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COMM: Shaded Icon with Background #1 by MashiMashix COMM: Shaded Icon with Background #1 :iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 0 0 COMM: Flat Fullbody with Extra Character(s) #1 by MashiMashix COMM: Flat Fullbody with Extra Character(s) #1 :iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 14 5 Parasite Artisan (Creepypasta OC) Reference Sheet by MashiMashix Parasite Artisan (Creepypasta OC) Reference Sheet :iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 20 4 KnB FC Slot #1 (Emily and Naomi) by MashiMashix KnB FC Slot #1 (Emily and Naomi) :iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 16 4 Brianna (Furry OC) Reference Sheet  by MashiMashix Brianna (Furry OC) Reference Sheet :iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 12 4 Happy Halloween 2018 by MashiMashix Happy Halloween 2018 :iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 3 0 Sim!Momo Hirai Fanart by MashiMashix Sim!Momo Hirai Fanart :iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 7 3
My Ideal Man (Bobby Imagine)
Pairing: Kim Jiwon/Bobby x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Summary: You meet Bobby in person for the first time and he’s your ideal type. So, you confessed to him in a fan signing that you want to get to know him better.
A/N: Wow, this was came out worse than expected! It was more of pandering and less of Bobby. And the ending was forced as hell. But I tried nonetheless. I never went to a concert in my life, so I apologize if I get some things wrong here. But I hope you like it! (I understand if you don’t. This was crap)
Today was finally the day. You were getting ready for the iKon concert, packing your ticket, special pass, and your lightstick. Your phone starting ringing and you answered it.
“You ready? I’ll be there in a few minutes,” your friend announced. You answered, “Yeah. Hurry up, will ya? I don’t want to wait too long in line.” You hung up and placed your bag in the living room. You then realized you forgot your gift a
:iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 0 0
Party Since its Your Birthday (BI Scenario)
Pairing: Kim Hanbin/B.I. x Reader
Genre: Fluff (slight angst in the beginning)
Summary: It’s your birthday and you’re upset because you thought he forgot about it. Little do you know, he’s racing through the thunderstorm, with a huge surprise for you.
A/N: This turned out more angst than fluff, but it’s still there. Again, happy birthday to the person who requested this. I hope you like this!
The sound of heavy rain rang throughout your cold and lonely house. There was you, dressed all nice, yet sitting on a chair by yourself. Today was your birthday and of course, you got plenty of birthday wishes from everyone. Some of your friends even dropped by to visit for a little bit and gave you birthday money. Of course, you were very grateful.
The reason why you’re sad right now is because you’ve been waiting for one person, Hanbin. You knew he had to work that day, but he didn’t even send you a text “Happy Birthday”.
:iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 0 0
Freaky Friday (Mark Tuan Scenario)
Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader
Genre: Fluff, slight horror
Summary: It’s Friday, October 13th! What better way to spend this day than having a Friday the 13th marathon with your boyfriend, Mark? What could possibly go wrong?
A/N: This was actually written a week ago, but again I’ve been procrastinating. Anyways, I’m sorry this turned out to be more corny horror than fluff, but I just couldn’t help myself. I hope it’s at least worth the wait. GO WATCH LULLABY!!
It was a dark, rainy evening as many people rushed home to be safe from this thunderstorm. While everyone hated this kind of weather, it was perfect for you tonight. Today was Friday the 13th and you called your boyfriend, Mark, over to celebrate this day by having a Friday the 13th marathon before midnight. Of course, you know it’s not possible to do the entire franchise, considering it was over 15 hours all together. But….. you wanted to start TODAY.
Which brings you to
:iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 0 0
Youre My Passion (Yugyeom Drabble)
Pairing: Kim Yugyeom x American Singer! Reader
Genre: Fluff
Summary: You’re in an American girl group called Gem Tear and you girls are on break. As a treat to yourselves for another successful album, the four of you fly to South Korea for vacation. You’re really excited since you bought tickets to an event to a club. It was said that your ultimate bias, Yugyeom, would be performing there. Maybe you two can meet in a fated meeting?
Gem Tear finally released their awaited album and it broke the charts. They’re now the girls of the hour as people are expressing how much they love the album, especially their title track. You girls had to do many concerts and other promotion events of the successful album and now it’s time for a break. You brought up the idea of South Korea for vacation and the other three agreed since they’ve never been there.
Once you girls arrived to Seoul, most of the time was spent experiencing the fun side of South Korea.
:iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 0 0
Mature content
Just Used To It (Yandere!BI Drabble) :iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 0 0
Wolfychu Fanart by MashiMashix Wolfychu Fanart :iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 40 5 Eye Practice by MashiMashix Eye Practice :iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 2 2 Moon Jiae Sketch by MashiMashix Moon Jiae Sketch :iconmashimashix:MashiMashix 7 2


Hello! Please read all of the content below before commenting. It'll answer most of your questions.

Also, if you repost it, please credit my work and don't crop out my signature. If I found out you did while claiming you made the piece, you'll be on my blacklist for commissions, art trades, requests, and adopts. You'll also be blocked.


Icon: 5 pts

Bust: 10 pts

Half Body: 15 pts

Full Body: 20 pts

Fullbody Chibi: 18 pts


Lineart: (no extra charge)

Flat Color: +3 pts

Fully Shaded: +8 pts


Simple Background: +5 pts

Extra Character: +10 per person (max 3 people per picture)

Reference Sheet: 61 pts

(includes fully shaded fullbody, 2 flat colored headshots, patterned background, color palette and special features)

*extra details such as info, outfits, feral form, chibi body detail, and accessories are charged an extra 10 pts each

Example of Art:





Kuroko no Basuke

Free Iwatobi Swim Club


One Piece

Fairy Tail

Fullmetal Alchemist

My Little Pony


Yandere Simulator


(Comment the form below and note me for extra details and questions)






What I Draw:

OC/FC x Canon


Mixed Fandoms




Ecchi (only with legal characters)

Furry Fusion (counts as one person)

Fan children

What I Can't/Won't Draw:


Other's OC/FC w/o their permission

Canon by themselves (except Sonic characterss)

Canon x Canon


Big Muscles

Dynamic Poses

Detailed Backgrounds


Offensive Things

A Particular Style


Detailed Outfits


Please give me a visual reference of your character. I can't do well with written descriptions. Even slapping together stock and Pinterest photos would do good. (I don't accept stolen art)

I accept full payment after I note you a sketch that you're satisfied with. This is for myself to avoid being scammed. I will not give refunds after the final product have been posted.

PLEASE DON'T RUSH ME! Remember that I have a life and some pieces take longer than others (especially ref sheets) Constantly pestering me everyday would not only get you a cancellation (I'll refund the points if you already paid), but I'll also block you as well.

Do NOT be entitled. I can refuse a commission if I please. I also won't give you a discount or free art. Either pay full or no picture (asides from that sketch ig) Even famous YouTubers have to pay their commissioners.



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Just another chick in the beach. Expect a lot of Kpop and fan characters.

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