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Spider Jerusalem Pony

Haha, the things I spend my time on >.>

Painted My Little Pony of Spider Jerusalem from Warren Ellis' fantastic series 'Transmetropolitan'. Combination of acrylics, modeling paints and a few cheats with a permanent marker. I'm tempted to have a go at making him some glasses and a cigarette :)

Did have to pick and choose a bit with his tattoos because they won't all fit on a pony, think it's worked okay though.

Quick disclaimer: I'm not an expert/regular customizer of ponies - this was just an idea I had knocking around which amused me. Spider Jerusalem's design belongs to Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson. Now I'm just praying they don't send arse eels after me.
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eye could be more crazed and blood shot but really what would make this would be his famous glasses
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Yeah, I've tried; if you can figure out a good way to make tiny glasses that will also fit on a pony let me know :)
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i would think cutting plexi glass would work, drill holes and wire the pieces together? or stained glass and melt led for the frames? what have you tried?
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Wire frames. Hadn't thought of the plexiglass idea - that could work if it was thin enough and there was a way to cleanly cut very small shapes out of it. Stained glass is a no; far too big and thick for a little pony's face.

The main two problems are scale and shape - ponys are pretty small and their faces aren't designed for glasses. Just getting them to look right is awkward. There's also the problem that their noses are pretty wide, so you either have the lenses really far apart or balance them on top of the nose like opera glasses!
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this person seemed to pull it off pretty good [link] not sure how they did it though oh you should also maybe glue a little cigarette in his mouth lol
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Hmm, that is pretty neat.

I'm planning to do a re-make of this at some point; will probably have a go at upgrading that one with glasses/cig :)
it's exactly the sort of thing that would have shown up in the comic only to be blown up by Spider. nice!
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Haha, that's exactly what I was thinking when I made it ;) Thanks!
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Found you through Warren Ellis' LJ and this is amazing! Spider Jerusalem pony is the best pony ever. XD
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God. I want one for my daughter. You have made me want something. Bad you!
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This is quite possibly the best thing EVER :D
AMAZING! You should definitely give him glasses!
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