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I'm going to say this because I am in a very angry fucking mood anyway. Therefore I should take advantage of it and say what's on my mind. At this moment, I don't really give a flying shitty rat's ass what anyone thinks, so here goes.

Someone contacted me about doing a commission for a game. OK, fine, I've done it before, so no problem. Then I say since I don't know him, I'd need a bit up front and the rest later. I've been burned WAY too many times. Then I'm told, oh no there's no money in this. Hm. Then he says I'll get paid after it sells. Then I say, well, no offense, but I've been promised that many times in the past, as have many of my professional artist friends. We rarely get paid when we're promised something from free work. Then he says, oh you sure? It'll be oh so very famous in the entire world! I say, it's not you, but we've been burned too often. I wished him well, and I meant it. I like his enthusiasm. Then he sends me a little bitchy message saying, oh we have contracts for that, but no problem.

First of all, why the fuck did he not mention this at the onset? I'm not mad over not getting it. I turned it down, and I'm fine. But damn, if this is the way you do business, you're GOING TO FUCKING FAIL. You don't leave out important information. Hell, anyone with two working brain cells can figure that shit out. I mean, how would anyone like it if I asked you for a job and refused -- that's right, REFUSED -- to tell important information up front?

That's not how you do business. Anyone like us who has ever done it knows that. And like I said, if that's how this guy does business, this game is going nowhere.

On another note, if anyone thinks it's funny that I'm having a bad time lately with life and my health, I would like to take this opportunity to say


I mean it. Go fuck yourself with a barbed wire dynamite dildo and choke on shit, you lowlife maggoty little pissant.
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