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Wings V2 WIP

By Mashayahana
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*NOTE* No, I do not have a tutorial or blueprints, I did not make the frame, I got it as part of a trade. As for the feathers, no tutorial there either, but have a look at ~Sunnybrook1 for a feather making tutorial.

Second version of my wings. I've been working on this project forever, it's almost like there's a curse on it or something.
I finished this layer of feathers this morning, I haven't positioned them yet, nothing is really attached, but this is just to show how massive they are.
Starting on the second layer of feathers today, which will be dark red. I hope they turn out ok, not worked with colored fabric before on feathers.

I am very happy with the shape, it's almost like a weird mix of a bird and a butterfly.

And yes, they are articulated, they can be folded onto my back.
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Where'd you get the frame?

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It was made for me as part of a trade by Bushitaka

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I really love how the wings look!

I noticed that the note, which said you did not make the frame but do you know what material it is made of?

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The frame is made of metal, I guess aluminum since that's the most lightweight metal.
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That's really cool.
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Greetings, I live in Georgia usa, I am trying to build the servo unite for the wing mechanics.
Can you tell me what to use and where best to locate the items needed? I know nothing of this type of animitronic fabrication. Your wings do what I want to make mine do as far as movement. But I don't know how to identify the correct gears and servos I will need to make this.
If you prefer my email I can provide it.
Thank you Mimi
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Hey, I haven't used any gears or motors on my wings so I couldn't tell you honestly. If you want some schematics for motorized wings you should have a look at Bushitaka here on DA, he has far, far more knowledge about those kinds of things :)
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thank you, I have limited access to the internet right now and the app is not working very well on my phone.
I just found him here and it looks like his reference will be a big help.
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whats the wing span on these?
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Eh, I think its around 4,5 meters total, they're pretty darn big.
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thanks  also is it possible to get a tutorial and a parts list from you or who ever made the wing mechanism 
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what are your feathers made out of?
paper? cardstock? felt?
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fake silk (polyester or nylon) lining with a layer of a sort of webbing in between and lots of glue :)
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Yeah, a sort of polyester fibre mat, sort of looks like a messy spider web. Sorry if it's not really clear, English is not my first language :)
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like buckram?
sorry for asking alot of questions. also is the webbing visible? like where did you put it on exactly?
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Not like buckram at all, its a polyester version of fiberglass mat and I think it's normally used for uneven walls, before doing wallpaper. Looks almost exactly like this:…

It's not visible, it's more of a sandwich of lining-mat-lining held together by the glue. 
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then you cover that with another layers of the fake silk?
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No, its just the fake silk lining, then the mat, then another layer of the fake silk lining. So lining-mat-lining like I said before :)
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I would love to make a pair of these....
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I would love to burn mine in a ritualistic bonfire thing for all the grief they've caused me. But by all means go ahead and make yourself wings, maybe you can learn from my mistakes and get it right the first time :)
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Would you mind if I based my wings off of these? I know you did not create them nor have the blueprints, but I really love the shape, and wanted to ask you if you would mind if I tried to create similar ones.
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I did make the wings, just not the frame that the feathers are attached to. The shape is just random, I tried to make it look like I wanted it to, so sure go ahead. More wings are a good thing!
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