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Hello, I'm an artist who loves fantasy, especially dragons. I'm fine being called Masked or Lin, whichever takes your fancy. IRL I do have a gender of preference, but online I don't care what people think- if it's respectful and I can recognize it as a pronoun, I'm fine with it!

The majority of what I post is dragons, if the username didn't give it away~ Further, the majority of said dragons are kids from my story-in-development Nest of Hearts, which will be in part a slice of life, so my art reflects such. Occasionally I submit older dragons, but most of these are from when I draw for other people, so it won't be reasonable to expect this from me consistently.

Besides that, I occasionally submit work from my college classes when applicable, mainly stoneware sculpture, as well as other things I find myself working on. In the future, I intend to work on other stories, not all of which will focus on dragons, but that probably won't be soon. Additionally, it is likely that pages of these stories, as well as NoH, won't make it onto this site, since I have plans to make a site of my own for my stories for various reasons. However, there will be pages where I practice my comic skills which will be posted, for the sake of improvement.

I usually post something new every 6 or 7 days, though my work and school schedule can cause delays in that schedule.

A thing I want to say- DON"T give me Core membership. I actively do not want it! If I did, I would open commissions exactly for that. If someone does give it to me, I will attempt to cancel it as soon as I can, regardless of who gives it to me. It won't be personal! I just won't support Core, so be warned.

For those interested in art trades or similar things, here's a journal that I post my availability for such. I try to keep it up to date. maskeddragonnamedlin.deviantar…

Feel free to message me, I may not get back to you immediately, but I strive to reply to all notes and comments. I'm friendly and like to meet people - however please don't if all you want is free art, as I said, I'm not open for requests from just anyone.

     2018 was something, for sure- though it wasn't that bad to me. I found a lot of good stuff in the last year, and it's surprising that the last half of it whizzed by so fast. I might have finally figured out what I'm going for as far as careers go, which is exciting, and if that doesn't work out it'll be a valuable skill. Still need to watch a thousand or so shows of interest, so not much progress there, but that's probably one of the better areas to fall behind in. Artistically it has been a huge success, I'm excited about how my sense of lighting and anatomy are developing! Here's the first piece from last year and the first piece of this year (exactly a year apart actually) for comparison:

Beach Side (Gift) by MaskedDragonLin <- Old ~ New ->  Early Spring (Gift) by MaskedDragonLin

     Also, I reached 200 watchers, literally double of what I had this time last year, so I'm feeling pretty accomplished about that! Thank you everyone who's dropped by and stayed to see what I make, its motivating to know I have so many people who enjoy my work :heart: I'm gonna open asks again to celebrate, since I had a lot of fun with them last time, but not yet- I still have a few more gifts to put up, and I would want to start the asks right away~ Let me know if that would interest you all!

Anyways, I suppose I'll put up some resolutions as well, since its a new year thing.

  • Practice comic pages more

  • Actually do a couple pieces of concept art for locations

  • Open commissions hopefully

  • Keep doting over my cat

  • Only the first and last are guaranteed lol

  • Make it a great year, thanks for reading :heart:


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NoH 'Alignments'
    The thought of alignment charts from D&D have interested me for a while, it makes you think a little about how a character acts/composes themselves. They aren't perfect for certain, there are factors that aren't easily accounted for in well developed characters, but the reason I delayed on making one of my own for so long is because the whole "good and evil" thing wouldn't work out in a lot of story types, including mine, since those terms are subjective and often are used/misused to denote protagonists vs antagonists. I finally thought of something to replace those with where it could be applied to a much wider range of stories, so I made this! Also was an excuse to have  all of my main dragons in one picture without taking an eon to make, so that too :)

    For clarification, "centralized" is a term I'm using as an opposite to empathetic, since there aren't any antonyms I've found that accurately describe what I mean (I can guarantee none of the bottom row are apathetic lol). From what I can see, it doesn't really have a  clear meaning when applied to emotions/character, but here I mean it as focusing more energy into awareness of one's self, both in the means of being less perceptive of other people and as in placing energy into pursuing one's personal goals and capabilities.

    Also for clarification, this isn't like a 5x5 alignment sheet, it's the same format as the 3x3 but larger to fit all the characters. Characters are positioned by how strongly they show the traits- for example, Hyūra is very empathetic and very chaotic, whereas Zruimec is also empathetic and chaotic, but to a lesser degree in both aspects.

    This has all of the newest designs and names of my characters at the time this was put up, which is nice because a lot of them have changed recently. A lot of the designs are from 2016, and while a couple have held up really well (Will Lorrai ever change? The world may never know) a couple certainly needed tweaks to anatomy due to my better understanding of what they're built to do, and a few needed complete overhauls because they were hovering in a place between a good idea and garbage execution (Koteyg, Bēah, please forgive me). You all have seen some of the new designs, such as Afrel and Zruimec, but others haven't had a chance to get the spot light (yet :heart:).

    The same goes for names- a lot of my kids had names from 2015, and they were made when I had no idea where in their world their ethnic groups came from, so some things made no sense. Others were given either phonetic or translated versions of their names, but still go by the already established version. I've tried to sift through my art and correct names that have changed, but I'm quite sure I missed some. My apologize to those who learned any of the retired names, but I figured not many did so now would be a better time to do so than later~

Art and characters belong to me
Don't repost, copy, trace, alter, or otherwise reuse without permission, thanks!
Who would like if I posted character sheets?

I've been working on redesigns for a lot of my dragons lately (about 10), and am making tweaks to the remainder to fix color saturation/ anatomy/ ect. If people aren't very interested, I'll keep them to myself.

I didn't put up many of the previous ones because I was worried about character theft since I had so little following, but I've gotten more watchers and online friends since then, so it doesn't concern me as much. It would help for those who want to make art of them, but if people aren't interested I'll spare a little energy.
Coiled Pixel
    In my pursuit of a better avatar, I finally got around to trying out pixel art. I had originally sketched this out as a warmup, but I felt it deserved to be fleshed out, and with how small it was it worked out well. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but after I adjusted I like it, so maybe I'll do more in the future? Its not 50x50, I don't imagine I'd enjoy working that small, so they'll likely be larger sizes like this. I'd love to hear from people who have more experience with pixels, I don't know about them so advise or critique would be great.

Art and sona belong to me
Don't repost, recolor, trace, heavily reference, or otherwise use without permission, thanks!


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