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Aug 7 2014 - I think what has been submitted below is going to be a good amount to keep me busy for a bit, plus I have a few work things coming up that might delay things. As one of my goals is to be timely, I don't want to overpromise here. However, once I pare down the requests here, I will probably reopen (either this thread or another new thread). If you have contacted me before this point but not yet in this thread, I will still fulfill that.

Original Entry:
I am going to open up requests again since what I have left presently is short and mostly longer pieces that will taken time. 

I do ask that you limit requests to one or two characters, max. As long as you have a good character reference and idea of posing that you want in mind, I can pump out most 1 or 2 character images in an hour or so. Anything I feel will take longer, I will try to make note of that if asked and will queue that differently. Please note that I may refuse a request if its something that I feel will take me a long time.

Specific details for what I can do, please see here: 

Like the last thread:
  • I will leave this open until I feel I am "overwhelmed" and unable to get requests done in a timely (eg about a week) manner. Depending on completion rate, I might reopen but I will keep the title there for being open or not.
  • I will try to honor those that have previously asked for requests back when I was tracking those internally higher than others (eg off the tracking sheet). I woul also prefer to favor those that have not had requests from me over those that already have.
  • I may not immediately respond on this thread to your request unless I have specific questions, or identifying it as a larger work. However, when I do do your request, I will send you a note for you to review the final image and ask for your input. I will also reply in this thread when the request is done and posted. I found this approach is good for tracking (eg in my personal messages page on dA I can see what is left open :)
  • If you have a request that you do not want to share details publicly, you should still reply and ask for the request and then send me a note with details. That way I know where you will fall in this request. 
The following are requests that are still from the previous thread (will update as completed)

The following are requests that have come through other means prior to posting this one (will update as completed) (If you have contacted me about a request and don't see your name, please make sure you reply here and make a note of that so I can push your up)

The following are requests in this thread or asked after posting this thread: (If you think I have overlooked your request, possibly something sent in notes, please let me know) 

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If you take requests still,  can I ask that you draw my oc?
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I know you aren't taking requests right now. But if possible, could you take my request into consideration? Could you do PlayStation Pony from the Ask the Console Ponies blog? Thanks!
afl300's avatar
will you :iconmasemj: going to reopen the request slots eventually?
SalandreJerenity989's avatar
May I request an art for Spectral Kamui and his bunny Panaffil?

I have exact details here:

DanXDWolfenburg's avatar
Mind if I change my request idea, please?
Kleiner-Jay's avatar
make a vector of Rarity and Sweetie Belle from 'Make New Friends But Keep Discord' episode!
dcgamergirl's avatar
did i ever ask for a request? I remember looking at this awhile ago.
Blue-Arctic's avatar
Sorry for bothering but could you poke me when requests are open? I really wish for a vectored image of my OC.
MasterConspirator's avatar
When will this reopen?
Darkest-Purity's avatar
When you reopen, may I have a request from you? 
Shafty817's avatar
Can You Requests The Cutie Marks Crusaders Wearing Gaia Dress In "Equestria Girls", Please.
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Hey, sorry I didn't see your ID info about having this special thread now before I sent that note yesterday. The vector I need is the same from the note, obviously, but now I'm I guess asking in the "correct" zone?
Just the "always depressed" eyes from my OC here…
I can easily give you points for compensation, I don't know if that's technically still a request or if that makes it an actual commission?
If you're still completely barred out from being able to do anything just let me know.

Thanks for all the help in the past, and for again if you can now :)
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You are currently closed right, you are not taking commisions at the moment right?
Legate47's avatar
How much do you charge?
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Hey do you do requests. Mainly interested in comics but art as well for Oc's if possible just let me know either through note or comment. If not however, just say so and that will be fine.
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I do do commissions (free requests are currently closed), though at the current moment with holidays, won't be able to get to anything for about a week.  Please see here for details:
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Okay, though will you let me know when Commissions are open?

Also I have info of the OC already on my page if you want to give it a look. Always interested in people commenting my character's if you are interested.

Don't have to just throwing it out there.
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Well, I'm always up for commission (barring any specific time issues). Right now, I've got my holiday stuff I'm dealing with and won't be able to get to anything until next week. If you want to follow up then, just drop me a note then. I've seen your OC, I'd just need to know what type of posing you would be thinking about with it.
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Okay I'll send a note when I can.
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just curious can you do Rainbow Shine's CM? She is right here New Oc Rainbow Shine with her cm Maybe you can do it when Your Requests are Open again if Possible?
LeenaTanukii's avatar
Can I request..?
Could you do my OC and possibly my sisters?
If you have time for my sisters OC....
Here is the pic:…
Mine is the changeling one...
Btw she is Discord and Chrysalis's daughter...and then my sister's is Sombra and Nightmare Moon's daughter..
You don't need to do my sisters....
Oh and for my sister's one(if you even do hers)her cutiemark is on this pic of her:
Mine has no cutiemark..
LeenaTanukii's avatar
Oh and pose..…


and if you do my sis's OC just add her oc in..and pose..are OCs are friends....sorry if thats alot of stuff..
I have a urgent request for a Help Ditzy Doo 2015 support badge/pin, and i got no donated artwork at all right now.
The badges/pins are needed right away for actual use by fans/bronies.
The job is as volunteer work with no money/fee involved (i wish i had money for it).
If you wish to take on the task, or if anyone else can/want take on the task, the details are in this post.…
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