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Cat fight

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Excellent AND hysterical haha

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it' mesmerizing to watch....
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hey its actually the "canon" versions of dark and anti whaat :0

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This is a work of art XD Love this so much!

He has a bandaid on his neck-
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lol still healing from the pumpkin carving incident
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Dark has sharp little talons lmao

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what is this madness im seeing XD

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My bro and I in a nutshell 
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True "Darkiplayer vs Antisepticeye"
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Thats accurate XD
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it's so smooth
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╰☆☆ 𝔯Oғℓ ☆☆╮
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*dies from laughing*
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LOL!!!! this is funny!!!
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I know the reference but my mind keeps jumping to that one scene in the Adventurous Adventures of One Direction with Niall and Zayn XD
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Oh... oh my god
i can’t unsee it
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Jackieboy Man: What seems to be the trouble, Septiplier?
Septiplier: It doesn't look good boys.
Anti: What doesn't look good? Oh, Dark's new hairdo?
Dark: Anti!
Anti: Hehehehehe What?
Dark: I will mess you up.
Anti: Mess me up? Oh, like your hairdresser messed up your hair?
Dark: Oh, it is on...
Dark and Anti: *this*
Everyone else: ...
Chase: It is on like Donkey Kong
Warfstache: What?
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They should boyh turn into cats. That would be more entartaining!
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whild their arms swat at each other, their bodies are wiggling XD ITS BEAUTIFUL
Creepypasta4life101's avatar
.......cute..... #*_*#
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