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It was the Venus Flytrap all along...

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Thanks, I hate it!

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Do not mess with Sam, and for those of you who don't know who Sam is, he's the mascot for Jacksepticeye's Youtube channel
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Legit terrifying.

Scypizowa's avatar
Oooh. So that's how Sam eats....How terrifyingly neat...😓
KaidaFly's avatar
lol what a twist on Sam I love this
Doctor-Locke's avatar
This is disturbing and adorable at the same time. 
EmilyTheFiction's avatar
....I've gone blind-
EricLeViking's avatar
Excellent ! You have to make an actual animation out of this one now.
Lelionore's avatar
I won't see Sam the same way by now ! XD
LadyKalynne's avatar
Aw great job! You've managed to capture multiple emotions in a single eyeball. Wow! 😄
CyboVampire's avatar
I so want to see an animation of this
SarahjusteditsXP's avatar
Can I still keep him as a pet?
KatlikeKZ's avatar
Well, that was unexpected...
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*le indigestion* thats disgusting.
CyboVampire's avatar
Imagine if our eyes can do that.
OasisOfDragons's avatar
adorably terrifying
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