010809, Sat: August Art Jam (FINISHED)

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The August Art Jam is closed. Thanks for all your participation. Hope you guys enjoyed drawing Jessica Rabbit. :)

Stay tune for next month's jam. :) Do keep your suggestions coming. I appreciate that. :)


Hi all,

Let's draw someone more adult this time round. :D Read on to know who I've chosen.
Though I've chosen someone who's of legal age to draw in mature content, please try to keep in mind the DA rules and stuffs.  

August Art Jam: Jessica Rabbit by mashi

Topic: Jessica Rabbit
Deadline: 22nd August 2009
1. Artwork must be new. Digitally or traditionally rendered and pencil sketches are acceptable.
2. Submission limited to maximum 3 pieces ONLY.
3. Post your artwork link(s) in this journal ONLY.
4. Mature content is OK so long as it's kept to the minimal. That is just NUDE or HARMLESS EROTIC POSES. (Not too extreme like maybe showing the girl's lower body part in detail or something like that. It's scary to me.)

Hope you guys have fun on this. :) Everybody is welcomed to join, you don't have to ask for my permission. hahahah..:D

Keep the suggestions coming, OK?? :D

Art Jam: Jessica Rabbit by mashi

Mature Content

my jessica jam entry by ospkt

Mature Content

Jessica Rabbit 3 by Speckled-Paws
Mrs. Jessica Rabbit by Severflame :thumb134268213: :thumb134070588: :thumb134151016:

Mature Content

Jessica Rabbit 2 by Speckled-Paws

Mature Content

Jessica Rabbit Jam entry by Aeolus06
Breezy Day in Toon Town by MeghanMurphy Jessica Poolside by Christian-Lee Bunny Jessica Rabbit by Christian-Lee Jessica Rabbit swimsuit by broad86new Roger's Better Half by jasonhohoho

Mature Content

Jessica Rabbit by Speckled-Paws
'Why don't you do right... by Whatyawant Who Killed Roger Rabbit by HammersonHoek Jessica Rabbit by AtomicTiki :thumb133266026: Pattycake... by DustbunnyPictures :thumb133323760: Im Not Bad... by panslostgirl :thumb133356188: Jessica Rabbit by AsmodeodeSinan Jessica Rabbit Art Jam by kittifiedmeow Art Jam_Jessica_Rabbit by Bruno-Azevedo :thumb133151265: Jessica Rabbit by BreezwayMan Jessica Rabbit by S-Harkey Art Jam - Jessica Rabbit by MichaelMayne Jessica Rabbit by kurtishudson :thumb132876367: Jessica Rabbit by Captain-Paulo Jessica Rabbit by dsoloud Jessica Rabbit Art Jam by chikinrise funny bunny by taffygiraffe :thumb132441353: Jessica Rabbit by CartumanBrasil Jessica Rabbit by Ederoi Drawn Bad by AgentRadKid

Mature Content

Jessica Rabbit by Fzak :thumb132750489: Jessica Rabbit by miss-azalis :thumb132443686: :thumb132500746: :thumb132512358: :thumb132514896: :thumb132515734: Jessica Rabbit by madmoiselleclau Jessica rabbit pin up style by CrimsonWing Jessica Rabbit by claudiovc Mrs. Jess by Buki-kun Jessica Rabbit by AngelFromHell64 Jessica Rabbit by dorkus1226 Jessica Rabbit vs Ariel by kaoshoneybun :Jessica Rabbit ArtJam: by BlossomPPG mashi art jam by papawaff Jessica Rabbit art jam by ingridlaka :thumb132031128: :thumb132053430: I'm Not Bad... by smallvillereject

Mature Content

Bad Bunny by LEXLOTHOR
:thumb132068178: Jessica  Rabbit by StarValerian Jessica Rabbit by dankershaw Jessica Rabbit by tamarushka :thumb131796659:
Jessica vs. Lust by Tamamiko :thumb133326784:

Mature Content

A Rabbit's a Rabbit -JessJAM by SlimeKingK
Jessica wabbit by LaCapitana Jessica Rabbit by Sigilien :thumb131887571: :thumb131846116: :thumb132005716:
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^^ Hot damn!! All those Jessica's... I LOVE THIS JAM ALREADY!!!