Fucking Brilliant
Simanion's avatar
This is really amazing.. I'm transported immediately to Metropolis - it just has that art deco take on the future feel. It seems so familiar, but I have no idea what it is and I don't think I really want to know. Love it :aww:
incolor16's avatar
maskqueraide's avatar
haha yes ~ but, shhh, its a secret (;
maskqueraide's avatar
haha, yeh. It was an interesting place to go, I actually went there by mistake... ^^"

It's like being in a korean MV LOL (because they use lots of lights haha)
MrsFang's avatar
I never thought about that, actually but I see what you mean lol (I love korean boy-bands ^^;)
Anyway, it's a great shot of that place :D
What effect did you use?
maskqueraide's avatar
haha yeh (:

MrsFang's avatar
Yeah, it looks like you edited this photo.
Did you??
maskqueraide's avatar
Actually, I changed the white balance setting and shutter speed. For the editing, I didn't do too much but adjust the contrast and color balance. And done (:
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WolfByte0's avatar
Actually, when I look at this, I see a candy cane.


I love the way it looks though, even if I can't distinguish what it is. xD
maskqueraide's avatar
Candy cane? haha nice ~~

Thanks :>
WolfByte0's avatar
I'm obviously a smart kid. -herpherp-

My pleasure! c:
maskqueraide's avatar
probably smarter than most ~
WolfByte0's avatar
Pffft. xD I don't wear masks of make up and I don't sleep with the entire football team--not to toot my own horn but I have better judgement than most kids my age. xD
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maskqueraide's avatar
ah thanks so much ~
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