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.the Stolen Planets

EDIT 21/06/2011 :: Resized the girl so that she is proportionate to the road...hopefully

It's summer and I realized my last submission was in April...:shrug:

Lately, most of my art has been inspired by Doctor Who. (Even at school. As one of our final projects in studio arts, our class painted a mural that was to go up by the stairs. We could paint anything so the mural is a combination of a cityscape, Poseidon, a little girl, angel, tribal art, stars...
...and I painted the TARDIS!)

So it goes without saying, this one was inspired by the show, from the episode "The Stolen Earth."

Model // ~SSoF-stock [link]
Planets/Skies // =Funerium / *zummerfish [link]
Road // =night-fate-stock [link]
Some elements painted by me.

:wave::love: I hope you like it! :heart:
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Beautiful! I love the way that the lighting goes between the sky and Earth below, it's quite convincing. And the way you've done it, the sky being that vast universal nebula with those other giant planets there, just like Earth and the other 26 stolen worlds in Doctor Who; it is truly beautiful to be behold from right on the Earth. :)
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I knew that it was based off of the episode!
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Love the sky and the way the planets are layered!
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Very beautiful and in a way haunting.  love it.
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Thank you so much! :D
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Oh thank you. :) Love your work with my stock :)
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One of the things that disappointed me about the story (among other things) is that no one commented on the scenery in a positive manner. While everyone was panicking and screaming in the streets, I thought the image of all those planets in the night sky was beautiful, very surreal. By far one of my favorite scenes in the entire series.

Damn the Daleks for ruining the mood with their invasion.
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With that particular scene, it was just a "wow..." moment for me. Haha they were probably too disoriented after their planet moved and they couldn't appreciate it properly! But of course the Daleks had to come in and start killing people.
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I absolutely love the colors!
The planets in the background are gorgeous!
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Thank you so much!
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shadow in girl +FAV
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i love this kind of view
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Thats truly beautiful, a wonderful piece of work :heart:
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Oooooh o.O. So pretty. I don't understand why your work has more views? This is some really awesome stuff
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I remember that episode. Cool work with the planets up there.
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Thank you! I loved that episode :P
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