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Love, Blood and Rhetoric

EDIT: Now available (in a wide variety of colours) on Redbubble. I've also corrected the quote on the new version so that it's the right way round (thanks to everyone who let me know!)

#4 of a series of 4. This fights to be my favourite with the 'Pirates' design. I like 'Blood' in this one. Rhetoric is hard to illustrate >.>

Inspired by Tom Stoppard's excellent play 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead'

Got the idea for these while I was listening to the BBC radio play of R&G. The plan was to do them as illustrations, and turn some of them into t-shirts for myself. After posting them in an R&G fan community on Livejournal, several people expressed interest in getting their own shirts so I've set up a Zazzle store. All t-shirts there are fully customizable so if you're interested, feel free to play around to get it just right for you. It can also mean you get the price down, as light colours and men's shirts are cheaper :)
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There's a t-shirt with this?
Now I have to update my birthday wishlist again... nine days before my birthday.
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I want this on a shirt so much *___*