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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello, I'm an artist who loves fantasy, especially dragons. I'm fine being called Masked or Lin, whichever takes your fancy. IRL I do have a gender of preference, but online I don't care what people think- if it's respectful and I can recognize it as a pronoun, I'm fine with it!

I usually post something new every 5 or 6 days, though my work and school schedule can cause delays in that schedule. I like to dabble into a lot of different kinds of art when I have the resources and utilities to, though most of my deviations here will involve either projects from my college classes or characters/places/ect. from my comic, Nest of Hearts, which is still in the world-building stages, so there won't be pages of it up for a while. Later on, I'll also post art from other stories that I'm working on, though NoH is my main focus.

I often take sculpture classes in the spring, so a lot of 3D art can pop up around that time, though currently I won't be posting much besides 2D art.
**Will yak your ear off about ceramics and stoneware clay if you let me.

A thing I want to say- DON"T give me Core membership. I actively do not want it! If I did, I would open commissions exactly for that. If someone does give it to me, I will attempt to cancel it as soon as I can, regardless of who gives it to me. It won't be personal! I just won't support Core, so be warned.

For anyone interested, I'm closed for trades, since I have a lot of owed art on hold to work on, which is what I'm focusing on for the time being. I have a few request slots open at the moment, but they're only for watchers, and those who are interested will have to search through my journals for them (hint, not all of my journals are featured). Otherwise, requests are for friends only. For more about my art status, look here, I keep it relatively up to date maskeddragonnamedlin.deviantar…

Feel free to message me, I may not get back to you immediately, but I strive to reply to all notes and comments. I'm friendly and like to meet people - however please don't if all you want is free art, as I said, I'm not open for requests from just anyone.
   I wanted to post a journal so that the closed asks post won't be lingering around on my profile, so I figured it would be nice to talk about some of what I'm doing here. Due to Valentine's, work's picked up in hours, so my art is slowing some, so there may be delays in that front- hopefully things go back to normal afterwards, I like having more free time. After I finish the Hit and Miss mini series, which will have a total of four parts, I'll focus on owed art, including trades, requests, and that raffle (no I have not forgotten, I just procrastinate super bad TT-TT).

   In a more exciting bit of news, I'm redesigning a few of my characters! I counted it out and of my 16 main ocs, there were 4 drakes, 1 wyvern, 1 lung (sorta three but really 1), 2 misc builds, ...and 8 drekis. Drekis are what I call "western" dragons (since many other dragons also originate from Europe), and in my headworld, drekis mostly originate from a volcanic area and possess fire/magma abilities. Several of my drekis have this ethnical origin, and a few others have it because of convergent evolution (such as with Fate), but 8 is too much- I'm pretty sure it happened because of a combination of laziness while designing them and a lack of development in world building- so expect to see some changes! My main focus will be on Gimrur, Zruimec, and Kihai, but I very well might do some touch ups on my other kids! If you have thoughts or questions on this, I'd be ecstatic to hear them, so feel welcomed to comment ;) (Wink) 

Old designs (prepare for olllld art lol)
In the Recesses of the Earth by MaskedDragonLin  Powers of Observation by MaskedDragonLin  Giving Gifts by MaskedDragonLin


NoH- The Catch P2
    This page wasn't as fast as the previous, but it has more panels so I guess it makes sense, I need to keep practicing. What I think I'll do is alternate comic practice and my usual pieces- when I have the sketch for a comic done (all pages), I'll work on th pages until it is finished, then I'll work on some art pieces until the next comic is ready- that way neither of us will get burned out on comic practice! The next one will be longer~
    Thoughts on how to improve would be greatly appreciated, seriously. I want to improve, and constructive criticism is one of the best ways for me to do that- if you want to say something but are afraid you'll come off as rude, go ahead and say it~

    It looks like Lorrai and Hyūra found something in the nets, but it wasn't fish =P (Razz) Some of my younger dragons have shown up! The piebald lung is Jisesod (also named Temek), the grey/red kid in the pond is Zruimec, and the dreki impersonation of evil is Vaquor :) All three of them have new designs, which I hope to show off fully soon- especially Zruimec :heart: Anyways, Lorrai probably is about to become well acquainted with the contents of that bucket! Good thing she has a convenient pond to clean off in right there :)


Art and characters belong to me
Don't repost, copy, trace, recolor, alter, or otherwise use without permission, thanks!
NoH- The Catch P1
    Ok, so I've gotten around to practicing pages! These aren't part of the main story, but they are canon. It took me about five days to make with work giving an abnormal amount of hours, so I'm feeling confident about the speed aspect of this, which was my largest focus while making this, and I don't think it looks bad either, so I'm excited about it :> I experimented with a faster shading style, I don't mind how it looks, but I'm not entirely pleased either. I still need to work on a lot of things.

If you have experience with comic making, please give me pointers.
I don't know what I'm doing and tips, advise, or even suppositions would help tremendously. 

    Anyways, it looks like Hyūra is hungrier than she realized, though it seems the spirit of the hunt has not sided with them today! Will they find something good in the nets? The next page will (hopefully) be up next week :)


Art and characters belong to me.
Don't repost, copy, trace, recolor, alter, or otherwise use without permission, thanks!
    More art of Afrel! These are a lot of fun, I enjoy his new design so much! Speaking of new designs, everyone here is featuring one! I haven't put up a digital piece of Kihai's yet, and I'm also playing with Vaquor's color scheme. All the design changes in this makes me happy :heart:

    The kiddos (except Almond) really like Afrel- he's good with kids and is likable, though unfortunately, they can be, uh, tenacious when they want his attention :) Bogū and/or Fate are probably nearby watching this and making sure they don't get out of hand lol. This is along some of the rockier beaches of their archipelago, which the kids often come to for fishing, though green boy here might have been after some plant samples~
Kihai is life, oml look at her lil paw plopped against his chest hgbtftbljkldhbg I love her
I'm totally not obsessed with her, noooo

Art and characters belong to me, don't repost, copy, trace, or otherwise alter without permission, thanks~
It's Not A Crime If You Don't Get Caught (AT)
    My half of a Trade with Rackies of her dragon Vokihar! She's a kleptomaniac with a love for gold, so I made her happy :) I experimented with a few things in this and I enjoy the results, I hope you do too, thanks for trading with me!

ARt belongs to me, Vokihar belongs to Rackies 
Don't repost, copy, trace, alter, or otherwise use without permission, thanks! 


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