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Cyber DJ Plague Doctor Masks by TwoHornsUnited
Steampunk Doctor Who Cybermen by Epic-Leather
The Eternal Plague - Royal version by TwoHornsUnited
Melissa wearing Amber Jade Fox by merimask
Performance Masks
leather mask by CreationsMJF
A Doll's House Final Masks by CTunmasked
Ke$ha Eyeball Masks Tour 2013 by Magpieb0nes
Sickick Mask by ericmakesmasks
Wearable Art Masks
79 by Edward-Jekyll
Dreamer Mask: Emergence (3D Printed) by Lumecluster
7 Years Of Bad Luck by KNt-Masks
Crocodile Brass Band by TomBanwell
Masquerade Masks
Sunflower Rabbit Mask by Nymla
Mardi Gras Mask Purple by CostumeSalon
Persona Regis mask by MrSoles
Gothic1 by SMartin777
Shops - Where to buy masks
Eirewolf Creations by EirewolfCreations
Green Folk by elementalillusions
Ravenwood Masks -leather masks by Alyssa-Ravenwood
A Storm of Dreams Mask Shop by YumeArashi
Mask Making, WIP, and Tutorials
Fabric, Foam, Felt and Faux Fur Masks
20210420 by dollyca
Cheetah Head and Tail Set by Magpieb0nes
20210409a Here's me with another new doll head by dollyca
20210404b The hard foam part inside my new... by dollyca
Leather Masks
Black Leather Queen of Hearts Harlequin Mask by DaraGallery
Golden Leather Greenman Fairy Mask by nondecaf
The Magicians Margo wearing Jolly Roger eyepatch by EirewolfCreations
Jaguar Leather Mask by SilverCicada
Paper and Paper Mache Masks
Paper Fursuit Mask: 'Cassie' by tetravariations
Talking Wolf Video by tetravariations
Wolf Mask with Moving Jaw by tetravariations
Green Dragon by tetravariations
Plastic Masks -sculpted, cast, printed or formed
il 1588xN.1639053605 sy3f by CloudyAnton
Dead by daylight The Huntress mask wearable by CloudyAnton
Dreamer Mask: Beacon (3D printed) by Lumecluster
S 1298 Edit by dodoexpress
Resin, Epoxy and Fiberglass Masks
Resin Fursuit Bases by HiddenTreasury
Rubber Masks - neoprene, latex, silicone
The Talon from Court Of Owls by WayneTech-SPFX
Mixed Media Masks and Other Materials
White Metallic Brocade Bridal Mask by DaraGallery
Mask Studios, Booths, Workshops, Displays
MOTH 2014 - booth photo by nondecaf
Member Mask Collection
imaginary mask by dinodenier
Raven - complex by RiverGypsyArts

Shops Gallery - Where to buy masks

I would like to encourage you mask makers with online shops to put a listing in the "Shops - where to buy masks" folder.…

Doesn't need to be fancy. Just a great photo of your lovely masks and LIVE LINKS to your online shops in the description. If you take custom orders that would be good to list as well.

If you have trouble submitting to the folder let me know. Members you are welcome to post your shops too but you will need to write me a note so I can put it in the folder for you.

What will be rejected: No live links to your shop in the listing. A photo advertising only one mask for sale. This folder is to advertise your whole line of work, not just one mask.

Lady Dove Artisan has made a great template: ladydove7-artisan.deviantart.c…

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Hello and Welcome to Mask Makers
A group to celebrate wearable mask art. A place for mask makers and mask collectors to find each other.

Contributors are Mask Makers with many masks in their DA gallery. Contributors can submit to all folders except "Member Mask Collection" and can write blog entries.

Members are mask lovers and/or mask makers with only a couple of masks in their DA gallery. Members can submit to the folder "Member Mask Collection." You can submit masks you made or masks you own or other mask photos you think are cool.

Thank you.

- 2 per day 1 per folder
- photo must be of a wearable mask.
- Not allowed: Items that depict masks such as jewelry, t-shirts, photo manipulations, non-wearable sculpture, makeup, digital work, paintings, etc. are not wearable masks.
- must be artisan crafted. Mass produced masks will be removed.
- poor quality fuzzy photos may be removed.
- masks placed in the wrong folder may be removed.
- curator reserves the right to move items to different folders

Thank you



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dodoexpress Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2019   Artisan Crafter
anyone interested in starting a new mask page with me as Alyssa has not been active for a long time. i know its hard work but perhaps we could help each other communicate 
CrazyCrocsSuits Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2018
For some reason I can't see the join group button. Can anyone please help me?
Alyssa-Ravenwood Featured By Owner May 4, 2019  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi, sorry for the delay. I haven't been on DA for years. You can join as a member on your own. If you would like to be a contributor you need permission. Please show me your work.
Thank you
RiverRaven Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I recently made a mask, but I don't do it often enough to become a member of this group. Are you interested in having this in your gallery?…
Arkants Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016
Looking to have the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta built, of anyone is up to the task please send me a note.…
sofie-x Featured By Owner Edited Oct 1, 2015  Professional Photographer
Hi everybody. I have to make a mask. Anybody know how make a easy mask? DIY MASK.
Thanks! Wink/Razz 
Chromonite Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015
Check out our newest mask designs. We use Thermochromic technology to make heat activated masks that change from the temperature of your breath! Come see. :D
deviantartartist111 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015
im looking for a good skilled mask maker to make a specific mask for me if you a very skilled mask maker whos taking custom mask commissions please send me a note
Alyssa-Ravenwood Featured By Owner Edited May 26, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi everybody - A note from Admin.
Life is keeping me away from D'A right now. Some of your submissions may expire before I am back.  Most folders don't need admin approval.

Contributors can submit to ANY of the materials folders. They are automatically accepted. 
Members can submit to the member folder. Automatically accepted.

When I come back I'll hunt in the other folders for the best photos to put in the first four gallery folders.

Thanks for understanding.
dodoexpress Featured By Owner May 21, 2015   Artisan Crafter
a second submission declined with no explanation or reason given. as an established mask artist I feel I should at least get some sort of response. I shall not bother submitting to this page again :( I wish all the other mask artists luck with their submissions I shall look forward to seeing them without my involvement.
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