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MLP-VectorClub Season 5 Prelim Color Guide

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Published: April 15, 2015
As to try to keep up to date on character colors, we as the MLP-VectorClub are trying to keep a better handle on the colors of new or recurring characters as they come up. As such, this is a preliminary color guide to all characters we've determined important to pick from. We will probably recheck some of these when we append to our more common guide (here ) but these should be good to use for now for your vectors.  I will keep this deviation up to date as reasonably soon after a new episode comes out and iTunes uploads the HD version, with obvious things that need color keys.  

Important Note: Prior to adding in the S5E10 "Princess Spike" colors, we've discovered that the way I have been taking screenshots through VLC to get the color keys produces colors in some ranges that are are a notch desaturated (between 3-6 RGB values lower on each channel) than what other methods that, we come to determine, are more direct sampling approaches. The difference is visually difficult to catch unless you overlap sections, but for exactness I'll need to go back through sections to get them up to spec.  I will try to note when those have been changed on the sheet.  In terms of submitting vectors, as long as it uses or other sets of colors (to avoid the normal saturation/desaturation that other video sources have), we'll be fine.

Note that all colors are sampled off the US iTunes release (our default "proper" color set).

The full color guide in PNG form can be found here: S5e0102 - Color Guide-01 by masemj  

Link to current AI CS6 file: 


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Current version: Through E04, includes:
E01/E02 - Starlight Glimmer, Double Diamond, Party Favor, Sugar Belle, and Night Glider (equalized and normal), and the equalized Mane 6
E03 - Davenport (first best chance to color key)
E04 - Babs Seed's (apparent) cutie mark, Apple Bloom's 3 False Cutie Marks, Pest Control Pony, Pest Control Pony Gear (be warned on this equipment, it is somewhat inconsistent shot to shot, and uses a LOT of colors. We will likely try to cut down the color set purposely or simplify the colors). A note that the Twittermites have no clear shot to get good colors off of, so they are not presently included. (much thanks to Pirill-Poveniy on color picking here, and dasprid for use of his vector of the twittermite bug catcher for reference)
E05: The four pegasi involved in the "Who's On First" gag - Open Skies, Clear Skies, Sunshowers, and Fluffy Clouds, and the winter gear that the mane 6 have at the end of the episode. Also includes RD + Tank's robes/slippers (from near the end) , and RD's beach outfit (during the song).
E06: Troubleshoes Clyde, including his clown outfit, and Sheriff Silverstar's two deputies; also adds in the catcus hat Scootaloo wore and the rodeo banner headband that Apple Bloom wore.
E07: Tree Hugger, the Smooze, and Gala dresses for : Mane 6, CMC, Celestia, Maud Pie, Tree Hugger, and Discord.  Please note that with the dresses 1) I am going off my limited knowledge of fashion based on being a closet Project Runway fan, so any suggestions in naming improvements will help and 2) I have marked where they have used duplicate colors for these dresses , so while some may see to have large color keys (RARITY) they actually are a limited number of colors. Added in this are some small pics of Rarity's gems to help with ID'ing color, and small reorg.
E08: Greta and "Gimme Moore" (the shopkeeper griffon), and Grandpa Gruff. (Please note, if you used this guide prior to June 2, 2015, the previous colors were found to be off due to iTunes and have now been fixed)
E09: Steven Magnet (first daytime shots of him); Derpy Hooves to include her eye highlights, Button Mash, Dance Fever, and Hugh Jelly, Cranky and Matilda's outfits, Doctor Whooves' bowtie and scarf, the bugbear, and the three Big Lebowski ponies.
E10: Delegate ponies (~13 of them) and the two repair/maintenance ponies.

Please note if there is a character or element you want color keyed that we could add. Keep in mind, we need to have the character in a clear closeup shot as to sample the colors cleanly, with no lighting or other filter effects. (For example, prior to "Daring Don't" it was difficult to get accurate colors for Daring Do and Ahuiztol due to the blur filter they used). If we can't get a clear shot we will probably not color key it.
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LahirienHobbyist General Artist
Any idea when this will be updated for the latest episodes?
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masemjHobbyist Digital Artist
Basically, we're working slowly to fill out a new color guide over here: If there is a specific pony you need colors for immediately, please let us know.
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masemjHobbyist Digital Artist
For those following, I haven't got these into a clean file yet, as we are working on a better approach for this, however, here are the colors for Fashion Plate, Sassy Saddles, and Whoa Nelly.

S5e14 by masemj

(Fashion Plate's glass lens have a color gradient at 85% opacity)

I recommend you DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (instead of copying and pasting the image) to make sure to get the right colors. I was having some difficulty with verifying my colors through copy and pasting the image instead of working from the image directly.
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BreevstoHobbyist General Artist
Any updates on the newest episodes after Princess Spike? I have my eye on that sunny pony from episode 14.
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Will this Colorguide be continued for the following Episodes?
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masemjHobbyist Digital Artist
I do have plans to, but we are also in the midst of building a better comprehensive color guide tool for all ponies/seasons. I know there's a few colors that people will want ASAP (Sassy, Fashion Plate, Whoa Nelly, and the sisters being top priority) and will try to get them soon.
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That would be great, because these colorguides are pretty useful. I made a Sassy Vector, thats why i noticed.
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